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 Zhao Fu had his Sovereign Bloodline and Divine Sense from the Five Celestial Senses, so he had great immunity against illusions. He took out a Restriction Pearl and placed it at the center of the illusion magic formation, temporarily stopping the magic formation.

After the magic formation was stopped, Yu Ling and the others came back to their senses. The final magic formation, the metallic defensive magic formation, gave off an intense bronze light that covered the surroundings.

Just like before, Zhao Fu had Mosax reduced its power before having Yu Ling go up and use his spatial power to break through the magic formation.

However, this magic formation's defenses were far tougher than the barrier before. As such, this took much time, and Zhao Fu and the others could only cautiously wait.

"Roar!!" A dragon's roar suddenly sounded out as an enormous aura spread out. Zhao Fu was greatly startled - that azure dragon lying on the ground had discovered them, and if it wasn't for the noise-isolating barrier, that massive roar would have shaken their surroundings.

However, Zhao Fu's expression was quite unsightly; now that the azure dragon had discovered them, a fight was bound to break out. The dragon was the most powerful devil beast in the Devil Horn Empire and Zhao Fu would not be able to instantly take it down. Moreover, if he released too powerful of an aura, others would detect him.

What could he do? There would be a large battle and the sounds and shockwaves would be massive. They would definitely be discovered, and they would not have such a chance next time.

As Zhao Fu was considering what to do, the azure dragon's savage eyes locked onto him and prepared to fly into the sky and start to attack Zhao Fu.

However, at that moment, Zhao Fu's chest was wracked with immense pain as the Ten Thousand Dragon Mark gave off an intense silver light and started to quickly spin. A powerful dragon aura rushed forth, and the dragon pearl within Zhao Fu's body shot out a golden light towards the azure dragon.

The azure dragon sensed an unimaginably terrifying dragon's might descend on its body, causing it to fall to the ground in fear as it trembled, not daring to resist at all.

Zhao Fu could not help but feel delighted. The Clear Sky Saint Dragon was one of the most noble dragons, and it could be counted as an Emperor among dragons. The Clear Sky Saint Dragon Pearl had suppressed the azure dragon, helping Zhao Fu overcome this crisis.

Zhao Fu immediately had Yu Ling and Mosax hurry as they worked on the magic formation. Zhao Fu did not plan on killing the azure dragon, because if it died, Yao Ming would definitely know that something was happening. Looking at the azure dragon lying on the ground, Zhao Fu summoned countless chains and tightly bound it up.


A clear sound rang out as the third magic formation was destroyed. Zhao Fu excitedly brought the three others in. They would soon be able to destroy the Devil Spirit Fountain and deal a heavy blow to the Devil Horn Empire. After all, the Devil Horn Empire heavily relied on the Devil Spirit Fountain.

They came before the opening of a basin, and Zhao Fu frowned because there was a barrier here. This barrier was blood-red colored and was a type of bloodline barrier.

Without Yao Ming's essence blood, one would not be able to enter. This barrier was even stronger than the barrier outside, and once someone came close, the barrier would be immediately activated. It would respond with an intense attack, and Yao Ming would immediately sense this.

Zhao Fu had never thought that the Devil Horn Empire would have such a trick up its sleeve. Anyone approaching the barrier would activate it, and even diving into nothingness would not be enough to get around it.

Zhao Fu felt quite troubled and did not know how to deal with it. However, in the next moment, Zhao Fu smiled. He would not be able to obtain Yao Ming's essence blood, but there was someone else's blood that might be able to act as a substitute. That person was naturally Yao Ming's little brother. His bloodline was very close to Yao Ming's, and perhaps using his blood would be possible.

Back when he had let off Yao Ming's little brother, he had left a trace of his aura within his body. He could now use that trace of aura to find him.

Thinking about that, Zhao Fu had the others wait in the nothingness as he quickly left.

A few hours later, Zhao Fu arrived at an open and empty area. Yao Ming's little brother was using a whip to hit a servant. That person's flesh was completely torn and his flesh was quite mangled. That person could not even cry out and could only weakly moan.

Zhao Fu did not pay much mind to this, and he grabbed Yao Ming's little brother and left.

Yao Ming's little brother was instantly subdued by Zhao Fu and after being grabbed by Zhao Fu, he looked terrified; his impression of Zhao Fu was quite deep.

Yao Ming had lost so many devil beasts because of him last time, and afterwards, he had been strictly reprimanded by Yao Ming. He had never thought that Zhao Fu would once again sneak into the Devil Horn Empire and capture him.

His body was restricted and he could only look at Zhao Fu with fear; Zhao Fu did not have any interest in hearing what he had to say.

Zhao Fu quickly returned to the Devil Spirit Fountain, and Molaf and the others came out. Seeing where they were, Yao Ming's little brother's face became incredibly pale. He understood what Zhao Fu was going to do.

Zhao Fu did not waste any words because time was tight and they could be discovered at any moment. He slashed open Yao Ming's little brother's palm and forced out some of his essence blood before tossing him to the side.

The blood formed an orb of blood, and Zhao Fu sent his Emperor's Power into it, causing the essence blood to give off a powerful Emperor's aura. This blood was now incredibly similar to Yao Ming's blood.

Zhao Fu held the orb of blood and carefully made his way forwards. Because this was Yao Ming's little brother's blood, Zhao Fu was not completely sure that it would work.

In the end, Zhao Fu let out a sigh of relief - the blood-red barrier did not react, and Zhao Fu successfully entered the basin.

Within the basin, the Devil Qi was incredibly dense, and it covered the surroundings like a purple fog. Many Devil Crystals had condensed, and sensing this intense Devil Qi, the Sun and Moon Devil Marks on Zhao Fu's chest gave off even bigger reactions, causing Zhao Fu's chest to feel even more pain.

Zhao Fu endured the pain and walked forwards to a fountain made with exquisite bricks. The fountain was incredibly big, and it was 1,000 meters wide. It was difficult to see how deep it was, and it was filled with purple fountain water.

After arriving here, the Ten Thousand Dragon Mark and the Sun and Moon Devil Marks gave off incredibly intense lights which pierced through Zhao Fu's clothes. Zhao Fu's body suddenly jumped into the fountain.

Zhao Fu had wanted to take back all of this Devil Spirit Fountain Water to develop his own devil beasts; with so much fountain water, he would be able to develop many.

However, Zhao Fu could not stop his body from leaping into the water, and the purple water rushed into his body. In the blink of an eye, all of the fountain water was absorbed by Zhao Fu's body, and his chest no longer hurt. It seemed that the various marks had been satisfied.

However, Zhao Fu did not feel very comfortable; he felt as if his body was filled with some kind of energy and was about to explode. His heart pounded, and his mind was filled with loud banging. Zhao Fu felt that his body was going to go out of control soon, and he had to hurriedly get out of here.