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 The Emperor Emeritus looked furious, and instantly understood what was going on. He looked at Zhao Fu hatefully and mustered the last of his strength to punch at Zhao Fu, but he was easily blocked by Zhao Fu.

In the end, the Emperor Emeritus died with an unreconciled and hateful look on his face. Blood flowed out of his lips and his body twitched a few times before he died.

The beautiful woman happily looked at the corpse on the ground. Now that the Emperor Emeritus was dead, they did not have to worry about their lives in the future. The flames of lust she had been suppressing once again started to flare up, and she squatted down as she started to service Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu evilly laughed as he looked at this graceful and beautiful woman desperately servicing him in front of the corpse of her previous man. Soon, the two of them started to do it.

The next step was to take political control. Zhao Fu originally did not have this as part of his plan, as it could bring some problems. If the Charm Devil World knew that Great Qin had a piece here, they would naturally want to side with the Devil Horn Empire. However, it would be too much of a pity to reject a free Kingdom.

Because Zhao Fu now controlled the Charm Devil young man and the Emperor Emeritus was dead, the beautiful woman was about to quickly take control of the Gurao Kingdom's politics. Of course, this involved killing many Ministers, as well as their families' men. As for the women, they were given to Zhao Fu as pets.

A few of the other branches of the royal family tried to stage military coups, resulting in the Gurao Kingdom being covered by the haze of war, and an austere aura filled the atmosphere.

The licentious Charm Devils all became serious because they understood that the fate of their Kingdom was going to be greatly changed.

Most of the commoners supported the beautiful woman because she was at least part of the official ruling side. Moreover, there was the Charm Devil young man as a puppet, gathering even more commoners. More importantly, most of the military power was in his hands, and the commoners naturally did not want to make any trouble.

The other branches of the royal family rebelled on the spur of the moment, and they did not make sufficient preparations. Given the fact that they did not have many soldiers and did not have a Nation Armament, they all fell in the end.

After seizing power, the beautiful woman became incredibly ruthless and cruel, carrying out a bloody suppression, causing countless people to feel terrified and afraid.

Those who rebelled, no matter if they were men or women, old or young, were stripped and a three meter long spear was stabbed through their bodies, piercing their organs and causing those people to painfully scream.

The instant they were pierced, they madly struggled, but they were pressed against the ground and died in immense pain.

Many people knelt and kowtowed in terror, pleading for the soldiers to spare them. they swore to be loyal to the throne, but the soldiers still used the spears to pierce through their bodies, causing the pained cries to continuously sound out.

Some terrified children who had no idea what was going on were also dealt with in this way. As the spears tore through their bodies, their cries were even more ear-piercing and looking at those children struggling in pain, even the soldiers felt quite sympathetic.

However, they still continued to do this to the children, or else they would also be treated in this fashion.

Countless spears were stabbed through corpses, and the other ends of the spears were stabbed into the ground. All of the corpses had expressions of immense pain, and blood flowed down along the spears, dying the ground black and blood-red. An immense deathly aura covered the sky, and the eerie wind seemed to contain the sounds of crying.

There were 600,000 or so corpses and they covered as far as the eye could see. The scene was incredibly shocking, making people feel despair. When standing before this scene, one could not help but tremble.

Such a bloody suppression immediately caused the Gurao Kingdom to be restored to peace. No one dared to make any trouble, as everyone's hearts were filled with terror, and they all submitted to the beautiful woman's rule.

A few days later, the speared corpses started to rot, resulting in horrible smells. A dark haze covered the sky and refused to dissipate. Countless corpse-eating birds descended and started to devour the corpses.

This place had already been made a forbidden zone, and no one dared to come here. Just the disgusting stench from the corpses was enough to stop most people from getting close.

The beautiful woman gave off a heroic and aggressive aura as she smiled and sat on the throne, looking at the kneeling Ministers below.

Zhao Fu understood something and stood next to her as he smiled and said, "My arrival was something that you wanted, right?"

The beautiful woman seductively smiled as she replied, saying, "I've always had this idea, but I never had the ability to turn it into reality. Luckily hubby, you came; later, I'll properly serve you."

Hearing the Empress Dowager say such a thing in front of them, if it was before, they would have advised the Emperor Emeritus to kill this woman.

However, they now only felt fear and trembled as they knelt, not daring to even look up. They had seen how ruthless the beautiful woman was, so they did not dare to say anything.

At the same time, they felt quite curious about that man's identity; who was he for the Empress Dowager to be so willing to serve him?

Zhao Fu smiled as he stretched out his hand and stroked the beautiful woman's face. She was called Mei Xianggu, while the Charm Devil young man's Queen was called Xiang Li. Mei Xianggu was like a pet and seemed to enjoy Zhao Fu's stroking. Zhao Fu had set down restrictions so no other man would touch her, so he did not have to worry about anything.

At the same time, he tried to hide all information about him to prevent other people in the Charm Devil World from discovering his identity, or else there would be trouble.

Zhao Fu felt that his trip to the Charm Devil World was quite absurd; things had completely exceeded what he had expected. He had also obtained a Marquisate Kingdom for free, which was a decent gain.

With how powerful Great Qin was now, Marquisate Kingdoms were not a very big deal. Zhao Fu wanted to quickly rise to a Royal Kingdom, so how could he put Marquisate Kingdoms in his eyes?

Zhao Fu did not just want to take revenge against the Ancient Sword Sect; given the higher-being's warning, who knew what would happen in the future? It would be best to quickly rise to a Royal Kingdom. Only then would he have the ability to protect himself.

After returning to Great Qin, Zhao Fu was informed of a very secretive matter, causing him to smile in delight. Their spies had found out why the Devil Horn Empire was so powerful.

The Devil Horn Empire had a Heaven and Earth Devil Vein that could gather the purest and most powerful Devil Qi. The condensation of that Devil Qi formed a Devil Spirit Fountain, and the fountain water was of massive help to the Devil Race.

The Devil Horn Empire used the Devil Spirit Fountain to replace the Ten Thousand Devil Pool to produce powerful devil beasts. They also mixed the fountain water with other spirit liquids to give to their soldiers, causing their soldiers' bloodlines to become much stronger. That was why they were so powerful.

Great Qin now knew of the location of the Devil Spirit Fountain; if they could destroy it, the Devil Horn Empire's strength would greatly fall.

Zhao Fu brought Mosax, Molaf, and Yu Ling with him. With their abilities, they would be able to get past all defenses.