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 That person was dumbfounded and stared for a few seconds before hurriedly retreating out of the boundless Heaven's Secrets. He rushed off to report this matter because it was simply too shocking - that person had actually gained a fourth Emperor Star, and it was the supreme Emperor Star of the Devil Race - the Violet Sky Dragon Star!

However, right after that person came out, he found that there were countless people around him, including the Fate Sovereign.

The instant that the Violet Sky Dragon Star descended, all of them had sensed it. As such, they had quickly gathered. As the supreme Emperor Star of the Devil Race, the ripples from the Violet Sky Dragon Star were not any weaker than that of the Celestial Emperor Star or Nether Emperor Star.

"Fate Sovereign..." That person wanted to say something, but the white-clothed young man cut him off and indicated that she knew. After sensing Zhao Fu's aura on this Violet Sky Dragon Star, she had immediately hurried over.

Currently, she looked somewhat shocked; just what sort of existence was that person? Even with her abilities, she could not determine Zhao Fu's identity. Now, Zhao Fu had four Emperor Stars, and all of them had extremely great power. That was proof of his fate and potential in the future.

It was not too surprising for him to have a Chaos Imperial Star because such stars did not belong to any race, and it was an inauspicious star. However, for him to possess other Emperor Stars, no one could understand how this was possible.

Before, he had awakened the Celestial Emperor Star, proving that he was human and had a pure human Emperor Bloodline. After all, only humans with pure human Emperor Bloodlines could awaken the Celestial Emperor Star.

However, he then awakened the Nether Emperor Star, which no one could have expected. After all, one had to have the Death Race's Emperor Bloodline, as well as a large amount of the Death Race's Fate to be able to awaken it. And yet, it had appeared on him too.

Does he then have two Race's Emperor Bloodlines? This was quite likely, as it was completely possible. If two people from different races with Emperor Bloodlines were married, their children would have the Emperor Bloodlines of both races.

However, because the children would have a mix of the two races' bloodlines and Fate, even though they would have immense power, it would be almost impossible to awaken the supreme Emperor Stars of both races.

They guessed that perhaps that person had a Mandate of Heaven Fate, giving him large amounts of Fate, allowing him to possess the Emperor Stars of two races and the Chaos Imperial Star. That was already enough to make them feel extremely shocked.

However, now that he had awakened a fourth Emperor Star, the supreme Emperor Star of the Devil Race, which required a pure Devil Emperor Bloodline, they were completely flabbergasted.

Everyone was completely shocked because there was not a chance of this happening.

The white-clothed young woman sent her consciousness into the boundless Heaven's Secrets and looked at the violet star within the sea of deathly aura. The deathly aura became much more dispersed, and under the effects of the violet star, the three other stars started to give off bright starlight.

By now, the white-clothed young woman could confirm that this terrifying person would not lose against the Emperor Killer Curse. With the new star, he would be able to resist the Emperor Killer Curse.

The matter of the fourth Emperor Star was incredibly important, and even she had never heard of such a thing before. Who knew what sort of terrifying monster had been created.

The white-clothed young woman felt that she did not have the means to deal with this, and she planned to report it to those old monsters. Only existences like them could deal with this situation.

However, before she could report it, an order came from above, "Don't interfere, just continue observing."

The white-clothed young woman was quite shocked; she had never thought that those old monsters in closed-door cultivation would have also taken mind of this.

Within a large palace, a black-clothed young man sitting cross-legged suddenly trembled and coughed up a mouthful of blood. A look of disbelief appeared on his face - he had actually suffered a backlash from his Emperor Killer Cruse.

With his powers as a higher-being and his boundless Fate, how could he receive a backlash from the Emperor Killer Curse? Just what had that person done? The higher-being was furious and turned into a ray of light as he went to the stage where he had cast the Emperor Killer Curse.

He performed hand seals and the dried corpses tied to the stone pillars gave off waves of deathly aura that rose into the sky. The higher-being cast a powerful secret technique, wanting to increase the strength of the Emperor Killer Curse.

Within the boundless Heaven's Secrets, the massive ocean of deathly aura gave off an intense deathly intent and ferociously rushed at the four Emperor Stars, wanting to once again inundate them.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Four massive explosions sounded out, and the four Emperor Stars gave off fathomless starlight, causing the entire Heaven's Secrets space to tremble. A heaven-toppling aura spread out, shaking the boundless void.

Under the starlight, the countless streams of deathly aura scattered, and the higher-being stumbled backwards and almost crashed to the ground. He coughed up another large mouthful of blood, and he found that Zhao Fu now had a massive amount of Fate. If he tried to activate the Emperor Killer Curse, he would receive an even greater backlash.

Within the Heaven Spirit Financial Group, the person responsible for looking over Zhao Fu's orb of blood saw that it suddenly gave off countless rays of violet light, and an immense devilish intent spread out, causing his body to tremble. Even though he felt terror, he delightedly went to report this.

A while later, many important figures came and looked at the orb of blood floating in the air, which gave off an intense violet light and a devilish intent.

That person had actually awakened another Emperor Star, and it was the Devil Race's Emperor Star; just who was this person? Could he be the reincarnation of a Celestial? Otherwise, how could he do such things?

They were so shocked that their jaws seemed like they were going to drop to the ground, and they could not help but feel overjoyed. They knew that their decision had not been wrong - even though many higher-beings had wanted to kill that person, the Heaven Spirit Financial Group had resisted the pressure to help him. This was all worth it.

Just thinking about four Emperor Stars could make anyone feel afraid. This was the first time anyone had done this, and he definitely had the potential to become a Celestial.

Countless major figures in the Heaven Spirit Financial Group started to consider whether or not they should give Zhao Fu even more benefits, such as giving him gifts to further their relationship. However, they were also worried about obstructing his growth, and the Heaven Spirit Stele would receive backlash from Heaven's Secrets.

Someone like him would undoubtedly have massive Heaven's Secrets, or else he would not have four Emperor Stars. He definitely had Mandate of Heaven Fate and was someone favored by the Heaven Awaken World.


Suddenly, the orb of blood floating in the air suddenly ignited and turned into a black flame. An aura that seemed divine and surpassed those of Emperors suddenly descended, causing the major figures' bodies to weaken.

Everyone stared at the little black flame in shock, and one person pointed at it with a trembling hand, saying, "That's... that's... a Divine Bloodline!"