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 The Fallen Angel placed Zhao Fu's body spread-eagled, and because Zhao Fu was not wearing anything, she discourteously looked at his lower body and lightly laughed as she said, "You most likely have many women, right? You're quite powerful down there!"

Zhao Fu's expression was cold and he did not respond to the Fallen Angel. The Fallen Angel did not mind and took out a dagger as she smiled and stretched it towards Zhao Fu's lower body.

"This God will now castrate you, how do you feel?" The Fallen Angel gave an evil smile as she slid the dagger against Zhao Fu's skin, the sharp blade threatening to split it open.

Zhao Fu's expression became quite grim; no man could accept being castrated. He said with a trace of anger, "Kill me if you wish; there's no need to play around like this."

Seeing Zhao Fu's reaction, the Fallen Angel smiled in satisfaction and flicked with her dagger, causing blood to fly out, and a look of pain appeared on Zhao Fu's face.

However, the Fallen Angel did not stop and slashed with the dagger a few more times, sending out cold lights and causing blood to flow out. The Fallen Angel cut a gash on each of Zhao Fu's limbs, causing blood to flow onto the stone stage, but she did not touch that certain part of him.

The Fallen Angel said with a trace of happiness, "That thing is the most important thing to you men and contains a lot of your source energy; This God isn't willing to destroy your treasure. However, castrating you and keeping you as a pet wouldn't be bad either, since your looks are quite good."

The Fallen Angel spoke while stroking Zhao Fu's face, and Zhao Fu angrily turned his face away.

The Fallen Angel did not mind Zhao Fu's actions and smiled as she lowered the dagger to Zhao Fu's chest. The cold blade slowly pierced into Zhao Fu's body before lightly gliding down, opening up a gash on his chest, from which blood flowed out.

The black magic formation under the stone stage gave off an even more intense black light, and countless traces of darkness aura quickly gathered and entered Zhao Fu's body through his limbs.

A look of pain appeared on Zhao Fu's face as he felt the darkness power continuously corrode his body. Suddenly, the pain somewhat decreased as a bit of Zhao Fu's power returned. It was his Darkness King Bloodline that he had fused earlier taking effect, and this made Zhao Fu feel quite delighted.

If this went on for a few more minutes and he could regain more of his power, perhaps he would be able to escape from the Fallen Angel's hands.

Zhao Fu's limbs had stopped bleeding, so he did not have to worry about losing too much blood.

Zhao Fu watched as the Fallen Angel stretched out a hand and placed it on his chest, about to do something. Zhao Fu wanted to stall for time, so he said, "Don't you want to know my identity, as well as how I obtained my Emperor's Bloodline and those terrifying powers?"

Most people would definitely be interested, because whether it was the Emperor's Bloodline, the Six Paths Demon Images, or the Emperor Killing Sword World, they were things that others could only dream of having. Anyone would naturally be quite interested.

The Fallen Angel seemed to be able to tell what Zhao Fu was thinking she smiled as she pressed her hand against Zhao Fu's chest, and a black magic formation appeared on his chest. The trace of power that he had just regained was once again suppressed.

"This God doesn't care about your identity. No matter who you are, you're going to die here today and your powers will become mine."

Zhao Fu's face became somewhat pale. His final chance had disappeared just like that; he would not have any more chances now.

Suddenly, the Fallen Angel took off her clothes, revealing her flawless body. She then sat on Zhao Fu's body and a black magic formation appeared on her chest as well.

Following this, the Fallen Angel leaned down and pressed down against Zhao Fu's chest, and she gave off a flirtatious and mocking smile as she said, "Boy, what do you think of This God's body? Do you want it? Keep dreaming; showing you This God's body is already a blessing for you. You can now die in peace."


An explosion sounded out as the two black magic formations pressed together and exploded out with intense black light. A look of pain appeared on Zhao Fu's face as all of his powers were devoured by the Fallen Angel. It was not just his powers but his life force as well.

Zhao Fu became older at a speed visible to the naked eye. His hair became white and wrinkles appeared on his face, and his aura became incredibly weak.

The process was also incredibly powerful, and he felt as if he was being eaten by the Fallen Angel. Zhao Fu's consciousness became hazy, and he could not help but wonder if he really was going to die here.

Suddenly, the Fallen Angel cried out in pain and felt her body start to be filled with immense pain. Zhao Fu regained some of his consciousness and found that the Fallen Angel had devoured his God-Killer power. That power specifically countered godly spirits, and the Fallen Angel devouring that power would naturally cause immense pain.

The God-Killer bloodline had fused into his Emperor's Bloodline, so if she wanted to devour Zhao Fu's Emperor's Bloodline, she naturally also had to devour the God-Killer bloodline.

The Fallen Angel's expression became icy, and because they were tightly pressed against each other, she cried out next to Zhao Fu's ear, "Boy, why do you have the God-Killer bloodline?"

Zhao Fu did not reply, and the Fallen Angel's body softened and became powerless. Her face became slightly red because she had also just devoured the Six Desires Demonic Qi.

The Fallen Angel felt furious but cried out weakly, "What power is this now?"

"Arghh!" Before Zhao Fu could reply, the Fallen Angel once again howled because she had also devoured Zhao Fu's Emperor Killer Curse. She had wanted to devour everything Zhao Fu had, but she had never thought that he would have something so terrible within him.

However, Zhao Fu was not happy too easily because the Fallen Angel's actions caused gray dragon images to appear on his body, and he was wracked with immense pain.

At that moment, for some reason, Zhao Fu gained a bit of his power back. He flipped the Fallen Angel over so that he was on top, and he started to ravage her.

Two days later, the Fallen Angel lay powerlessly on the stone stage with empty eyes and her mouth open. Her 24 wings drooped, and she looked like a corpse. Liquids covered the stone stage and also flowed to the ground.

The black magic formation had already been stopped, and Zhao Fu looked quite happy as he put on his clothes. Not only had he not been devoured by the Fallen Angel, but he had also devoured a lot of her power.

He had first devoured a large amount of Darkness God Power. Zhao Fu had previously fused with a trace of a demon god's Divinity, and now he had his own Divinity, though it was incredibly small. It was as big as a grain of sand and gave off a dense demon god's aura.

Now, Zhao Fu also had divine power and a high-grade Darkness God Power, which made Zhao Fu even more powerful.

Moreover, because he had devoured a large amount of Darkness God Power, the Darkness King Bloodline and his Sovereign Bloodline became even more fused, giving Zhao Fu a type of darkness aura. Anyone else would take him for a Darkness Emperor.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

What made Zhao Fu feel the most delighted was that 10% of the Emperor Killer Curse's power had been taken away by the Fallen Angel. This meant that Zhao Fu would be able to live longer and that he did not have to worry about it for now.

Zhao Fu glanced at the corpse-like Fallen Angel on the stone stage. She was a high-grade godly spirit, yet she could not even hang on for two days. Zhao Fu was also quite surprised that she was a virgin.

Zhao Fu did not pay much mind to her and started to look around the Darkness God Palace with interest.