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 In fact, many Royal Kingdoms expressed that they were willing to support Great Qin and help it become a true Royal Kingdom. After all, Great Qin had the potential to become a Royal Kingdom, and if it did become one, it would become a powerful ally of theirs.

However, Zhao Fu still refused because they would not give their support for free - Great Qin would have to sign unfair contracts and would be greatly restricted in what it did.

Whenever those Royal Kingdoms had any requests, Great Qin would not be able to refuse. Even though they would be able to provide Great Qin with immense help, Zhao Fu could not just agree.

This made some of the Royal Kingdoms displeased. With their strength and foundation, them offering to help Great Qin was showing that they respected Great Qin. However, Great Qin did not give them any face, and they demanded for Zhao Fu to personally come out and apologize.

Now, there were currently a few people standing in a hall and giving off powerful auras. Their heads were all tilted upwards, looking quite arrogant.

In their eyes, Great Qin was just a new world that was quite strong, but their Royal Kingdoms would be able to casually destroy it. As such, they did not place Great Qin in their eyes at all. At the same time, they took Great Qin's King as just a Saint Realm expert.

"Where is your ruler? Tell him to hurry up and get out here. None of you have the right to talk with me. Don't you know that I'm the ambassador of the Jade Six Kingdom?" a big man shouted.


A formless power blasted the big man, who had Heaven Realm Cultivation, backwards. This person was simply intolerable, and the more one endured his abuse, the more overboard he would go.

Zhao Fu walked out with a cold expression wearing a mask, hiding his appearance.

After being sent flying, the big man coughed up a mouthful of blood and looked furious as he roared, "You dare attack me? I'm the ambassador of the Jade Six Kingdom. The Jade Six Kingdom will immediately bathe Great Qin in blood!"

Zhao Fu coldly harrumphed, "Even though Great Qin only has two worlds, it's not something that can be casually bullied. Also, do you think you really represent the Jade Six Kingdom? Even if the Jade Six Kingdom wanted to destroy Great Qin, it has to pay a heavy price. Do you really think you're worth that price?"

Zhao Fu's might as a Holy Son spread out, causing everyone's bodies to freeze and for them to sweat cold sweat as they felt quite nervous.

This caused all of the ambassadors to become much more subdued. If they caused a war and billions of people died, they would not be able to bear the responsibility. Moreover, their main purpose here was to scope out Great Qin and see why that terrifying star had appeared.

"If you want to work together with Great Qin, it must be on equal terms. Great Qin will not accept any unequal contracts. As for that violet star, Great Qin does not know anything about it either. If you're here for that, please return!"

Hearing Zhao Fu's words, the ambassadors felt quite displeased, but they endured it.

Seeing how tough Great Qin's attitude was, they could not use threats of force to obtain information. Just this King's aura alone was enough to instantly kill everyone here. Everyone was shocked at just how powerful Great Qin's King was.

Some people angrily left and planned to report this matter and have the higher-ups deal with it. It would be best to send over some experts to teach Great Qin a lesson.

Some stayed behind, and a white-robed elder smiled as he bowed and said, "This old man comes from the Dao Cultivation Sect and greets Your Majesty!"

Hearing that this person was from the Dao Cultivation Sect, Zhao Fu's expression became even colder. It was not just because of Bai Shengjun but because of the Ancient Stem Banquet. However, Zhao Fu still nodded at him, indicating for him to continue.

The elder said respectfully, "This old man is here on orders from the Sect Master to collect information on that violet star. If Your Majesty is willing to assist, this old man will be eternally grateful!"

However, how could Zhao Fu tell him about this matter? He coldly replied, "Our answer is still the same - We don't know anything about the violet star."

The other ambassadors slightly frowned. Despite being a new world, Great Qin was so unwilling to give face. If they did not even respond to such courtesy, they would not be putting them in their eyes at all.

The elder's expression was quite awkward and he felt that he would not be able to accomplish anything, so he could only choose to leave. However, he said courteously, "We would like to invite Your Majesty to the Dao Cultivation Sect sometime. The Dao Cultivation Sect welcomes Your Majesty."

After receiving information about Great Qin, the Dao Cultivation Sect's Sect Master found that Great Qin's King was quite extraordinary. As such, he ordered the elder to act respectfully; otherwise, the elder would not have acted like this.

The others also felt that they could not get anything out of Great Qin's King, so they decided to secretly investigate. They also reported this to the higher-ups and emphasized on how arrogant, cold, and powerful Great Qin's King was.

They did not know that Zhao Fu was that mysterious Emperor who had shocked ten or so Domains within the Cosmos Historical Remnant. Right now, they only treated him as an ordinary King.

This matter not only caused Great Qin to enter the eyes of the Royal Kingdoms of a few Domains, but the Devil Horn Empire entered their eyes as well. Looking at its domineeringness that spanned four worlds, it also had the potential to become a Royal Kingdom, so they also paid visits to the Devil Horn Empire.

Yao Ming's expression had been quite unsightly after seeing the Violet Sky Dragon Star. He clearly understood how terrifying that star was, and it caused his emotions to plummet.

However, now that so many Royal Kingdom level factions were visiting and expressing their willingness to support him, his Devil Horn Empire would be able to quickly rise to a Royal Kingdom, and he would be able to easily destroy Great Qin and get rid of this big threat.

Right now, Yao Ming wished he could devour Zhao Fu just like how he had devoured his little brother. Now, killing Zhao Fu was his greatest desire.

Time passed day by day, and soon the excitement about the Violet Sky Dragon Star gradually died down. Great Qin had quietly developed this entire time and did not make any noise. On the other hand, the Devil Horn Empire started to become raucous.

It invited all sorts of people and made agreements with a few Royal Kingdoms and obtained their support. It opened up trade with the surrounding five or six worlds, boosting their economies.

Because they could obtain great gains, the surrounding worlds' attitude towards the Devil Horn Empire changed. Before, they were quite wary of the Devil Horn Empire, as it already had nine Continents and was a great threat.

As such, Yao Ming had paid a great price in terms of money and resources, and he had made friends with the Princes of a few Royal Kingdoms. There was even a licentious Prince who had set his eyes on some of his Concubines, and he didn't hesitate to give them away.

A few unimportant Concubines for the favor of a Prince of a Royal Kingdom was an incredibly good deal. That Prince happily promised that he would convince his Royal Kingdom to give the Devil Horn Empire as much help as possible.

Following this, the Prince showed no restraint and pulled off the Concubines' clothes and started to do them right in front of Yao Ming.