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 The current situation was that the Devil Horn Empire, Half-Beast World, Grassi World, Elf World, and Dark Demon World had joined hands to suppress Great Qin. They used to have a great advantage, but after Great Qin conquered the Fish Scale world and continuously grew stronger, they gradually lost their advantage.

With how fast Great Qin was developing, it would soon be able to devour the Dark Demon world. If they could not stop Great Qin in the past, they would not be able to stop Great Qin now.

Once Great Qin devoured the Dark Demon world, it would have the power of three worlds, putting the enemy side at a great disadvantage. In the end, they would all be destroyed by Great Qin.

They tried to drag in more worlds, but the other worlds were not stupid and did not want to get involved. They wanted to see both sides suffer heavy losses.

The Devil Horn Empire's Yao Ming understood that they could not go on like this. Even though they had more worlds on their side, not everyone was giving it their all, and they were split up. If they could not be united, how could they have the strength to destroy Great Qin?

In the end, Yao Ming put his attention on the Half-Beast World, Grassi World, and Elf World. After many battles, these three worlds had suffered great losses and had become much weaker. Most of their forces were facing off against Great Qin, so they did not have many soldiers remaining.

Even though the Devil Horn Empire was cooperating with them on the face of things, there was nothing binding the parties. Yao Ming wanted to take this opportunity to destroy the three worlds; that way, the Devil Horn Empire would have the strength of four worlds.

When that time came, he would not fear Zhao Fu at all. With a Nation Armament supported by the Fate of four worlds, he would be able to easily defeat Zhao Fu without any problems.

Of course, devouring three worlds in one go was not a simple matter and required detailed planning.

Yao Ming first invited the three worlds' leaders for a meeting to discuss how to deal with Great Qin, which was becoming stronger and stronger. He could not make a move during the meeting because the other sides were obviously prepared. He would not be able to deal with them in one fell swoop.

Most people at the meeting wanted to fight, but there was a small portion that wanted to negotiate with Great Qin. In front of the pressure from Great Qin, they could not come to a unanimous decision, making everyone feel worried for the future.

"What should we do? Great Qin is quickly digesting the Fish Scale World, and once it's done, it will definitely attack the Dark Demon World, and we'll be powerless to stop it."

"That's right! If our forces were in peak condition, we might be able to stop Great Qin. However, after a few large battles, we've suffered heavy losses."

"I think we should consider negotiating. Re-conquering those three Continents was useless, and it's not like we dare to move people there. How about giving them to Great Qin in exchange for peace? Let's not continue fighting like this."

"What a joke! You're helping Great Qin become even stronger. Do you think with Great Qin's ambition they'll be happy with just three Continents? They want our three worlds; we have to fight."

Yao Ming inwardly grinned. He wanted to see everyone in fear of Great Qin.

Following this, he also acted outraged as he stood up and said loudly, "Now that things have come to this, my Devil Horn Empire will resist Great Qin with everything it has. This Emperor will send all of the Devil Horn Empire's soldiers to assist you all."

Hearing that the Devil Horn Empire was going to give its all in resisting Great Qin and was going to provide reinforcements, the people from the three worlds let out a sigh of relief and looked quite happy.

After all, the Devil Horn Empire was one of the most powerful factions in this place. Not only did it have its devil beast army, but its ordinary soldiers also all had devil bloodlines and were more powerful than ordinary soldiers. If the Devil Horn Empire went all-out in resisting Great Qin, the pressure on them would be greatly reduced.

Most of them did not even consider that the Devil Horn Empire would make a move against them. After all, they had a common enemy and the Devil Horn Empire also needed to defend against Great Qin. Moreover, now that they had worked together with the Devil Horn Empire a few times, they felt more at ease about it.

One week later, the Devil Horn Empire finished making preparations and split its forces into three armies and headed to the three worlds. They started to suddenly attack the three worlds, while the Devil Horn Empire's soldiers stationed at the borders started to attack Great Qin as well.

Because they suddenly attacked three worlds simultaneously, their gains were not great. After all, the Devil Horn Empire did not have many soldiers in each army after splitting its forces up.

As such, they decided to attack Great Qin. Once they started to attack Great Qin, Great Qin would definitely counterattack, and this would tie up the forces of the three worlds.

Just as expected, once the enemy side started to attack, Great Qin started to counterattack; they would not just take a beating passively.

The battle between the two sides erupted quickly, but neither side went all out. The people from the three worlds felt quite confused as to why the Devil Horn Empire had suddenly attacked Great Qin; this was not what they had agreed on.

When they heard that their worlds were being attacked by the Devil Horn Empire as well, their expressions fell and they cursed at the Devil Horn Empire for being shameless trash. They were ashamed to have trusted Yao Ming and immediately retreated to defend.

Seeing the three worlds retreat, Great Qin had wanted to give chase. However, after hearing that the three worlds were being invaded, they immediately stopped; they did not want to help the Devil Horn Empire.

"Roar! Roar! Roar..." The Devil Horn Empire's devil beast army gave off loud roars that shook the surroundings. They gave off a flood-like and unstoppable aura as they swept through the three worlds, causing the three worlds to fall into terror.

Devil Horn Empire soldiers dressed in green armor roared and gave off thunderous noises filled with battle intent as they charged towards their unprepared enemies.


A 1,000 meter long crocodile giving off a massive aura flicked its tail, which contained immense power and created a massive gale. It easily destroyed a portion of the Great Wall, and it rushed in to create even more havoc.


A 1,000 meter long green ant gave off explosive power as it rammed its head against the Great Wall, causing a portion to collapse. The green ant continuously charged forwards, seemingly unstoppable.

"Roar!" A 1,000 meter wide violet bird brought with it massive winds as it dived down. The wind seemed to be able to destroy everything, and it slaughtered countless commoners and destroyed countless structures, resulting in innumerable cries.

This time, the Devil Horn Empire had brought out its full force. Not only had it mobilized its entire devil beast army, but it had even brought out its King class devil beasts in order to conquer the three worlds as quickly as possible.

With the power of four worlds, the Devil Horn Empire would no longer fear Great Qin Empire and would even be able to expand even more and become a true Royal Kingdom.