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 The higher one's cultivation was, the more reduced the effects of some spirit plants and medicinal pills would be, and some would even become ineffective. The fact that the Celestial Peach was effective even on those at the Emperor Heaven Realm showed just how precious a treasure it was.

Moreover, it could directly add 1,500 years of lifespan. Within spirit plants that increased lifespan, this was a top-tier effect.

The reason Zhao Fu chose this trial was because the golden dragon told him that Celestial Peaches not only gave a large amount of lifeforce, which could reduce the effects of the Emperor Killer Curse, but they also contained a trace of Celestial Source Energy.

Even though higher-beings would not care about a trace of Celestial Source Energy, it was something that even Emperor Heaven Realm experts would madly fight over. This would help him greatly in the future, so Zhao Fu listened to the golden dragon and chose this trial.

This Celestial Peach was the item that the white-haired young man had wanted. However, it was a pity that he had not been successful and died in the Cosmos Historical Remnant.

After entering the trial space, Zhao Fu saw boundless grassy plains. The sky was an azure blue color and there were a few white clouds. The scenery was quite beautiful, and at the center there seemed to be a large tree. However, because Zhao Fu was quite far away, he could not see it clearly.

The difficulty of this trial was also relatively low; reaching the tree would allow him to pass the trial.

Even though the weather was fine and sunny and Zhao Fu could not see any danger, this obviously was not the case. Right after Zhao Fu took a single step, hundreds of green vines that were as thick as arms shot out. All of them not only contained immense power but also had countless sharp spikes as well.

Facing the countless incoming vines, Zhao Fu raise the Sadistic Killing Sword and vigorously slashed out. A blood-red sword light flashed out, cutting countless vines into segments.

After being cut apart, green liquid flowed out of the vines and quickly returned underground. However, things were not over. In the next moment, thousands of vines containing even more terrifying power shot out, giving off shocking auras as they flew towards Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu sent Emperor's Power into the Sadistic Killing Sword and countless blood-red sword lights shot out. Zhao Fu powerfully slashed, and a blood-red crescent containing incredibly sharp power flew out and cut apart the incoming vines.

However, in the next second, the ground started to rise up as countless vines as thick as arms shot out. They looked like a green ocean and gave off a ferocious aura as they swarmed towards Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu's expression slightly fell and a powerful aura exploded out from him. A black aura flame appeared around his body as he sent even more power into the Sadistic Killing Sword.


Zhao Fu slashed out and a massive blood-red sword light bringing with it a berserk blood-red sword wind blasted towards the green ocean with destructive power.

Chi, chi, chi...

The blood-red sword light contained terrifying power as it slashed out, cutting apart countless vines and causing green liquid to fly everywhere. With just a single strike, Zhao Fu had blasted apart a large patch of vines.

However, even more vines burst out of the ground, forcing Zhao Fu back.

Looking at the green ocean in front of him, Zhao Fu thought about two items: the Sand Pearl and the Royal Wood Sword.

Zhao Fu took out the one meter wide Sand Pearl and sent his power into it. An intense yellow light spread out, causing the ground to start to turn into sand. The countless vines started to panic as they relied on the dirt. Once the dirt was turned into sand, they would naturally die.

Swish, swish, swish...

Vines shot out from the green ocean and contained powerful might as they shot towards Zhao Fu. Zhao Fu equipped the Royal Wood Sword and slashed out. A green energy barrier spread out and started to devour the vines' life force.

As the ground became sand and the green energy barrier devoured the vines' life force, the green ocean started to quickly die, turning into yellow vines. This allowed Zhao Fu to easily reach the large tree.

This tree was a peach tree and was dozens of meters tall. It was incredibly lush and had many branches. The trunk was six meters wide and the leaves were all a jade-green color. There were many peaches as big as two fists growing on it.

The entire tree gave off a powerful and ancient aura. It was most likely incredibly old, most likely more than 9,000 years old.

Zhao Fu stretched out his hand, and one of the Celestial Peaches trembled and fell into his hand. Following this, the tree disappeared, crushing Zhao Fu's thoughts of digging it up and taking it away.

Zhao Fu felt that this was a pity - the tree had 30 or so Celestial Peaches, and even a higher-being would be moved by such a thing. If he took the tree back, it was possible that higher-beings would attack.

Looking at the Celestial Peach in his hand, Zhao Fu smelled an intoxicating peach fragrance. However, Zhao Fu did not plan to eat it now and would take care of it after returning.

Zhao Fu left the trial space and chose his third trial. It was called Powerful Defense and its reward was a World Barrier.

This World Barrier could fuse with the ground and had extremely powerful defense. It could resist the attacks of even Emperor Heaven Realm experts, and it was incredibly big and could cover an entire world. It could last for a month and was definitely a good item for protecting a Kingdom.

Now that Great Qin was facing many dangers, if Zhao Fu obtained this World Barrier, Great Qin would have an extra layer of protection.

Zhao Fu entered the trial space. This trial was relatively simple. His task was to destroy barriers, but he had to destroy them with a single strike. If he could not destroy a barrier with a single strike, he would fail. This was a medium level difficulty trial.

A blue barrier appeared in front of Zhao Fu. The aura that this barrier gave off was similar to a Heaven Realm expert defending.

Zhao Fu felt that this was not too bad. The Sadistic Killing Sword in his hand gave off an intense sword light, and Zhao Fu ferociously slashed towards the barrier.


A massive explosion sounded out as the barrier shattered and turned into countless pieces as it disappeared.

A second barrier appeared in front of Zhao Fu, and it was red this time. It was tougher than the one before, and it gave off the aura of a Harmony Realm expert.

This was somewhat difficult for Zhao Fu. An expert of this level could use some of the Heaven and Earth's Power, and the barrier naturally contained that power.

Using the Sadistic Killing Sword would not be enough, so Zhao Fu took out the Emperor Killing Sword. A black and blood-red sword light giving off an almost-corporeal killing intent slammed against the defensive barrier, and the red barrier shattered, turning into red light as it disappeared.

The third barrier was even more powerful, and it gave off the aura of a Great Earth Realm expert defending.

A Great Earth Realm expert could use Heaven and Earth Power at will, and a barrier they created would have a massive amount of Heaven and Earth Power supporting it. Even Heaven Realm experts would find it almost impossible to break, let alone Zhao Fu, who only had Stage 9 Cultivation.

In the end, Zhao Fu was able to break the third barrier. Not only did he explode with all of his power, but he also used the Six Paths Demon Images' power.

The fourth barrier was a white barrier, which gave off an aura of a World Realm expert defending. The World Realm was his limit, and using the Six Paths Demon Images' power and the Emperor Killing Sword World's power, he was barely able to destroy it.

However, a fifth barrier appeared before Zhao Fu.