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 Zhao Fu first absorbed boundless Devil Power. Zhao Fu had instinctively come to the Four Soul Devil World because he desperately needed Devil Qi, and this was the place that had the most Devil Qi in Great Qin.

Following this, the Ten Thousand Dragon Mark's Power, which was incredibly powerful; the Clear Sky Saint Dragon's Power; and the Sun and Moon Devil Marks' Power all fused together to form a power called Dragon Devil Power.

That was the power from Dragon Power and Devil Power fusing together, and it was a top-tier power. After all, whether it was the Ten Thousand Dragon Mark's Power, the Clear Sky Power, or the Sun and Moon Power, they were all terrifying powers. Even though they could not compare with the Six Paths of Reincarnation Power, they were still quite fearsome.

After obtaining the Dragon Devil Power, Zhao Fu's constitution became even more powerful. Even exquisite weapons would not be able to break open his skin, and just his bodily strength would be enough to destroy a large boulder. He could already be called a humanoid devil beast.

After all of the powers fused together, Zhao Fu slowly opened his eyes and a violet light shot out. Another pair of pupils had appeared in his eyes.

These pupils were violet vertical pupils, looking quite like dragon pupils. They contained a might exclusive to dragons, and under the gaze of these pupils, ordinary devil beasts would not dare to resist and could only lie on the ground in terror.

Now, Zhao Fu's left eye had seven pupils and his right eye had six pupils layered together, with six gray dots around them. His eyes had become even more terrifying, and they had a trace of devilishness and might.

As for the rest of Zhao Fu's body, everything was the same except that his jet-black hair now had a few traces of violet to it. His constitution was stronger than before and gave off a trace of devil aura.

What delighted Zhao Fu the most was naturally that his bloodline had finally risen to a Divine Bloodline, which reigned above even Empires. Now, Zhao Fu was not just an Emperor but a Holy Son as well.

Under the immense power from the Violet Sky Dragon Star, everything that Zhao Fu had absorbed previously, such as the Darkness Bloodline, Fairy Emperor Bloodline, and Clear Sky Saint Dragon Bloodline all perfectly fused together, causing Zhao Fu to reach the Divine Bloodline.

By now, Zhao Fu was no longer sure what race he belonged to because he now had the purest and most terrifying bloodlines from the Human, Death, and Devil races.

The Ten Thousand Dragon Mark and Sun and Moon Devil Marks on Zhao Fu's chest had all disappeared because they had completely fused with Zhao Fu. One could say that Zhao Fu was now a Dragon and a Devil.

The Violet Sky Dragon Star gradually faded into the sky, and only then did everyone wake up from that terrifying might.

"It's finally over!" Seeing that the sky and their surroundings had gone back to normal, countless people let out sighs of relief. The descent of that Violet Sky Dragon Star was simply too terrifying.

Countless people hurriedly sought to find information on what had happened. What was that violet star? What had caused it to descend?

It was not just the surrounding worlds' people investigating; even the Domains around the Ancient Stem Domain sent people to investigate. After all, such a terrifying star caused ripples that could be sensed by over 1,000 worlds. It was evidently an incredibly shocking matter.

"Congratulations, Your Majesty!" The hundreds of millions of Devils in the Four Soul Devil World regained their freedom and hurried over. Sensing the terrifying might from Zhao Fu's body, as well as the terror from their own bloodlines, they knelt and called out in delight.

The countless Devils knelt on the ground, their heads obediently lowered like Devil Ministers, while Zhao Fu was like a Devil Emperor standing at the center, creating an awe-inspiring scene.

Following this, the other Ministers hurried over. They were extremely happy about Zhao Fu awakening a fourth Emperor Star. Zhao Fu was their ruler, and the more powerful Zhao Fu was, the better it was for them.

Zhao Fu smiled and nodded before returning to the Great Qin Palace. He looked over his body and found some pleasant surprises. First, his lifespan had increased by thousands of years. Now, even if he didn't do anything, he would be able to live for over 3,000 years.

Next, he found that the power of the Emperor Killer Curse had weakened by around 30%, leaving only around 60%. It seemed that the day that it completely disappeared would not be too far away.

At the same time, Zhao Fu received some information that caused him to frown. One of the matters was about the Devil Horn Empire's Devil Spirit Vein. They had destroyed it, but they had ended up helping the Devil Horn Empire by allowing them to obtain a Kin Devil Spirit Vein.

This completely exceeded Zhao Fu's expectations. He had taken such a great risk, yet he had helped his enemy. It could be said that his plan had failed.

However, he had only awakened the Violet Sky Dragon Star because he had devoured so much Devil Spirit Fountain Water. If it wasn't for the fountain water providing so much pure Devil Qi, Zhao Fu would not have been able to awaken the Violet Sky Dragon Star. It was his biggest gain from this event.

Zhao Fu also had to deal with the people investigating this matter. If it was just the surrounding few worlds, Zhao Fu would not have been afraid.

However, people from the surrounding Domains all sent people here. If those with enmity with the Ancient Stem Domain discovered Zhao Fu, Great Qin would face a disaster. As such, Zhao Fu had to deal with this seriously.

He first ordered Great Qin to stop all activities outside and deal with all matters in a low-profile way. They had to let the dust settle first.

Zhao Fu also wanted to peacefully develop for a while. He wanted all of Great Qin's soldiers to have Darkness God Iron equipment and for all of them to fuse with Darkness Crystals. When that time came, Great Qin would have a true Darkness Army.

However, even if Zhao Fu wanted to be low-profile, others would not allow him to. After all, the ripples of the Violet Sky Dragon Star came from Great Qin, and countless spies gathered towards Great Qin. They wanted to sneak into Great Qin to investigate what had happened, forcing Great Qin to become incredibly wary.

Apart from this, many people came to visit. These were all Royal Kingdom level factions, and some of them were quite arrogant and looked like they looked down on Great Qin.

Great Qin only had the strength of two worlds, so the Royal Kingdom level factions were indeed entitled to look down on Great Qin. With so many of them, Great Qin naturally could not gather all of them, but he could not just offend all of them either.

With Great Qin's strength, how could it afford to offend the Royal Kingdoms of a few Domains? As such, Great Qin could only endure and cautiously deal with them.

Great Qin once again entered the eyes of many Royal Kingdoms. They soon found out that it had gone from being unknown to shocking dozens of worlds, and it had even resisted the invasion of many worlds.

This made them feel quite shocked because the other worlds around Great Qin were still under protection. Great Qin was on a completely different level to them, and such a meteoric rise was quite rare to see.