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 The fifth barrier was a black barrier. Its terrifying aura was equivalent to the Divine Realm. If the World Realm could rival a world's power, the Divine Realm could rival three worlds' power.

Zhao Fu did not have any confidence to destroy this barrier, but he still wanted to try with all of his power. A blood-red sword light shot to the sky as the Heavenly Punishment Sword Formation appeared in the sky and a massive sword intent spread out.


A massive explosion sounded out as Zhao Fu's sword descended. Boundless sword lights containing destructive power slammed into the black barrier. The black barrier violently trembled and a few small cracks appeared on it.

Fortunately, this counted as destroying the barrier, allowing Zhao Fu to pass this stage. Zhao Fu watched as the fifth barrier disappeared and could not help but worry if there would be another barrier. If there was, it would be at the level of the Divine Realm, and Zhao Fu would not have even a bit of a chance at destroying the barrier.

After all, the Extreme Divine Realm could rival six worlds' power. How could Zhao Fu destroy such a thing?

"System announcement! Congratulations, you have passed the trial and obtained the World Barrier."

After hearing this system announcement, Zhao Fu let out a sigh of relief. A glass marble that was as big as a tomato and gave off a yellow light descended into Zhao Fu's hand; this was the World Barrier.

After exiting, Zhao Fu chose his fourth trial, which was called the Emperor Trial. The reward was a Fairy Emperor Bloodline.

Fairy Emperor Bloodline was an Emperor's bloodline of the Fairy Clan. The Fairies were quite similar to Great Qin's Flower Fairies. They had pointed ears and delicate faces, and there were many different types. Most of them had humanoid bodies like humans.

Fairies were a type of Outlander, and Zhao Fu wanted to use the Fairy Emperor Bloodline's power to break through to a Divine Bloodline.

At the same time, there were many other benefits. It would be easier for Zhao Fu to obtain the Fate of Outlanders, and it would be easier for Great Qin to obtain the surrender of Outlanders. After all, Zhao Fu would also have a trace of Outlander bloodline, and it was an Emperor bloodline at that.

Because the reward for this trial was the Fairy Emperor Bloodline, it was a high level difficulty trial and would be even more difficult than the Powerful Defence trial.

However, Zhao Fu was prepared and felt quite confident as he entered the trial space.

A large stage appeared before Zhao Fu. There was nothing on it except a figure standing at the center.

He was powerfully-built and had black skin. He had purple hair that was braided together, and pointed ears, and a savage-looking face. He was a type of Fairy and gave off an intense Emperor's aura.

Zhao Fu smiled as he walked over. The reason Zhao Fu was so confident was because he read that this trial required him to endure the Emperor's might.

Zhao Fu's Sovereign Bloodline was only a trace away from breaking through to a Divine Bloodline, and it was much more powerful than ordinary Emperor's bloodlines. The Fairy Emperor Bloodline was a low-grade Emperor bloodline, and Zhao Fu would not fear its might at all.


As Zhao Fu approached, that Fairy exploded out with an intense might, causing the surrounding atmosphere to become heavy and weigh down everything with immense weight.

Zhao Fu's body sank, but it was still quite easy to endure it. After all, Zhao Fu's bloodline was much higher than his and had great resistance towards this might. If it was an ordinary person, it would be quite difficult to defend.

Zhao Fu continued onwards, and an even more powerful Emperor's might descended. That powerful aura was enough to twist space, and it could cause anyone to feel fear.

Zhao Fu's body once again sank down, and he felt as if there was a massive hand pressing down on him, making it so that he could not move. Zhao Fu ignited his Sovereign Bloodline, and a black aura flame appeared around him, causing that might to instantly disappear.

Zhao Fu once again advanced, and the might naturally became stronger and stronger. In the end, that terrifying might could almost cause space to collapse, and under this might, ordinary people would feel like they were being crushed to death.

However, Zhao Fu used his Sovereign Bloodline's power to resist it, and he arrived before that figure. The figure disappeared, and an irregularly-shaped blood crystal remained.

Zhao Fu stretched out his hand and took the blood crystal before putting it away. The Fairy Emperor Bloodline was stored within this blood crystal, and the valuableness of bloodlines depended on purity. The most precious was the Early Stage Emperor Bloodline.

Fusing with an Emperor Bloodline would allow one to gain an Emperor Bloodline, but it would not be pure. There was a big difference between such a bloodline and an orthodox Emperor Bloodline.

If one obtained the blood crystal of an Early Stage Emperor Bloodline, the purity would be able to rival that of an orthodox bloodline. That was why Early Stage Bloodlines were so precious.

After obtaining the Fairy Emperor Bloodline, Zhao Fu returned outside. Wu Five was already there, and because he was ranked second, he could only choose three trials. He had passed all of them and was waiting for Zhao Fu to say goodbye.

"This is a token from my Wu family. If you come to the Heaven Domain in the future, you can directly enter the Wu family. Those who recognize this token will treat you with courtesy. I am going to continue to wander the world and go through trials, so it's goodbye for now. I hope we'll be able to meet again in the future, and I hope you won't disappoint me," Wu Five said as he smiled and handed a blue jade medallion to Zhao Fu.

The jade medallion was three fingers wide and had a picture of a warrior engraved on it. It had the 'Wu' character on it and gave off a powerful aura.

Zhao Fu smiled, accepted it, and said courteously, "I will go and visit in the future; let's meet again."

Following this, Wu Five turned into a ray of light and disappeared over the horizon.

Zhao Fu once again went to the stone stele, looked through the trials, and prepared to pick his final trial.

The golden dragon spoke and advised Zhao Fu to pick the hardest trial. Zhao Fu did not have even a bit of confidence because even the medium level difficulty trials were already incredibly difficult for him, let alone the hardest ones.

Moreover, the most difficult trial was something that only the person ranked first could choose; it was called the Reincarnation Trial.

If one passed this trial, one would obtain the opportunity to enter the Reincarnation Stage. The Reincarnation Stage was a supreme treasure of Reincarnation. It took countless treasures to create, and there were very few within the Heaven Awaken World.

Only extremely powerful higher-beings or half-step Celestials had such things. Perhaps only true Celestials could create them; no one else had such abilities.

As such, the golden dragon advised Zhao Fu to try it out, as such an opportunity was incredibly rare. Even if he wasted a chance at a trial, it would be worth it. After all, if he passed it, he would be able to enter the Reincarnation Stage and would have a great protection in the future.

No matter what dangers he encountered in the future, even if he was dead beyond a doubt, he could enter the Reincarnation Stage. He would be able to reincarnate and have another chance.

Moreover, not only would he keep all of his memories, but he would also keep his bloodline and other powers. It was something that countless people could only dream about. Even higher-beings would be quite tempted.

Zhao Fu thought about it and decided to listen to the golden dragon and enter the Reincarnation Trial.