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 After all of the fountain water was absorbed by Zhao Fu, a devil dragon's head was revealed at the bottom of the fountain. The devil dragon's head was five or six meters wide and looked quite domineering. It looked just like a real dragon's head and seemed to contain life and an intense might.

Zhao Fu knew that this was the Devil Spirit Vein. He raised his Sadistic Killing Sword and sent a large amount of power into it. The sword gave off an intense blood-red light and aura.


A massive explosion sounded out as Zhao Fu vigorously slashed out an enormous blood-red sword light. The blood-red sword light gave off a destructive power as it slashed against the dragon's head shattered.

The weather started to change as clouds swirled and thunder sounded out. A terrifying aura covered the entire world as if everything was going to be destroyed. The destruction of the Devil Horn Empire's important Devil Spirit Vein immediately caused terrifying abnormal signs.

Sensing this aura, Yao Ming's heart sank and his expression fell as he hurriedly flew towards the Devil Spirit Fountain.

Of course, Zhao Fu understood that people would arrive soon, so he and the other quickly flew away. Otherwise, when the Devil Horn Empire's army arrived, they would not be able to survive.

At the same time, that bloated feeling made him feel as if his body was going to be torn apart. He had to hurry back to Great Qin and deal with this, or he felt that his body was going to explode.

The abnormal signs from the Devil Spirit Vein almost caused the entire Devil Horn Empire to fall into chaos. Zhao Fu and his group took advantage of this chaos to easily leave the Devil Horn Empire.

Soon, Yao Ming stood beside the Devil Spirit Fountain with a cold expression as he looked at the shattered dragon's head. The coldness emanating from his body seemed to be able to pierce one's bones - Yao Ming was furious to the extreme, and he wanted to destroy everything.

Yao Ming's little brother looked afraid and said apologetically, "Big bro, it was that person again. He snuck into the Devil Horn Empire and used my blood to enter here. I'm sorry, I've caused trouble for you again."

The biggest reason why Zhao Fu was able to break through the Devil Horn Empire's defenses was because of Yao Ming's little brother. This was because the most important defense was the bloodline barrier. If it wasn't for Yao Ming's little brother's blood, Zhao Fu would not have been able to pass through.

Yao Ming had never thought that it would be possible to use his little brother's essence blood to enter. That powerful defense had been rendered completely useless.

Seeing that Yao Ming was ignoring him, the little brother said with eyes filled with tears, "Big bro, is there any way I can help you? Please don't be mad at me, okay?"

Yao Ming considered to himself whether or not he wanted to do that thing. The Devil Spirit Vein was incredibly important to the Devil Horn Empire, and they could not afford to lose it, as they would perish at Great Qin's hands without it.

Hearing his little brother's words, Yao Ming made a decision. He gave a gentle smile as he looked at his little brother and asked softly, "Do you really want to help me?"

Seeing that Yao Ming was not angry, and was even smiling, he happily nodded.


Yao Ming's little brother looked at Yao Ming in confusion, who had just pushed him over, and asked, "Big bro?"

Yao Ming seemed completely different, and he seemed quite savage as he said, "I originally didn't want to use this method, but little brother, you've caused the Devil Horn Empire great losses twice. You are my greatest weakness. I wanted to kill you last time, but because you're my little brother, I couldn't do it.

"However, the Devil Spirit Vein has been destroyed. If this goes on, the Devil Horn Empire will perish sooner or later. As such, you can only die for the Devil Horn Empire."

Yao Ming opened his mouth, revealing his pristine white teeth. He lowered himself and bit his little brother's neck. As his sharp teeth pierced into the flesh, blood spurted out. Yao Ming's little brother looked pained as he pleaded, "Big bro, don't kill me! It hurts!"

However, it was as if Yao Ming did not hear him. He flicked his head, biting off a large piece of flesh. Large amounts of blood flowed out, spurting all over Yao Ming.

Yao Ming chewed on the flesh, causing blood to squirt out of his mouth. The flesh was incredibly tender, juicy, and tasty.

Large amounts of blood flowed out from Yao Ming's little brother's neck, and his aura quickly weakened. However, he continued to struggle, and his face was twisted with pain as he begged tearily, "Big bro, don't kill me!"

Yao Ming's heart softened; this was his little brother. However, thinking about the destroyed Devil Spirit Vein, he steeled himself and pressed his hand against his little brother's forehead, sealing his soul in his head. He then took another bite of flesh.

"Arghhh!!" Yao Ming's little brother continuously cried out in pain as he cried and begged Yao Ming. However, Yao Ming had already made his decision, and he took bite after bite, looking extremely savage.

In the end, Yao Ming completely devoured his little brother, leaving behind only the head. He looked to the side and found there was still a finger, and he picked it up and put it in his mouth, chewing on even the bones.

"Ahhhh!!" Yao Ming raised his face to the sky and roared as a large amount of blood-red aura spread out. Two short horns appeared on his head, and his power greatly rose. His bloodline was much more powerful than before as well.

Yao Ming had just used the Devil Race's secret technique, 'Kin Cannibalism.' This technique could cause one's bloodline to become even purer and allow one to obtain even greater power. Otherwise, he would not have eaten his little brother like that.

Holding his little brother's head, Yao Ming felt an ache within his heart, and he hated Zhao Fu even more. He went to the shattered dragon's head and placed his little brother's head there.


Yao Ming pressed his hand against the air, and his little brother's head gave off an intense blood-red light. The shattered pieces of the dragon's head flew towards his brother's head and fused together, and a blood-red pillar of light shot into the sky with a terrifying aura.

"Roarr!" Many traces of blood-red aura rose up into the sky in the Devil Horn World, forming an enormous blood-red dragon. This blood-red dragon had a human head on its forehead, which was Yao Ming's little brother's head. A massive restrictive power covered the surroundings.

Sensing this restrictive power, Yao Ming could not help but loudly laugh in delight because this Devil Spirit Vein's aura was five or six times stronger than the previous one. It was no longer a simple Devil Spirit Vein but a Kin Devil Spirit Vein, which had a terrifying restrictive power.

In the future, the fountain water condensed would be blood-red, and drinking the fountain water would give one this restrictive power. The Devil Horn Empire's power would rise.

Elsewhere, Zhao Fu charged into the Four Soul Devil World and collapsed at the core magic formation. Massive amounts of Devil Qi spread out, and all of the Devils felt a sense of fear, not knowing what was going on.

An immense power causing abnormal signs covered the surrounding few worlds, causing everyone's expressions to fall.