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 The cause of all of this panic and madness, Zhao Fu, had no idea about all of this. Instead, he was about to create a path to another region. If he knew that he had received such attention, he would have kept a lower-profile.

Right now, Zhao Fu did not have the strength to reveal himself and ask who did not dare to submit. That would simply be drawing hatred to himself, and even though Zhao Fu was quite powerful, he was not strong enough to fight against the entire world.

As such, it was better to keep a low-profile. Zhao Fu did not like showing off and trying to look cool, as being watched by the entire world gave him immense pressure. Right now, Zhao Fu just wanted to silently accumulate a massive fortune, but the situation had become like this.

Of course, Zhao Fu currently had no idea about all of this. Only after he exited the Heaven Awaken World would he find out.

It had now been three days, and the Special Den spawned a new Void Beast, which would allow Zhao Fu to open up two paths to other regions.

Zhao Fu decided to open up a path to Little Valley first, as it was the closest. The teleportation channels leading there had already been completed, and when Zhao Fu thought of Little Valley, he couldn't help but think of Zhang Heng, who he had met on the way.

Zhao Fu felt that Zhang Heng was quite dangerous, and he was apprehensive about what Zhang Heng had said about meeting again.

At this moment, on a silent path in Little Valley, Zhang Heng was riding on his donkey, which was slowly trotting along. How could he not have known about the shocking event from three days ago?

He had been leisurely sitting on the donkey and had casually plucked a ripe fruit from a tree. Just as he was about to take a bite, the sudden changes in the heaven and earth Fate gave him a big fright, causing his entire body to freeze.

Such a massive amount of Fate would only gather if a shocking event had happened, and he looked towards where the Fate was gathering. However, he could only see a murky chaos - whatever was happening had been blocked by Heaven's Secrets.

Following this, an extremely domineering dragon's roar sounded out, causing his face to pale, and he cried out, "Great Qin!"

Even after the abnormal signs had disappeared for a while, Zhang Heng continued to space out, deep in thought. Only after a while did he come back to his senses and mutter in a low voice, "Even though Great Qin is powerful, it's unable to change my decision!"

After saying this, Zhang Heng bit into the fruit. However, he immediately frowned, feeling that there was something wrong with the fruit. He looked down and found that the fruit had long since been eaten by worms on the inside, and he threw away the fruit and spat out the mouthful he had just bitten.

The donkey he was riding seemed to laugh, not giving him any face at all, so Zhang Heng hit its bottom in dissatisfaction.


Elsewhere, Zhao Fu felt that he was overthinking things - why should he fear Zhang Heng? Since he was going to open up paths everywhere, they were bound to meet again someday. There was no need to worry about meeting him again.

Afterwards, Zhao Fu decided to open up paths to Little Valley and Hundred Bamboo, as they were both relatively close to the Great Qin Town.

Zhao Fu took off his Dragon Robe and Crown, and he put on his black cloak, covering his appearance and body. As he changed, he touched his long hair - as someone living in the modern age, he was unused to having such long hair, but he did not mind it.

Following this, Zhao Fu took 10 or so soldiers and five Scholars to the teleportation channel that they had constructed before, and after teleporting 20 or so times, they once again reached the boundary.

They found a hidden place, which was a cave this time, and built a teleportation channel in it. In order to guarantee its safety, Zhao Fu personally destroyed the entrance to the cave.

The five Scholars quickly built the teleportation channel, but because it was within a Void Zone and couldn't be used, it did not give off any light.

At this moment, Zhao Fu took out a Void Crystal and gave it to one of the Scholars. The Scholar took the Void Crystal and fixed it to the center of the teleportation channel.

After being attached to the teleportation channel, the Void Crystal gave off a silver light, and the teleportation channel seemed to come to life, shining with the white light that teleportation channels normally gave off.

Seeing this, Zhao Fu and his party entered the teleportation channel, and this time, they were able to use it.

After a dizzying blur, the party came to a region with rocks strewn everywhere. There weren't any strange trees like those in the Forest of Horrors - it was a new region.

"System announcement! Congratulations, you have come to a new region, 'Little Valley.' You have received 10 Achievement Points."

Zhao Fu had never thought that he would be awarded Achievement Points for coming to a new region. However, 10 Achievement Points were not much, and they weren't affected by his King's Ring's effect, which made Zhao Fu quite curious.

However, that was not the main issue. Zhao Fu quickly led his people to look for a cave.

Soon, they found a cave that was 100 meters wide. Zhao Fu took out the Sky Demon Sword at his waist - it now had a sheath made from a Silver grade material called Black Iron. Its color went well with the Sky Demon Sword, so it was used as the material to forge the sheath.

Zhao Fu circulated his King's Power and slashed the side of the cave entrance. The rocks immediately came tumbling down, sealing the entrance to the cave. Zhao Fu then took out a White grade City Creation Stone and pressed it against the ground before choosing to use it.

A white ripple of light spread out and a few buildings appeared. Zhao Fu then ordered the Scholars to create a teleportation channel, which was soon completed. Zhao Fu stood on the teleportation channel and four options jumped out: Cow Mountain City, Battle City, Firelight City, and Solestep City.

This was why Zhao Fu had established a village here: a teleportation channel in a village could link to the system's main cities in that region. Otherwise, he would have to continuously build teleportation channels as he went around looking for a main city.

Now that Zhao Fu had blocked off the entrance to the cave, he clearly couldn't develop this village. After all, in such a remote place, it would require a few hundred soldiers to protect it, or he would have to worry about other people attacking it. If Zhao Fu left behind a few hundred soldiers whenever he opened up a new path, he wouldn't have any soldiers left.

As such, it would be better not to develop this village. However, Zhao Fu would still send a few people here to manage the place and to take the newly-spawned villagers to the Great Qin Village. White grade City Creation Stones were not very useful, and they were only used to increase the population. The other stats were completely useless to Zhao Fu.

Looking at these four main cities, Zhao Fu chose Battle City.