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 This was the first time that Zhao Fu had gone to a main city of a different region, and he looked around with interest. He came here alone because he would be immediately put on the city's blacklist if he brought so many soldiers along.

Even though Battle City was a main city, it was a fairly rough and crude place. Most of the structures were built from unrefined stone, and most residents wore fairly crude clothes, looking somewhat wild.

Zhao Fu asked someone and found out why this city was called Battle City: normal system main cities prohibited personal fights and provided Arenas for people to settle their grievances. However, Battle City had a massive Arena and encouraged fights.

Here, one could earn Merit Points not only by completing quests but also by fighting in the Arena. What's more, the Lord of the city organized betting according to the strength of both parties, and anyone could bet.

As such, there were many Arenas, and there were seats for spectators to watch.

No wonder the atmosphere here was so tough and wild - the Arenas here were one of the biggest attractions. Zhao Fu was interested, so he went over to one to have a look.

The Arena was a circular structure, and there were rows of chairs made from Ironwood. At the center, there was a 100-meter wide cage, and inside of it, two people were fighting against each other.

There were many people here, and it was quite raucous. All of their eyes were glued on the two people battling in the cage as they cheered and shouted loudly.

One of the fighters swung his sword, slashing open the other person's stomach, causing his guts to fall out. The scene instantly became incredibly bloody and gory.

Seeing this scene, the audience cheered even louder, and the victor lopped off the head of the loser and excitedly yelled at the audience around him.

After this, someone who seemed to be a referee walked into the cage and announced that the person had won. Now, people could either redeem prizes for the money they had bet on this person or convert the prize into money.

The victors received not only Merit Points but also money and other prizes, so many players fought in these Arenas. There were many different races that participated: players, indigenous residents, and even Outlanders and beasts.

After watching for a while and thinking to himself, Zhao Fu left the Arena and started to take care of the more serious matters. He first went to the real estate office and used his status to purchase 20 lots of land, and he started to prepare to open a restaurant.

After dealing with these matters in two hours, Zhao Fu went to the other three main cities and repeated what he had just done. Afterwards, he looked at Little Valley's special products, and he only returned to the Great Qin Town when it was nighttime.

After returning to the Great Qin Town, Zhao Fu discussed with his main subordinates about starting up a Business Department that would take care of all of Zhao Fu's businesses.

Before, business matters fell under the Internal Affairs Department. Zhao Fu employed many players and indigenous residents, but he only had a few managers. Now that he would be opening up paths to new regions, he needed a Department to look after these businesses.

For example, managing the restaurants, buying specialty products, selling specialty products, and conducting trade required many people, and the current Departments couldn't take care of these matters well, so Zhao Fu left this to Ba Qing.

After discussing this matter, everyone left except Zhao Fu and Ge Nia. Of course, Zhao Fu had asked Ge Nia to stay behind because he wanted to talk to him in private. Zhao Fu wanted to nurture Ge Nia into a peerless swordsman, the type of person who had exceptional insight on the way of the sword; a sword saint who could instantly kill a crowd of people with a flick of his sword.

From what Zhao Fu had seen in the Arenas, that sort of cruel, bloody, and cold place was quite suitable for Ge Nia, and he could gain enlightenment on his sword skills through endless fighting and killing.

Zhao Fu told Ge Nia about everything he had seen today, and he asked him for his opinion.

After listening to Zhao Fu, Ge Nia did not think for long before cupping his hands and saying, "Your Majesty, I feel like that place will be quite suitable for me to train my skills; I'm willing to go!"

Hearing this, Zhao Fu reminded him, "It's quite dangerous there. You could die, so be prepared for that!"

Ge Nia earnestly nodded, indicating that he understood.

Seeing this, Zhao Fu took out a Silver grade sword from his King's Ring and gave it to Ge Nia, saying, "I'll give this sword to you; I'll prepare some high-grade skills for you soon!"

Hearing Zhao Fu's words, Ge Nia surprisingly apologized, "I thank Your Majesty for your generosity, but this subordinate would like to choose a sword. Moreover, it's enough for Your Majesty to just give me a few basic skills."

Zhao Fu was quite surprised by Ge Nia's words, but he understood Ge Nia's thinking - those who pursued the way of the sword could not overly rely on external things.

Zhao Fu agreed to Ge Nia's requests, and he took Ge Nia to the Great Qin Armory. In the armory, there were weapons from the region of bones, equipment forged from bronze concentrate, and equipment brought back by the exploration teams.

Ge Nia looked around at the countless weapons around him and lightly breathed in as he closed his eyes. He walked step by step past weapon after weapon, and he continued this for a while.

Seeing this, Zhao Fu frowned slightly and thought to himself, "With so many weapons, surely there's one that Ge Nia's happy with!"

Ge Nia continued to walk, and as he was about to reach the end of the Armory, he suddenly opened his eyes. His hand shot out and grabbed a sword that was covered with bloodstains.

After picking up the sword, Ge Nia gently caressed it, feeling the coldness radiating from the sword, and he gave a satisfied smile.

This smile caused Zhao Fu to feel quite surprised. After interacting with him for so long, Ge Nia had seemed like an ice block, and he always had a cold expression on his face. This was the very first time that Zhao Fu had seen him smile.

After choosing a sword, Ge Nia returned to Zhao Fu's side and bowed as he said, "Your Majesty, I've chosen my sword."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu curiously looked at Ge Nia's sword. He thought that Ge Nia had chosen a sword of excellent quality, but it was only a White grade sword that they had most likely obtained after conquering a village. What's more, there was nothing special about it.

However, since Ge Nia had chosen it, there was definitely something special about it. Following this, Zhao Fu went to Holy Light City and prepared to choose a few basic skills for Ge Nia when he heard a shocking piece of news: the Lord of Holy Light City had been heavily injured!