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 It was not just the devil beast army that brought about shocking results; the Devil Horn soldiers were also frighteningly power. The Cavalrymen rode on warhorses with two horns, and they tore through the defenses of City after City like arrows shot out of bows.

The Archers shot out arrows that seemed to cover the heavens and earth, easily reducing Cities into ghost towns. The Infantrymen also quickly took down Cities, and the Cities continuously fell.

Because most of their forces were allocated to resisting Great Qin and the three worlds had only left behind a small portion of their soldiers, the Devil Horn Empire did not face much resistance and continuously swept through the three worlds.

In just half a day, it had already conquered half a Continent in each of the three worlds.

The three worlds desperately wanted to return, but the Devil Horn Empire had set up Void Zones to stall them.

Time quickly passed, and the Devil Horn Empire had already swept through three Continents and madly attacked the other Continents like an uncontrollable beast. No one could stop it.

As the Devil Horn Empire rampaged through the three worlds, the neighboring worlds also watched with eyes of greed. This was an opportunity that they had been waiting for.

Now, the three worlds not only had to face Great Qin but were also being invaded by the Devil Horn Empire, which would greatly weaken them. Their worlds were quite empty right now, and if the neighboring worlds invaded right now, they would be able to easily conquer a few Continents.

The world before the Grassi World was the Lantong World. They had been fighting against the Grassi World since the beginning and naturally did not feel any sympathy. They sent out an army to madly attack the Grassi World; their decades of hatred might be resolved today.

The world before the Elf World was a Water Race world. Its occupants were a type of beautiful creature, which were Mermen.

Their men were extremely handsome and their women were extremely beautiful. They also had a special ability: When underwater, their lower bodies were fish tails, but on land they would become human legs. As such, they had the ability to go on land and they started to attack the Elf World.

The world next to the Elf World was a Devil Race world with a race called the Charm Devils. The men were tall and big and were incredibly lascivious, and the women had fiery figures and were also quite wanton. They had long, pointed ears and red eyes.

As part of the Devil Race, they were innately quite powerful and were not to be offended easily. They had been invading the Elf World for a long time, and they naturally would not pass on such a good opportunity and joined in on attacking the Elf World.

They had been craving those handsome and beautiful Elves for a long time. They wanted all of the men and women to take back and use for their pleasure every day.

The world before the Half-Beast World was the Devil Horn Empire, and it had a God Race world next to them, which was called the White God Race. Their hair and eyes were all white and they liked to wear white clothes.

Normally, they liked to promote unity, kindness, and peace. However, this time they proved themselves to be hypocrites and joined in on invading the Half-Beast World.

The three worlds' soldiers finally made it back but soon fell into despair. Not only did they have to deal with the Devil Horn Empire madly attacking them, but they were also being attacked by the surrounding worlds. Even though they desperately defended, they were helpless in the end.

Seeing such a good opportunity, Great Qin naturally would not pass it up either and joined in. Adding on Great Qin, there were now six worlds attacking the three worlds.

A battle of such a large scale immediately shook the surrounding dozens of worlds. Such large battles happened very rarely; there were nine worlds fighting.

All of the other worlds started to pay mind to this because this battle would change the status quo in this area. There were six worlds simultaneously attacking three worlds, and there were two of the most terrifying worlds involved. Everyone could already guess the fate of the three worlds.

The conclusion was not surprising at all. The three worlds had already suffered great losses, and after being invaded while defenseless by the Devil Horn Empire and then being invaded by the other worlds, how could the three worlds successfully defend?

As the various sides continuously attacked the three worlds, Great Qin conducted a meeting. Within the palace, Wei Liao suggested, "Your Majesty, the three worlds are destined to perish and they have fallen into despair. If Great Qin takes this opportunity to make offers to them, perhaps we will be able to make great gains."

Everyone supported this suggestion. After all, the three worlds had no other option, and Great Qin had enough strength to entice them to join.

However, because they had fought many times, there was now enmity between the two sides. However, in light of the grand scheme of things, Great Qin could disregard that enmity. As such, Zhao Fu approved of this suggestion and had people go and carry out this plan.

Great Qin had previously set up a chess piece in the Elf World, which was the Killing Sword Kingdom. They had lost their usefulness, so Zhao Fu ordered them to quickly return to Great Qin.

The Half-Beast World's Cang Xuenu and the Grassi World's Le Yuyu heard that their worlds were about to be destroyed and that their people might become slaves, causing their expressions to fall and their hearts to be wracked with pain. No one wanted such a thing to happen to their race.

Because of this, Cang Xuenu and Le Yuyu went to find Zhao Fu and hoped that he would save some Half-Beast people and Grassi people. Zhao Fu didn't hesitate to agree, because even if they did not request this, he would do it, as it was beneficial to Great Qin.

Now that they were surrounded by enemies and in great despair, after hearing that Great Qin was willing to take them in and disregard their past enmity, the three worlds felt quite conflicted.

Some people angrily wanted to refuse and cursed at Great Qin. After all, the reason that the three worlds had fallen into this position was because of Great Qin. How could they submit to Great Qin?

However, some people hesitated and considered whether they should submit to Great Qin or to someone else. They understood that the three worlds were going to perish, so they had to find a good place to go to. Some were worried that after submitting to Great Qin, Great Qin would take revenge on them.

Some people were quite surprised and happy, as Great Qin had terrifying power, so they were naturally the best faction to join. In the future, they would not have to worry about any danger, so they were all too happy to join Great Qin.

Great Qin had already conquered three Continents; in actuality, it could be said that they were taking those three Continents back, as they had already conquered them in the past. They had not been faced with any opposition and had not actually fought.

Because Great Qin was behind the three worlds, retreating would be quite easy, so many people decided to join Great Qin, and Zhao Fu had people go and receive them.

Zhao Fu continued to send more people to convince the remaining factions to submit. He promised that he would not pursue past matters, and this attracted more people to join.