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 "Divine Punishment!" The Fallen Angel pointed her darkness sword towards the sky and cried out, causing the world to become dark. Dark clouds quickly formed and a massive amount of source energy gathered as an enormous might blasted down, making it difficult for countless creatures to even breathe.

A ten meter wide ring of black light appeared above the Fallen Angel, giving off boundless black light that covered the surroundings. The dark and destructive aura caused everyone to fall into terror, and their bodies instinctively trembled.

Boom! Boom! Boom...

Zhao Fu controlled the Heavenly Punishment Sword Formation, which started to spin. An aura of extermination spread out, and tens of thousands of sword lights giving off enough power to rip the world apart slashed towards the Fallen Angel.


Wu Five also threw out the azure orb of light that gave off an apocalyptic aura. The orb of light was incredibly fast and shot out like a ray of light. The massive power it contained caused space to continuously collapse.


Facing these two terrifying attacks, the Fallen Angel raised her darkness sword and slashed out. An incredibly destructive power surged forth from the black ring of light, and everything in the surroundings was destroyed. This was the world-ending divine punishment from a godly spirit.


A shocking explosion rang out as the three immense powers clashed together. The destructive power was absolutely shocking, and a shockwave blasted out, reducing the sky in the surrounding 1,000 kilometers into pure chaos. A large crater that was tens of thousands of meters wide also appeared in the ground.

Rocks scattered everywhere and countless trees were destroyed. There was not a single trace of life, and all that could be seen was a horrifying aftermath. There were still terrifying traces of destructive aura left lingering above the ground.

Zhao Fu coughed up a large mouthful of blood and powerlessly lay on the ground. His wounds from before added onto his new injuries made it so that he did not have a sliver of power left; he did not even have the strength to move a finger.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Within a pile of rocks, Wu Five pushed aside the rocks with great difficulty and climbed up, looking at the sky with an unsightly expression.

In the sky, a trace of blood leaked out from the Fallen Angel's lips, and her clothes and hair were in a mess, making her look quite wretched. Her beautiful face became completely cold because she had never thought that those two people's power could heavily injure her.

Now, Zhao Fu did not have even a bit of power left, so she did not have to worry. The only one who could still resist was Wu Five.

The Fallen Angel's black eyes looked at Wu Five and said with dense killing intent, "You dared to injure This God; now, This God is going to suffer death. You brought this on yourself."


A massive sword hum sounded out as the Fallen Angel once again raised her sword. The darkness aura in the surroundings quickly gathered, forming a massive darkness vortex that gave off an incredibly powerful might.

Sensing this terrifying power, Wu Five understood that he could not defend, so he could only sigh and activate an item within his body.


An unimaginable power exploded out from Wu Five's body. The time, space, and all creatures in the surroundings all seemed to be frozen by an immense power. The heavens and earth violently trembled as if in fear.

The Fallen Angel's expression fell and a wave of terror flowed out of her heart because the power that Wu Five had just exploded out with was the power of a higher-being. Wu Five had activated a type of bloodline item that could cause the clone of a higher-being to descend.

There was no time to hesitate. The Fallen Angel quickly grabbed Zhao Fu and waved her hand, opening up a fissure in the air, which she immediately rushed into.

Seeing this, Wu Five's expression became quite grim. Seeing the Fallen Angel disappear, he cancelled his secret technique and the terrifying shockwaves scattered.

The technique that Wu Five used would be effective against even most higher-beings, but he had to pay a great price and could not use it rashly. Only people who were greatly favored by higher-beings could use such a technique; ordinary people could not use such a technique. It could be seen that Wu Five's identity was not simple at all.

Now that Zhao Fu had been captured by the Fallen Angel, he would most likely suffer a terrible fate.

Wu Five sat cross-legged on the ground and took many medicinal pills. He decided to recover his strength before heading to the first level to see if he could rescue Zhao Fu.

He didn't want Zhao Fu to die like this; Zhao Fu was the third person who had defeated him, and his accomplishments in the future would be great. If he could save Zhao Fu, Zhao Fu would owe him a favor. With Zhao Fu's potential, he was worth having as a friend.

Moreover, Zhao Fu had stopped attacking as soon as he had admitted defeat, so he had a good impression of Zhao Fu and felt that he was worth having as a friend.

Syndra looked at the sky, feeling quite worried. It had been difficult for her to find such a powerful owner, but he might die soon. Syndra felt that this was a pity, and she felt quite sad about losing that Darkness Emperor power.

That was something that Syndra had searched for her entire life, and it was something that she was obsessed with. As such, she felt quite worried and depressed.

Within a majestic, grand palace in the first level, the Fallen Angel held onto Zhao Fu as she smiled and walked into a magic formation.

The magic formation gave off faint black light, and there was a square-shaped stone stage at the center. The Fallen Angel placed the powerless Zhao Fu onto it, and Zhao Fu immediately felt all of his power being sealed. This was the effect of the stone stage.

Zhao Fu's expression was quite unsightly. Now that he had fallen into her hands, he was dead without a doubt. He did not have any strength left, and even if he did have a bit, it would be sealed by the stone stage.

Zhao Fu still could not use his Nation Armament, making it so that Zhao Fu had no way to escape. It was extremely likely that he would die here.

The Fallen Angel had already activated the magic formation. The magic formation gave off a powerful black light and a massive aura spread out. Boundless darkness power gathered and entered the magic formation.

"Boy, for This God to devour you is your glory." The Fallen Angel gave a trace of an excited smile as she walked over. If she could devour Zhao Fu's Early Stage Emperor Bloodline and the other terrifying powers, in a few years, she would be able to break free from the Cosmos Historical Remnant's restrictions and return to the Godly Spirit World.

With Zhao Fu's various powers, she would be able to sweep across the entire Godly Spirit World and even take down the top-tier godly spirits and become a Godking.

Before, she had sensed the ripples of the battle between Zhao Fu and Wu Five while she was in the first level. If they had been further away, she would not have been able to sense them, but because they were at the second level, it was only natural that she detected them.

This was especially so for Zhao Fu's aura, which caused her to feel deep joy. She knew that the chance she had been waiting for over 1,000 years had arrived.

What she wanted the most was the Early Stage Emperor Bloodline. Whether it was an Early Stage King Bloodline or Early Stage Emperor Bloodline, it was a supreme treasure to anyone. Anyone else could inherit that kind of bloodline.

As for the other powers within Zhao Fu's body, they also caused her to feel incredibly happy. To her, Zhao Fu was a human treasure trove.

Zhao Fu ignored the Fallen Angel's words and desperately tried to think of ways to escape. The Fallen Angel did not want to waste any time because Wu Five could find this place at any moment. If he called a higher-being, she would not be able to deal with them even at her peak state, let alone right now.