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 Mosax's ability was to turn all power into nothingness, and this naturally included barriers and magic formations; Molaf's ability was to travel through nothingness, making it difficult for people to discover him, and he also had immunity to barriers and magic formations.

The one who was the most effective against barriers and magic formations was Yu Ling, and they would primarily be relying on him. His Thousand World Constitution could break through all sorts of barriers. He could even break through the Heaven Domain Boundary; it was evident just how terrifying his powers were.

The Devil Spirit Fountain was the most important thing to the Devil Horn Empire, so it would undoubtedly be heavily protected. However, with Mosax, Molaf, and Yu Ling, Zhao Fu was quite confident that they would succeed.

After making some careful preparations, Zhao Fu came to where Yu Ling was. Yu Ling was currently eating desserts with his mother, and Zhao Fu explained the situation to him.

Yu Qingshui's face became red and she had a slightly flirtatious look in her eyes as she smiled and said to Yu Ling, "Ling'Er, make sure you perform well and don't let down His Majesty."

Yu Ling nodded and looked at Zhao Fu with his big, pure eyes as he said, "Your Majesty, if I make great contributions, can you give me a reward? Mother calls out your name every night, and I want you to help her."

Hearing this, Yu Qingshui's face became bright red and she could not look up. She had never thought that the things she did every night would be heard by Yu Ling.

However, because Yu Ling was quite young, he did not understand what was going on, and he just wanted his mother not to suffer.

Zhao Fu lightly laughed and patted his head. "If you perform well, We will guarantee that your mother will feel better."

"Thank you, Your Majesty!" Yu Ling was so happy that he almost started jumping up and down. He did not know just what he was asking.

Zhao Fu smiled and nodded before looking at Yu Qingshui, who wanted to jump into a hole. Sensing Zhao Fu's gaze, her heart rate sped up, and her breathing became erratic.

"Ling'Er, go and play for a while." Yu Qing's face was completely red and she felt quite nervous.

"Okay!" Yu Ling did not understand why, but he obediently left.

After Yu Ling left, Yu Qingshui's eyes became filled with lust. Now that things were so clear, she did not want to continue waiting and started to serve Zhao Fu.

After an intense round, Yu Ling came back and saw that his mother seemed different. She seemed even prettier and moving, and he was quite happy as he left with Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu and the three others soon came to the border of the Devil Horn Empire. Because of Zhao Fu's previous attack, they had become much more wary and had set up many detection magic formations to prevent people from sneaking in.

If it was before, it would have been quite troublesome for Zhao Fu to sneak in. However, Zhao Fu had Molaf drag everyone into nothingness and stealthily pass through the border without the soldiers and magic formations discovering them.

After entering the inside of the Devil Horn Empire, Zhao Fu and his party flew towards the direction that the Devil Spirit Fountain was in. The Devil Spirit Fountain was quite far away from the Devil Horn Palace, and it was at the very center of the Devil Horn World.

Zhao Fu's group arrived after two days, mainly because they had to carefully avoid the countless devil beasts, soldiers, and magic formations. Otherwise, it only would have taken one day to arrive.

There was a massive barrier here, and it was a very advanced one. No matter if it was in terms of firmness or the energy it contained, it was incredibly powerful.

If Zhao Fu used the same methods as before, he definitely would not be able to break through this barrier. Moreover, there were three magic formations within the barrier.

The three magic formations silently spun and gave off powerful auras. One magic formation gave off black light and gave off a dangerous aura, and it had countless devilish runes on it. Images of devil beasts would occasionally appear on it.

One magic formation was white and gave off a dream-like aura - it was most likely an advanced illusion formation. The final one gave off a heavy and steel-like aura, and it was most likely an advanced metallic defensive magic formation.

There were also many soldiers giving off powerful auras patrolling about, preventing anyone from getting close.

Apart from that, there was also an azure dragon that was thousands of meters long within the barrier. The dragon's might that the azure dragon gave off was extremely powerful, making it so that no living creatures in the surrounding 1,000 kilometers dared to come close. It was definitely the most powerful devil beast in the Devil Horn Empire.

With so many defenses, barely no one would be able to force one's way through. Zhao Fu found that he had somewhat underestimated the Devil Horn Empire; they had actually set down so many layers of defenses.

Zhao Fu felt that the most difficult thing would be the azure dragon; the magic formations and barrier would be easy to get through. However, if they were discovered by the azure dragon, a single roar would be enough to alert everyone of them.

Also, for some reason, after reaching here, the Ten Thousand Dragon Mark and the Sun and Moon Devil Marks on his chest all gave off intense reactions. They gave off faint lights and started to get hot, causing Zhao Fu to feel some pain.

It was most likely because of the large amount of pure Devil Qi around. The Sun and Moon Devil Marks were types of Devils, albeit mutated types. Dragons were naturally a type of devil beast, and they were one of the most powerful types.

Zhao Fu suppressed the marks for now and prepared to break through the barriers.

Zhao Fu first stealthily set down noise-isolating barriers, perception-impairing barriers, and visual illusion barriers. The noise-isolating barriers were to prevent the azure dragon inside from alerting anyone, the perception-impairing barriers were to weaken the perceptions of the patrolling soldiers, and the visual illusion barriers were to make it seem like everything was normal while certain defenses had already been broken through.

Zhao Fu expected the defenses here to be quite powerful, so he had made sufficient preparations.

Only then did Zhao Fu start. He first had Mosax unleash his ability - Mosax walked up and placed his hand against the barrier, and a powerful Nothingness Power spread out, causing the barrier to start to grow dim.

Zhao Fu then had Yu Ling go up. He lightly touched the barrier, and a hole opened up in the barrier. Molaf then brought the party into the nothingness and snuck in.

Because everyone was hiding in nothingness, the three magic formations did not react. Zhao Fu then had Mosax go up and unleash his Nothingness Domain to cover the three magic formations, weakening their power.

However, the first magic formation still sensed danger and instantly activated itself. It gave off a black light and countless devilish runes appeared. Devil beasts started to appear and madly attacked Zhao Fu and his group.

Zhao Fu immediately had Molaf drag everyone back into the nothingness, causing those devil beasts to lose their targets. The magic formation slowly deactivated, and Zhao Fu had Yu Ling set down spatial barriers around that magic formation, dealing with it in that way. The second magic formation, the illusion magic formation, had extremely powerful illusion abilities. Not only was Yu Ling easily dragged into the illusion, but Molaf and Mosax were also the same, so Zhao Fu could only rely on himself.