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 Within a beautiful and elegantly-decorated room, Ying Xi sat on a white sofa with a cold expression on her face as she said, "Who is the person who has obtained the ancestor's legacy? He's truly gained face for the Ying family. However, the longer it takes to find him, the more powerful he'll become, and once he becomes too powerful to control, the entire Ying family will have to submit to him."

Opposite her, Wu Qingniang lifted her cup of coffee and took a sip, and a slight smile appeared on her face as she said, "What are you going to do then? He'll be able to affect our plans greatly!"

Ying Xi lightly harrumphed, "Now that he's gathered most of China's Fate, the leaders of most of the Ying family's main bloodlines want to make him the successor of the Ying family and hand over all of the Ying family's forces to him. If he reveals himself, he'll become the leader of the Ying family, while the others and I will have no chance to succeed the Ying family."

Hearing this, Wu Qingniang smiled as she replied, "You'll have to act before he can reveal himself, and you need to develop your faction's strength to the point that you can stand firmly on the ground. When that time comes, you'll have much more power and authority. Even if you don't want to submit to him, you'll at least be able to keep your independence."

Hearing Wu Qingniang's words, Ying Xi frowned and said, "It's not that simple - even though I have most of my bloodline's resources, I didn't receive much of the Fate Legacy, unlike the Wu family, which received some of Great Tang's Fate and a Gold grade City Creation stone. In terms of legacy, I'm worse off than the Wu family."

"Haha!" Wu Qingniang laughed before replying, "But in terms of resources, the Wu family can't compare to you. Because of the Li family's suppression, all of the Wu family's resources can't even compare to half of yours, and right now, we have to work together to become even more powerful while he hasn't revealed himself."

Ying Xi nodded. Right now, she would only be able to stand on her own feet by becoming stronger.

At this moment, Wu Qingniang thought of something, and her expression became serious as she said, "The main thing is that we don't know when he'll reveal himself. The Ying family must be desperately trying to find him, and they will give all of the resources to him. I think that he didn't have the means to protect himself before, so he was reluctant to join the Ying family; however, as his strength grows, he'll definitely reveal himself to obtain those resources.

"Of course, you heard the domineering dragon's roar, right? Anyone who can receive a Legacy like that isn't a kind-hearted individual - that person walks on the Path of Kings, and those like him are fated to be merciless individuals. If he reveals himself, it'll be beneficial for the Ying family, but your position will be dangerous.

"He's someone from the collateral family and must have estrangements with the Ying family, so the Ying family will definitely do all they can to get rid of those estrangements. The most direct way is to marry someone from the main family to him. Out of the Ying family's bloodlines, based on status, bloodline, looks, and talent, that woman will very likely be you."

Hearing Wu Qingniang's words, Ying Xi's expression became somewhat unsightly. What Wu Qingniang said was quite true. This was what large families often did. If that person appeared, she would become a tool for her family to use to bring him closer to the Ying family. However, Ying Xi didn't want to be married off to someone who she didn't know or like.

However, she had to face reality - she could not resist the Ying family, as she was born in the Ying family and everything she had came from the Ying family. She felt a wave of helplessness, making her feel quite uncomfortable. She lowered her head and looked quite distraught.

Seeing this, Wu Qingniang felt quite sympathetic. She understood the difficulties of being born into a large family, but she wanted to change her predicament.

Seeing her good friend of many years looking like this, Wu Qingniang came over and sat by Ying Xi's side, putting her arm around Ying Xi. She smiled as she comforted her, saying, "Alright, Lil Xi, it's not as bad as you think. As your longtime friend, I'll definitely help you!"

Hearing Wu Qingniang's words, Ying Xi felt quite touched, and she looked at her with gratitude as she said, "Thank you, Qingniang!"

Seeing that Ying Xi had recovered, Wu Qingniang wickedly smiled and asked, "How are you going to thank me then?"

Hearing this, Ying Xi frowned slightly and started to think it over.

Suddenly, Wu Qingniang pulled Ying Xi over, her red lips pressing against Ying Xi's lips. Before Ying Xi could react, she stuck her tongue into Ying Xi's mouth, her tongue intertwining with Ying Xi's tongue.

Under Wu Qingniang's intense assault, Ying Xi could not contain her emotions, and her body became hotter and her breathing became quicker. Wu Qingniang grinned wickedly and started to slowly and gently rub Ying Xi's large breasts.

Feeling her sensitive parts being attacked, Ying Xi was shocked back to her senses, and she pushed Wu Qingniang away with a reddened face as she said, "Alright, Qingniang, stop fooling around."

Wu Qingniang looked at Ying Xi's red face and stopped. Then, she started to laugh.

Seeing this, Ying Xi felt both embarrassed and annoyed, and she pushed Wu Qingniang down. The two women began to tussle about.


A while later, Wu Qingniang left the room, and a few female bodyguards followed behind her. Her expression was no longer as relaxed as it was before, and it was instead quite serious as she thought to herself. After all, Great Qin's Legatee was quite dangerous.

Of course, when she had first heard the dragon's roar, her heart had been filled with terror and panic, something that had never happened before. Even though she wanted to help Ying Xi, could she really stand up to Great Qin's Legatee?

It was the first time that Wu Qingniang had felt so unconfident, but this was not her fault - with her mental fortitude, very few things were able to affect her, but that dragon's roar was simply too powerful and overbearing.

Wu Qingniang had planned to go to Zhao Fu's place to ask him what he thought of this, but she then realized that because Zhao Fu was part of the collateral family and his bloodline wasn't very pure, he might not have heard the Fate Dragon's roar. However, Wu Qingniang still wanted to have a chat with him. She held him in high esteem, so she wanted to ask him his views - perhaps he would be able to help her."

After coming to Zhao Fu's door, her bodyguard knocked a few times, but there was no response. Wu Qingniang guessed that Zhao Fu was most likely in the Heaven Awaken World, and while in that state, one could not be woken up. Only if one was physically shaken or moved in the real world would one receive a system announcement in the Heaven Awaken World.

As such, Wu Qingniang did not persist, and she left in slight disappointment.

People from large families did not spend much time in the real world, and they usually spent most of their time in the Heaven Awaken World. If it wasn't for Great Qin's Legatee, most people would not have been willing to come out of the Heaven Awaken World.