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 After the discussions, Great Qin decided to send out ambassadors to the surrounding worlds. The Devil Horn Empire was undoubtedly Great Qin's greatest threat, so if they could work together with other worlds, they would not have to worry anymore and could directly destroy it.

Because the Devil Horn Empire had a lot of territory across four worlds, its threat was greater than Great Qin's, so no one had decided who to support. As such, it was quite likely that they would help Great Qin destroy the Devil Horn Empire.

If they got rid of the Devil Horn Empire, their greatest threat, Great Qin's path would be very smooth in the future.

However, a few days later, Zhao Fu was disappointed. It was not just Great Qin trying to gather support to destroy the Devil Horn Empire; the Devil Horn Empire was also doing the same to destroy Great Qin. This made it so that the other worlds were unwilling to join in; they just wanted to sit by the side and pick up benefits.

However, the Charm Devil World next to the Elf World sent a message: As long as Great Qin provided a large number of beautiful men and women for them to play with, they would consider standing with Great Qin. They also wanted Zhao Fu's concubines; they were simply outrageously bold.

Zhao Fu had wanted to go to the Charm Devil World to see what it was like, but something suddenly happened.


A massive explosion sounded out as the heavens and earth became dim and clouds swirled. The world seemed to fall into chaos, and a massive might descended from the sky, causing everyone to feel a sense of terror.

At the center of the Heaven Domain, the eight massive crystals suddenly trembled, causing countless experts' expressions to fall.

These abnormal signs lasted for a whole day, after which a system announcement sounded out in everyone's minds, "System announcement! Production stats have disappeared."

This simple announcement caused Zhao Fu's expression to become grave because the production stat determined how much food a Kingdom had.

If a Kingdom had powerful production stats, they could produce a large amount of food, and crops would mature incredibly quickly. Now, the production stats had not been decreased but directly disappeared. This meant that in the future, their crops would not receive any boosts in growing speed.

At the same time, the yield of crops was also affected. The production stats affected how much food was produced, and the same fields would no longer produce as much.

Crops that required three months to mature would now take three months to mature, and they would be affected by all sorts of variables; their yield would not be guaranteed either.

Before, food and crops were the cheapest resource in the Heaven Awaken World, to the point that they seemed worthless to some. However, now that the production stats had disappeared, food and crops became much more important.

After all, people needed food to survive, and would die without food. In the face of starvation, many people could die, and they would do anything - even if it was eating other people.

"Why did something like this happen?" Zhao Fu wondered, not knowing what had happened.

The golden dragon was quite serious and said, "Zhao Fu, this matter might not be simple at all!"

Following this, Zhao Fu decided to go and ask the higher-being he was acquainted with if he knew anything about this - perhaps he knew some secrets. That higher-being happened to be available and quickly replied.

"It's most likely because the Heaven Awaken World is gathering its source energy to resist the outer worlds, so some stats have disappeared. It's like how the power of the City Lord Seals disappeared. Also, it's best for your Kingdom to become a Royal Kingdom as soon as possible. Perhaps there will be big changes in the future; only then will you have the ability to protect yourself."

Hearing the higher-being's words, Zhao Fu's expression became incredibly serious. Higher-beings were people who stood at the top of the world, and they definitely knew more than Zhao Fu. This higher-being would not trick Zhao Fu; it seemed that big things were going to happen in the Heaven Awaken World.

Moreover, it would take Great Qin to become a Royal Kingdom to have the strength to protect itself - this showed just how great the danger was. Even a Dukedom Kingdom would not be able to withstand the impending danger.

Zhao Fu suddenly felt a massive amount of pressure. Great Qin only had two worlds and was still far from becoming a Royal Kingdom.

Moreover, Zhao Fu was curious about the outer worlds that the higher-being referred to, and just as he was about to ask, the golden dragon answered for him.

The golden dragon told him that outside of the Heaven Awaken World, there were undiscovered worlds, and their Heaven Murder Empire had gone into the boundless void to explore. They had made some shocking discoveries, but because the boundless void was so dangerous and had too many uncertain variables, they were forced to stop exploring.

After hearing about the outer worlds, Zhao Fu felt quite interested and started to look for information on them within the Heaven Spirit Stele. He found that there was a lot of information about the outer worlds, but one needed high authority to access them.

Some of the information was not viewable by Zhao Fu even with his Supreme level account, and some required a price. Of course, there was some information that he could access.

For example, Zhao Fu found that after rising to a Royal Kingdom, he could access the Outer World Battlefield, allowing him to fight with creatures from the outer worlds, which would give him rewards from the Heaven Awaken World.

Moreover, becoming an Imperial Kingdom or an Empire required killing creatures from outer worlds.

Even the golden dragon was quite surprised about this, because fulfilling certain developmental conditions would cause a Kingdom to automatically level up in the past; leveling up further seemed quite troublesome. It seemed that since the Heaven Murder Empire had perished, many big things had happened.

After going through the information about the outer worlds, Zhao Fu felt that this would be quite important in the future. Afterwards, Zhao Fu once again gathered his subordinates and discussed the matter relating to food.

Now, food had become the most important resources of Kingdoms. Even though Great Qin had massive stockpiles of food, Great Qin's population was now at 21 billion. With so many people, that stockpile would be used up in no time.

The reason Zhao Fu gathered his subordinates was to try to find ways to develop Great Qin's agriculture. This was something that they had to do and could not avoid. Great Qin's massive population required a large amount of food to support, or people would turn to eating each other.

Great Qin had always been primarily focused on battle, and now things had to change. Without food, they would not be able to fight battles either, so they needed a large number of people in agriculture.

After dealing with these matters, Zhao Fu finally had time to eat the Celestial Peach and fuse with the Fairy Emperor Bloodline.

After returning to his chambers, Zhao Fu refined the Celestial Peach's flesh into a pool of liquid. With how big the peach was, Zhao Fu did not want to eat it bite by bite.

After turning into a pool of liquid, all that was left of the Celestial Peach was a peach pit that was one finger long and two fingers wide. It was purple and had some cloud-like inscriptions on it, and Zhao Fu carefully put it away. This was the peach pit of a 9,000 year old Celestial Peach, and Zhao Fu wanted to see if he could plant it.

Zhao Fu swallowed the liquid before taking out the Fairy Emperor Bloodline and started to fuse with it. The two massive energies spread out within Zhao Fu's body, causing Zhao Fu's body and soul to tremble.

Zhao Fu's Sovereign bloodline roiled and absorbed the two energies. The Celestial Peach turned into a powerful wave of life force that fused into Zhao Fu's body, while the Fairy Emperor Bloodline was quickly devoured by Zhao Fu's bloodline.