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 Looking at his Concubines being taken by someone else right in front of him, Yao Ming felt quite displeased, but he endured it. As long as the Devil Horn Empire could rise to a Royal Kingdom and obtain great strength, it would be worth it.

If he had enough strength, he would be able to conquer that Prince's Kingdom and capture all of that Prince's sisters and relatives, and do them in front of him. That would feel much better.

The Concubines moaned under the Prince's body, and this lewd scene caused Yao Ming to also react. He prepared to call over a few Concubines because he had many of them. Even though he did not have as many as Zhao Fu, he had still gathered many beauties.

However, that Prince stopped him and told him to join in. Yao Ming did not hesitate and took off his clothes and joined in, and he called over a few more beautiful Concubines.

After a wild orgy, Yao Ming and the Prince became much closer, and they sat next to each other like brothers as a few Concubines serviced them below.

Soon, half a year had passed, and the Great Qin Empire welcomed in its eighth year in the Heaven Awaken World. After steadily developing for so long, its strength had grown significantly.

It now had 270,000 Cities, 50,000 Towns, four million Villages, and 210 billion people.

It had 16 billion soldiers - one billion were below Stage 1; 13 billion were Stage 1; two billion were Stage 2; 70 million were Stage 3; and two million were Stage 4.

Great Qin also had one billion Ghost Soldiers, 1.2 billion Devils, and 240,000 beasts. There were 1.2 million large-sized beasts and two million Fallen Angels.

Great Qin also had 21,000 Wyverns, and 18,000 were able to fight. There were also 1.1 million Corpse Soul Soldiers and 25,000 Corpse Soul Commanders.

There were also five million Illusion Flower Devils, 2.6 million Spiders, and six million Giant Wolves.

Because the production stats had disappeared, Great Qin had modified its plan. It had reduced its population to soldier ratio to make sure that there were enough people working to produce food. Food was now the most important resource, and they could not afford to run out.

Also, the reason that Great Qin had so many Stage 1 soldiers was primarily because of the Blood God Pills and Darkness Crystals. With the Darkness Blood Pills, they could cause a Stage 0-5 soldiers to instantly become Stage 1.

Darkness Blood Pills were refined from Darkness Beast blood, and the Darkness Beasts were wild beasts that had been corrupted by darkness. Because Great Qin had constructed a Darkness Magic Formation, living creatures would often be corrupted.

The Darkness God Pills also contained a large amount of Darkness Power, and they could give one a weak Darkness Bloodline.

The reason why Great Qin had so many Stage 2 soldiers as well was also because of this. Not only did they consume Stage 2 Blood God Pills, but there were also Darkness Crystals and Darkness Blood Pills. Otherwise, Great Qin would not be able to have two billion Stage 2 soldiers so quickly.

A Stage 2 soldier could deal with seven or eight Stage 1 soldiers. As such, two billion Stage 2 soldiers was equivalent to having 14 billion Stage 1 soldiers. With them, Zhao Fu now had the strength to resist a Royal Kingdom.

It was a pity that the higher one's cultivation was, the more difficult it became to raise it. As such, there were not as many Stage 3 and Stage 4 soldiers.

Now, Great Qin's soldiers had truly turned into Darkness Soldiers. Not only did they have black armor and black weapons, but the auras that they gave off were also black and they had Darkness Power. Adding on their black hair, black eyes, and cold and resolute faces, anyone would feel fear when looking at them.

Great Qin's army now no longer looked like a human army but a demonic army that could destroy everything. They gave off an intimidation of pure darkness.

Zhao Fu was quite pleased with this. Despite spending so much time and resources, the results were extremely good.

Now that they had greater strength, Great Qin could continue expanding outwards. However, Great Qin's biggest enemy, the Devil Horn Empire, had received the help of a few Royal Kingdoms and had also grown quickly, giving Great Qin a lot of pressure.

Now that the Devil Horn Empire had the support of a few Royal Kingdoms, its threat was much greater. As such, the surrounding worlds were more willing to work with Great Qin to resist the Devil Horn Empire.

Zhao Fu came to the Spider Palace because there was something important that he needed to take care of.

It had been a while since he had been here, and he found that there were more people here. The Spider Attendants with short, black hair, black eyes, and bewitching figures now numbered around 1,000, while there were ten or so ones with silver hair and silver eyes. It seemed that Elise had been diligently completing the task that he had given her. Zhao Fu smiled and walked towards Elise.

"Your Majesty, 1,000 Spider Crystals and the one I condensed have been prepared. Can you give me a reward now?" Elise leapt into Zhao Fu's embrace and hugged him as she gave a flirtatious smile.

Zhao Fu laughed as he picked up her petite figure and walked towards her chambers. The other Spider Attendants all gave coy laughs and rushed over as well.

However, nothing happened - Zhao Fu looked over the fingernail-sized crystals on Elise's bed.

There were three types of the crystals. One was black, and there were over 1,000 of them. One was silver, of which there were ten or so of them, and one was red. They all gave off mysterious auras, and the black ones were the lowest grade while the red one was the highest grade.

Elise had already taken off her clothes, and she hugged Zhao Fu from behind as she said coquettishly, "Your Majesty, you still haven't rewarded me. You can look at those Spider Crystals later!"

The other Spider Attendants also came over. There were already a few of the silver-haired Spider Attendants squatting down serving Zhao Fu.

However, Zhao Fu cut her off, "That comes later; I've been waiting for this for six or seven years, and I can't wait any longer."

These Spider Crystals were made by Elise and the Spider Attendants, and it took a lot of time and effort to produce them. Their main use was to unlock Premonition, the fifth sense of the Five Celestial Senses. What Zhao Fu wanted to do was unlock Premonition.

Zhao Fu had first unlocked Vision, which enhanced his vision and enhanced any abilities related to his eyes. Divine Sense had strengthened his soul and given him great immunity against mental attacks.

Perception made him incredibly sensitive to his surroundings, and increased his Comprehension of Domains. Heavenly Sense had raised his affinity with the heavens and earth, and it would make it easier for him to comprehend the Dao of the Heavens and Earth.

The final sense was Premonition, which would give him foresight of certain things. It was a sixth sense that spiders naturally had. The Spider Crystals that they created could unlock Premonition, and after such a long time, Zhao Fu would finally unlock the Five Celestial Senses.

It had been six or seven years since he had first unlocked Vision, and Zhao Fu could not help but feel incredibly excited.