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 Wu Five felt slightly annoyed, but he was more amazed at the outcome. After all, he and Zhao Fu together had not been a match for the Fallen Angel, yet Zhao Fu seemed to have subdued this Fallen Angel. How had he done it?

Zhao Fu's identity and abilities made Wu Five view him in higher esteem. Perhaps Zhao Fu's identity was even more terrifying than he had expected.

Zhao Fu was also extremely surprised that Wu Five would come to save him, and he smiled in gratitude as he said, "Thank you!"

Wu Five waved his hand, signaling that it was not much.

Zhao Fu thought about the special trial from going from the second level to the first level. Apparently, it was possible to obtain very precious items, so he asked Wu Five about it.

Wu Five told him that there was indeed a trial, but he had quickly charged through and casually picked an item.

Zhao Fu felt that this was somewhat of a pity. Now that he was already at the first level, he could not take that trial.

Beside him, the Fallen Angel said disdainfully, "That trial is nothing; the truly valuable thing is the final trial of the Cosmos Historical Remnant. All of the rewards are extremely rare treasures, and one can only challenge each trial once. If one passes the trial, the trial will disappear; if they fail, the next person will have an opportunity."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu smiled and said, "Brother Wu, let's head to the final trial together."

Zhao Fu now saw Wu Five as a true friend, so he was much more courteous and was not as cold. Zhao Fu would treat him well.

Wu Five nodded. He felt quite curious towards the Cosmos Historical Remnant because this sort of historical remnant was rare even within the Heaven Domain.

"Arasina, lead us there," Zhao Fu said as he looked at the Fallen Angel. Arasina was her name, and even though the first level was quite big, with her leading the way, they would be able to head to the final trial directly.

Arasina looked quite unwilling. She was a high-grade godly spirit, yet she had to obey a human and lead the way for him. She was not used to such a thing.

However, seeing that Zhao Fu was about to activate the Six Desires Demonic Qi again, Arasina embarrassedly glared at Zhao Fu before leading the two of them to a tall stone stage.

The stone stage was 10,000 meters tall and 1,000 meters wide. It gave off a grand and majestic aura, and there was a square stone stele at the center. On top of it was a book made of stone, which gave off a powerful aura that made people not dare to get close.

Zhao Fu approached the stone stele without any fear. As the top-ranked person, he knew that he could accept five special trials and obtain five treasures. Anyone who wasn't in the top 30 would be attacked if they got close.

After arriving at the stone stele, Zhao Fu placed his hand on the stone book and a screen of light appeared in front of Zhao Fu. On it were written the names of the trials, as well as their rewards.

Zhao Fu was quite shocked when he looked at the list of rewards because all of them were priceless treasures: Emperor's bloodlines, Emperor Heaven grade equipment, peerless medicinal pills, World Beast eggs, and all sorts of other items and Arts...

There were 100 or so trials in total, and Zhao Fu wanted to clear all of them and obtain all of the rewards. However, he could only choose five, so he started to pick.

Zhao Fu was surprised to find that the Darkness God Palace was also a reward, and it could only be obtained by defeating Arasina. Now that it had already been taken by Zhao Fu, it was grayed out and could not be chosen.

These trials were of different difficulty levels, and the more difficult ones gave better rewards while the easier ones gave worse rewards. The trial related to the Darkness God Palace was one of the more difficult ones.

Zhao Fu soon made his decision for the first trial, and he did so thinking about Great Qin's army. He chose the Darkness Acute Boundary, the reward for which was a Darkness Key. The trial was a relatively easy one, and the key could open up a space containing boundless Darkness God Iron, which was a Silver grade material.

If he could obtain this Darkness Key, Great Qin's soldiers would all be able to have Silver grade equipment. Right now, Great Qin's soldiers primarily used Blue grade equipment, and if the soldiers could all have Silver grade equipment, Great Qin's strength would rise to a new level.

After choosing this trial, Zhao Fu's body disappeared. Wu Five also chose a trial and disappeared, while Arasina stood by the side looking quite displeased.

After entering the trial, Zhao Fu found that the place he arrived at was filled with metallic puppets. These metallic puppets were 100 meters tall and were all made from tough steel. They were incredibly solid and felt quite powerful.

Zhao Fu's trial was to head to a certain place, not to kill these puppets. However, with so many puppets blocking his way, it would not be easy. Moreover, he could not fly here.

Zhao Fu became wary as he slashed out. A sharp sword light slashed into the nearest puppet's body, causing a metallic clang and fiery sparks, but only a shallow gash was made on the puppet.

With such terrifying defence, Zhao Fu estimated it would take a full-powered strike from him to take down a puppet. However, there were millions of puppets here, making Zhao Fu feel a sense of pressure. Even one of the relatively easy trials was so difficult already.

Zhao Fu charged forwards and the puppets started to march over and surround him. Soon, Zhao Fu was forced back.

These puppets would attack him together, and they had defensive skills as well. This forced Zhao Fu to back out and consider other methods.

Suddenly, Zhao Fu looked at these heavy, slow metallic puppets and thought of an item, which was the Infinite Gravity Origin Stone.


Zhao Fu sent all of his power into that marble-sized stone, and a formless wave of gravity spread out. The surrounding 1,000 meters was weighed down by immense gravity, causing the ground to crack.

Zhao Fu held the Infinite Gravity Origin Stone as he once again walked towards the puppets. Under the effects of this immense gravity, the slow puppets became incredibly slow. They could only move after a while.

Zhao Fu leisurely walked over as if he was taking a stroll. He was completely unharmed as he reached his destination; he was surprised at just how easy it had been.

Of course, it was all because of this Infinite Gravity Origin Stone; otherwise, it would not have been so easy.

After passing the trial, Zhao Fu obtained a block of iron. It was 15 centimeters long and two fingers wide. There were many inscriptions on it, and it flashed with black light. This was the Darkness Key.

Holding the key, Zhao Fu's body disappeared and reappeared in the outside area.

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Zhao Fu chose his second trial, which was called Death Plants, and the reward was a Celestial Peach.

This was a Celestial Peach from the legends, and it was split into a few kinds. One type ripened after 3,000 years, and anyone who ate it would cause their bodies to become younger. One type ripened after 6,000 years and allowed one to never grow old. One type ripened after 9,000 years, and after eating it, one would live as long as the heavens and earth.

The reward for this trial was the third type. Although it could not actually allow one to live as long as the heavens and earth, it could increase one's lifespan by 1,500 years. It was effective for even those at the Emperor Heaven Realm.