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 Within the Heaven Awaken World's long history, Holy Empires had only appeared a few times, and they would only act during times of great upheaval in the Heaven Awaken World. Whenever they acted, even Empires would be destroyed.

This included the Beginning's Heaven and Earth Calamity, the Origin Race's secret, the Immemorial Celestial-Slaying Battle, the Killing Sword Calamity, the Ancient Empire Disaster, the Outer Worlds Invasion, etc.

All of those big matters had their shadows, and they were existences that reigned above all things in the Heaven Awaken World. It was difficult for anyone to find information on them, and they ordinarily did not reveal themselves to others. They were incredibly secretive, and there were very few people who knew about them.

The blood in front of them had surpassed the Sovereign level and reached the Divine level, and it was an Early Stage Divine Bloodline. That was why they were so shocked.

It could be said that this person's bloodline reigned above them. Their own bloodlines instinctively felt fear and terror in front of it. If it wasn't for their powerful cultivations, when they met this person they might fall to the ground; that was the advantage of one's bloodline.

Now, everyone was so shocked that their bodies were trembling. They looked at each other and decided to list this as the most confidential matter; they could not let anyone else know.

The Ten Thousand Dragon Financial Group's President looked at the resplendent violet star in the distance and could not help but loudly laugh, "Who would have thought that this day would come so quickly. That Emperor really exceeded our expectations. Now that the prophecy has been fulfilled, we can return to the Devil Domain."

The other higher-ups of the Ten Thousand Dragon Financial Group all smiled. They had been here for thousands of years, and now they could finally leave. They all let out a long sigh as if they had been relieved of heavy burdens.

Sensing the descent of the Violet Sky Dragon Star, the entire Dragon Race felt a pressure coming from their bloodlines, and they could not help but excitedly roar as if they were welcoming the arrival of their Emperor.

The others in the Devil Race also sensed this, and they also looked incredibly excited. This was the Devil Race's supreme Emperor Star, so that person was definitely a genius of the Devil Race. For the Devil Race to gain such a genius, it was a blessing to all of them.

Every race had their own supreme Emperor Star, and it was extremely difficult for each of them to descend. Those who possessed the supreme Emperor Stars would become the sovereigns of their races, so each race put great emphasis on the supreme Emperor Stars.

Back when Zhao Fu's Celestial Emperor Star descended, the Human Race's supreme Emperor Stars surpassed those of the Demon, Devil, and God Races, causing many higher-beings to feel displeased, resulting in them trying to hunt down Zhao Fu.

From this, it could be seen how important supreme Emperor Stars were. What they did not know was that Zhao Fu already had three Emperor Stars, and his bloodline was at the Divine Bloodline level. Even higher-beings would be shocked, and anyone who heard this would go mad.

However, although the Dragon Race was mad with delight, there was another race that was dissatisfied within the Devil Race, which was the Phoenix Race.

Within the massive Devil Race, the Dragon Race and Phoenix Race were the most powerful and had the greatest numbers. They were scattered extensively and were the two biggest races within the Devil Race. There was often friction between the two races.

As such, the Phoenix Race was naturally displeased at the appearance of the Violet Sky Dragon Star, as this gave great help to the Dragon Race. Perhaps the Dragon Race would start to suppress the Phoenix Race because of this and become the most powerful race in the Devil Race.

The Phoenix Race also had a corresponding Emperor Star, but it could not become the supreme Emperor Star of the Devil Race. After all, it was weaker in terms of Fate - dragons represented Kings while phoenixes represented Concubines. This made it so that their Emperor Star could not become the supreme Emperor Star.

The Phoenix Race's people naturally gave the order to search for the person who had awakened the Violet Sky Dragon Star and eliminate him in order to prevent future troubles.

At the same time, within a luxurious and domineering dragon palace, eight people giving off immense dragon's might sat on eight thrones. There were men and women, and they all looked different. The only thing they had in common was that their true forms were all dragons, and they were part of the true Dragon Race.

Their cultivations were all at the higher-being level. The eight of them gathering together caused the atmosphere to feel incredibly dignified.

An imposing-looking middle-aged man said, "Old Ninth's Legatee has appeared, and it's through the domineering descent of the Violet Sky Dragon Star; it can be seen as savagely slapping our faces. Are you all willing to comply with the agreement from back then?"

An ugly-looking young man coldly laughed, "Old Ninth has been dead for so long, so of course that agreement doesn't count anymore. Also, that person with the Violet Sky Dragon Star might be quite special and might not be a pureblood from the Dragon Race. His bloodline might be mixed with other Devil Races, so it's best to get rid of him as soon as possible."

A mild-looking and chubby old man said with a thoughtful expression, "The agreement from back then can be voided, but that person is from our Devil Race and has our supreme Emperor Star. There's no need to kill him; perhaps he can become the ruler of the Dragon Race."

"This Sovereign is not interested in these matters of yours. According to the agreement, if he returns to the Devil Domain and sits on the Ten Thousand Dragon Seat, he will naturally be the ruler of the Dragon Race. This Sovereign is busy and will be leaving first," a cold-looking woman cut them off before disappearing.

The remaining people talked for a bit longer before all leaving to take care of their own matters.

"What is it, Senior Apprentice Brother?" a delicate and handsome-looking young man wearing a dragon robe stopped in curiosity and asked the young man looking towards the horizon.

The other young man was wearing a violet dragon robe and looked quite valiant, and he gave off an enormous might. He was called Long Shentian. He was also part of the Dragon Race and had a Violet Sky Dragon Star. He was publicly acknowledged to be a peerless genius within the Devil Race.

He looked towards the horizon with a serious expression and said, "I can sense that a powerful enemy has appeared!"

The young man beside him lightly laughed in disbelief, "Senior Apprentice Brother, with your strength, you rank first or second within the entire Devil Race. Who could be a threat to you?"

Long Shentian did not reply, but his expression became even graver as he looked at the horizon. He could sense a massive sense of danger from over there, causing his hair to stand on end. Even his Violet Sky Dragon Star felt quite unsettled.

This was the first time he had felt like this before. Because they were both Violet Sky Dragon Stars, he could clearly sense the other person, and he understood just how terrifying and dangerous that person was.

With Long Shentian's strength and status, such words from him could shock anyone. The number of people in the Heaven Awaken World who could make him feel this way could be counted on a single hand.

Back at Great Qin, the Violet Sky Dragon Star gave off intense light, causing the surrounding ten or so worlds to fall into terror. The various powers within Zhao Fu's body were currently slowly fusing together.