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 Two days later, Zhao Fu finally finished the fusion. He looked even younger and his ears became slightly pointed, and he gave off a slightly devilish aura. His aura was much more powerful than before.

He also now had a trace of a rainbow-colored aura within his body, and this was most likely the Celestial source energy from the Celestial Peach. It had fused with Zhao Fu, and the Fairy Emperor Bloodline had also perfectly fused with Zhao Fu.

However, Zhao Fu was still disappointed to find that his bloodline still had not leveled up, and it was still a trace away. It seemed that obtaining a Divine Bloodline was even more difficult than scaling the heavens.

Following this, Zhao Fu planned to head to a Marquisate Kingdom in the Charm Devil World. It was the King from that Marquisate Kingdom who wanted Zhao Fu to give him 1,000 Concubines, and this included Tina Pendragon. Zhao Fu did not know how they knew of Tina Pendragon, but it was likely as a result of her fighting outside.

As long as Great Qin agreed to this request, their Kingdom would consider persuading some other Kingdoms to stand on Great Qin's side, but they could not guarantee the success.

After hearing this, Zhao Fu coldly laughed; of course he would not agree. Let alone Tina Pendragon, Zhao Fu would not give them even a single ordinary Concubine. However, Zhao Fu wanted to take this opportunity to go to the Charm Devil World and take a look.

When Zhao Fu followed the Charm Devil soldiers into the Marquisate Kingdom's Royal City, even though he had made mental preparations, he was still quite shocked by how revealing the men and women's clothes were.

The men on the streets all looked at the women with openly lascivious looks, while the women had lewd smiles on their faces as they twisted their bodies as they walked. They did not mind the men's gazes at all and instead enjoyed them.

Even on the streets, Zhao Fu saw many pairs of Charm Devil men and women entangled together, disregarding other people's gazes. It seemed that this practice was quite normal, and Zhao Fu did not pay them much mind.

Zhao Fu also saw many naked Elves, both men and women. There were exquisite ropes tied around their necks, and some people were leading them around like pets. Their lower bodies all looked like they had been greatly ravaged.

These were most likely the people they had captured from conquering two Continents in the Elf World. The Charm Devils naturally would not treat those Elves like Great Qin treated them.

"Mother, you're so beautiful!" Zhao Fu looked through a room with its windows wide open and saw a young man and a middle-aged woman going at it together. They looked quite similar and given the way the young man addressed the woman, it was easy to guess their relationship.

By now, Zhao Fu did not know what to say. Zhao Fu saw even more depraved scenes, but they were too vulgar to describe.

They soon came to a luxurious hall within the Royal Palace. Because Zhao Fu had come here as an ambassador, he suppressed his cultivation so that it was only around Stage 5. With Zhao Fu's strength, no one could discover this.

The guards were all female soldiers with pretty looks and seductive figures, and Zhao Fu was not too surprised because he had heard about things like this.

The main purpose of these female soldiers was so the King could do them at any time; their main role was to service the King. This was quite common within the Charm Devil World, and most Kings had a group of beautiful female soldiers.

Following this, Zhao Fu was summoned and he was escorted into the hall, and he saw a group of women with enticing figures dancing.

There were two people seated above: one was a young man giving off an evil and devilish aura. He wore a dragon robe and his strength was around the Saint Realm. The other was an extremely beautiful woman wearing a phoenix robe, and she lazily lay within the young man's embrace.

The young man was naturally the Marquisate Kingdom's King, and the woman was naturally the Queen. Seeing Zhao Fu walk in, a trace of abnormality flashed within the woman's eyes, but she quickly hid this and she smiled as she hugged the young man.

Zhao Fu walked and cupped his hands as he said, "Greetings, Your Majesty!"

The young man smiled in satisfaction and stretched out his hand, indicating for Zhao Fu to take a seat. Great Qin was one of the two most powerful factions in this area, so he had to give Great Qin some face.

Just as Zhao Fu sat down, the young man could not wait and asked, "Has Great Qin come to a decision? Great Qin's Majesty has so many Concubines so 1,000 should not be a big deal. If you feel that it's too many, we can negotiate about the number, but This King must have that golden-haired one."

The 'golden-haired one' he referred to was naturally Tina Pendragon. In actuality, Tina Pendragon was quite famous in the surrounding Worlds. Not only was she powerful, but she also had exceptional commanding abilities, and with her peerless beauty and innate Queen's aura, countless men wanted to conquer her.

The Charm Devil young man was already fantasizing having Tina Pendragon moan under him, and he madly wanted her. That was why he was willing to contact Great Qin.

A trace of anger appeared in Zhao Fu's heart, and he was tempted to kill this young man. However, Zhao Fu understood that he was here to discuss potential cooperation, and if he killed this young man, he would not have a chance to work with the Charm Devils in the future.

Now that the situation was so complicated, he naturally had to be careful and could not be too unbridled.

"That might not be possible. If Your Majesty has any other requests and can guarantee that the others will side with Great Qin, Great Qin will do its best to satisfy you," Zhao Fu replied calmly.

The Charm Devil angrily harrumphed, "But This King is only interested in women and not anything else! Also, that golden-haired woman has been used by your Emperor many times by now, right? Why is he so reluctant to give her to This King?"

Hearing this, Zhao Fu felt even angrier, and a trace of coldness appeared in his eyes.

The Charm Devil young man did not place Zhao Fu in his eyes at all, as he thought that Zhao Fu only had Stage 5 Cultivation and that he could kill Zhao Fu at any moment. Just as he was about to continue speaking, a guard went up to report something, resulting in the young man storming out furiously and leaving Zhao Fu there.

Zhao Fu prepared to leave, as it seemed that cooperation was not possible. However, he had been able to see just how lewd and wanton the Charm Devil World was.

"All of you can leave!" A lazy and flirtatious voice sounded out form the Queen seated above.

The female soldiers and dancers obeyed, and seeing this, Zhao Fu also prepared to leave.

However, right after those people left, the Queen could not hold herself back anymore and leapt at Zhao Fu, looking like she lewdly wanted to do Zhao Fu. "Your aura makes This Queen so excited to the point I feel like I'm going to go crazy!"

The instant Zhao Fu walked in, she felt an aura that made her entire heart and soul want to submit. That was naturally Zhao Fu's Emperor's aura, and she also smelled a fragrance, which was the Flower Fairy's Blessing, increasing his charm towards women.

There was also the aura from the Dragon Phoenix and the Six Desires Demonic Qi, which caused the Queen's heart rate to speed up and for her body to heat up. She had been enduring this whole time; Zhao Fu's aura completely brought out this Charm Devil woman's licentious nature.

Zhao Fu did not refuse the Queen's desperate servicing because the things he had seen previously had caused him to have a reaction. Moreover, that young man had said he wanted to have his women.