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 Not long after leaving the palace, Zhao Fu encountered a ten meter long dog. This dog was covered with black fur and had three blood-red eyes. It had a demonic horn on its head and gave off a powerful darkness aura.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

This dog was a Darkness Hellhound, and Zhao Fu thought that it wanted to fight. However, it unexpectedly ran over and affectionately rubbed its head against Zhao Fu as if Zhao Fu was its master.

Zhao Fu told it to stand and roll over, which it did obediently, looking incredibly well-behaved. Zhao Fu could not help but laugh; this was most likely because he had devoured a lot of the Fallen Angel's power.

Following this, Zhao Fu found out that its name was called Black Demon. With this Demon Hellhound, Zhao Fu did not have to wander around aimlessly. The Darkness God Palace was huge and he did not know his way around, so walking around casually would waste a lot of time. As such, Zhao Fu had Black Demon lead him around.

With Black Demon leading the way, Zhao Fu soon arrived at the Darkness God Palace's treasury. There was a powerful restrictive barrier here, and unless one got rid of it, one would naturally not be able to enter.

However, this restrictive barrier could not stop Zhao Fu because he now had the Fallen Angel's power. He casually lifted the restrictive barrier and entered the treasury.

There were mountains of gold coins, equipment, and Darkness Crystals here. Seeing this scene, Zhao Fu's heart rate sped up and he started a massive harvest. He did not leave behind a single gold coin and took everything away.

After doing a lot of plundering, Zhao Fu laughed and walked through the Darkness God Palace with Black Demon. Because he had just tossed a bottle of medicinal pills to Black Demon as a reward for being so well-behaved, Black Demon had become even more affectionate with him.

Zhao Fu had a look around but did not find anything else, so Zhao Fu had Black Demon take him to the central area of the Darkness God Palace. There would most likely be decent gains to be made there.

Zhao Fu and Black Demon came before a stone door with countless Fallen Angels engraved on it. However, there were two demon gatekeepers that were 100 meters tall and covered with muscles, and they had pairs of black wings.

As the demons that guarded the central area of the Darkness God Palace, these two demons were definitely incredibly powerful, and Zhao Fu most likely would have to spend quite a bit of effort to defeat them. However, before Zhao Fu could do anything, the two demons directly knelt and opened the door.

Zhao Fu grinned as he walked through, and he entered an open space that did not have much except a magic formation. There were 24 black rhombus-shaped crystals above it that were spread out in a circle.

Zhao Fu went up and had a look, and he was shocked to find that the entire Darkness God Palace was a precious treasure. Not only could it release immense power, but it could also create a large number of Fallen Angels.

Even though the Fallen Angels would not have very pure bloodlines, they were still high-grade bloodlines. With high-grade bloodlines, they would be able to quickly raise their cultivation, and this was something that everyone wanted.

If Great Qin could have a Fallen Angel army, it would gain another high-tier army, and Great Qin's foundation would surpass that of outside worlds. It would be able to compare to some Kingdoms in the Inner Domains and would no longer have to fear the Ancient Sword Sect.

However, the Darkness God Palace required 24 God Emissaries and a high-grade Fallen Angel godly spirit to use the magic formation.

Zhao Fu thought for a moment before smiling. He stretched out his hand and used the Fallen Angel's power to conquer the Darkness God Palace and make it his own. With the Fallen Angel's power, everything was much simpler.

After taking control of the Darkness God Palace, Zhao Fu's mood was excellent and walked out with Black Demon. After taking control, he received some information that the Darkness God Palace not only had a treasury but other things as well.

There was a library that had many precious books that recorded many darkness skills. There was also a garden that had all sorts of darkness spirit plants as well as the extremely precious Darkness Fountain Water. To those with Darkness Constitutions, it was like Fountain of Life Water, but Darkness Fountain Water was even rarer.

There was also a place for cultivation and a place for sacrifices and developing Fallen Angels. There were also living chambers, meeting halls, and other normal structures.

The place that Zhao Fu wanted to see the most was the place for developing Fallen Angels. However, on the way, Zhao Fu encountered some people.

The first was an elder wearing glasses and an old robe. He was in charge of the library and was extremely powerful. He stopped Zhao Fu and looked at Zhao Fu with an unfriendly look.

"Who are you? Why do you have my owner's power? And you conquered the Darkness God Palace; this is my owner's personal belonging. Do you know your crimes?"

Zhao Fu disdainfully laughed. Because he had taken control of this Darkness God Palace, he knew this old man's name, and he said, "Kerli, I'm the owner of the Darkness God Palace now, so you should be calling me owner. Your previous owner now belongs to me. Also, I don't like your attitude. Kneel."

Kerli's expression fell and his body uncontrollably knelt. He tried to resist, but he could not muster up any strength and could only furious glare at Zhao Fu.

Now that Zhao Fu's soul had fused with the Darkness God Palace, he had complete control over it, as well as the freedom and lives of those inside.

Zhao Fu did not pay any mind to the elder and had him continue to kneel there as he continued forwards.

The second person Zhao Fu met was a man wearing black armor and holding a spear, with a darkness sword at his waist. He was riding on a black horse with black wings, and he gave off an intense darkness aura.

He was quite direct and charged up, wanting to attack Zhao Fu without even saying anything. Just like before, Zhao Fu had him obediently kneel to the side.

That man was Fallen Knight Kalo, and he was responsible for guarding the cultivation chambers.

The third person Zhao Fu met was a Treant. It was most likely a Darkness Treant because all of its leaves were black and it gave off a powerful darkness aura. It was responsible for guarding the gardens, and it was called Eris.

Eris was much more tactful. Even though it did not know what had happened to its previous owner, seeing Zhao Fu, the new owner come over, it respectfully called out to Zhao Fu.

Since its attitude was quite good, Zhao Fu naturally did not do anything to it.

The last person he met was a very beautiful woman. She was wearing a maid dress and had a voluptuous figure with large breasts. She had a slightly flirtatious look on her face; it was yet another vixen.

She was called Nossi and had great power within the Darkness God Palace, and she was responsible for managing it. Seeing Zhao Fu come over, she gave an affectionate smile as she called out, "Your Lordship!"

Why did she call him this? It was because she had seen him ravaging the Fallen Angel, and it seemed that she had been greatly enjoying herself.

Nossi did not feel that there was anything wrong. Since her owner had fallen in love with this man, it was only natural to address him as such.

She did not know that her owner had been taken by force and even felt happy for her owner, thinking that she had finally found a man she loved after such a long time.