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 It was not just them; the wild beasts that were more sensitive to danger all lay on the ground, whimpering in fear. No birds dared to fly in the sky, and they trembled as they gathered together.

At the center of the Four Soul Devil World, Zhao Fu's body gave off an intense purple light as purple demon inscriptions came out of his body. In that instant, all of the Devil Qi around him madly gathered towards him.

"Roar! Roar! Roar..." Dragon's roars shook the sky, and it seemed as if ten thousand dragons were roaring in unison. Zhao Fu's chest shined with an intense silver light, piercing through the surrounding 1,000 meters. The Ten Thousand Dragon Mark continuously spun as silver dragons came out of Zhao Fu's body.

There were 10,000 silver dragons, and they circled around Zhao Fu like an enormous silver vortex, and an enormous absorption power burst forth.

The Heaven and Earth Essence Qi of a few worlds quickly gathered, and it was to the point that they seemed corporeal. Clouds quickly gathered, and a formless aura of danger spread out in people's hearts.

Everyone looked towards the sky and saw clouds swirling in the sky, not knowing what was happening. However, it was definitely something big.

"Roar!" As the massive amount of Heaven and Earth Essence Qi entered Zhao Fu's body, an awe-inspiring dragon's roar traveled throughout the entire world, causing all living creatures' legs to weaken.

The golden dragon pearl on Zhao Fu's chest turned into a 15 centimeter long golden dragon. It had three eyes, four horns, and golden, crystalline scales. This was the Clear Sky Saint Dragon, one of the Emperors of dragons.


The Clear Sky Saint Dragon swam about on Zhao Fu's chest, and a formless aura spread out. The skies of countless worlds seemed to be grabbed by a large, formless hand, and rays of golden light shot out from over the horizon. The Clear Sky Saint Dragon was madly gathering Clear Sky Power.

Rays of light shot down from the sky and gathered above Great Qin, causing part of the sky to turn golden. More and more golden light gathered, and the enormous might became stronger and stronger.

It was not just the Devils in the Four Soul Devil World that seemed to be pressed against the ground by a giant hand; wild beasts in other places did not dare to remain near Great Qin, and this was the same for wild beasts in other worlds. It was as if a massive disaster was about to arrive.

The sky was filled with golden light, and the might caused the surroundings to feel incredibly heavy. The golden light and might reached their apex, and space itself started to twist.


A shocking explosion sounded out as a golden ray of light descended from the sky, bringing with it immense power, and it landed onto Zhao Fu's body. A corporeal shockwave blasted out, and the ground instantly cracked.

The golden light in the sky entered Zhao Fu's body through the golden ray of light, and terrifying shockwaves rippled out from Zhao Fu, making it so that no one dared to come close. The shocking power was enough to make people fall into an abyss of despair.

The powerful Clear Sky Dragon Power caused Zhao Fu's body to start to dragonify. Crystalline scales appeared on his body, and four short horns appeared on his head.


Another explosion sounded out as a taichi symbol floated out of Zhao Fu's chest and flew into the air. It expanded out into a 10,000 meter wide taichi diagram, and the golden ray of light from the sky just so happened to pass through it.

The taichi diagram spun with immense force, and a formless energy spread out, creating powerful winds. Sand filled the sky and rocks rolled as trees swayed.

A crow and a silver rabbit appeared on opposing sides of the taichi diagram. The former gave off a searing aura like the sun while the other gave off a cold and gentle aura like the moon.

Boom! Boom!

Both of them gave off brilliant lights and turned into different-colored pillars of light and shot into the sky, causing the sky to tremble.

Two incredibly powerful mights descended from the sky, causing countless people's bodies to sink and find it difficult to breathe. It was as if their hearts were gripped by a large, formless hand.

A blazing sun and a gentle moon descended from the golden sky. They each gave off boundless power and heaven-shaking auras as they shot into Zhao Fu's body.


Something seemed to break within Zhao Fu's body, and a large explosion sounded out. A heaven-toppling aura burst forth like an enraged ocean, raging outwards.

A super gale started to blow as countless boulders were blown into the sky and countless trees were uprooted. The ground was gradually torn apart, and the boulders, trees, and sand danced in the sky, creating the scene of a terrifying disaster.

After absorbing so many energies, Zhao Fu's body gave off intense light, and he endured unbearable pain.

"Arghhh!!!" A cry tore through the sky. A massive wave of energy instantly seemed to lock down the surrounding ten or so worlds. The wind stopped blowing and clouds stopped moving, and everyone stood stiff on the ground as if they were frozen.

Countless Kings' expressions fell; they had never felt such a boundless power before. In front of this power, they were unable to resist at all.

Yao Ming's face became pale. Under this power, he was unable to resist at all; just what had happened? Everyone felt incredibly confused.

Soon, some people remembered that something like this had happened before; it was like the power from the Celestial Emperor Star. However, this terrifying power was many times more powerful than the Celestial Emperor Star and spread to ten or so worlds.

This was because of the Heaven Domain Boundary before, causing the Celestial Emperor Star to be restricted. Now, Great Qin was revealed to everyone else, and without the Heaven Domain Boundary, the ripples were naturally even more terrifying.


A shocking explosion sounded out, and it was as if the heavens and earth were being torn apart. Fathomless violet light blasted down, covering the surrounding ten or so worlds and making it seem a if they were sinking. Countless people collapsed to the ground and revealed expressions of shock.

An unimaginable devilish intent permeated the sky, making it seem as if countless creatures were going to be turned into devils. Everyone felt a chill in their hearts, and their bodies and souls trembled.

An enormous violet sun-like star, that seemed to contain a dragon, brought with it a terrifying might as it slowly descended from the sky. The terrifying power caused the air to be twisted, unable to bear its descent.

The space in the ten or so worlds gradually twisted and collapsed, and countless black cracks appeared. Chaotic aura flowed through, and the worlds seemed to cry out mournfully as if they were going to be destroyed.

At that moment, the expressions of some experts in the Ancient Stem Domain fell as they looked at the violet star that had appeared on the horizon, and they sensed its boundless devilish aura.

At the same time, the person who had been observing Zhao Fu's Emperor Stars in the Heaven's Secrets Pavilion saw a star giving off enormous Devil Power appear.