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 The Fallen Angel was startled and stretched out a hand, causing a black energy barrier giving off black light to spread out, covering her body.


The black and blood-red slashed against the energy barrier and gave off a massive sound. The sword light turned into an enormous sword wind that rampaged against the energy barrier, causing it to start to crack. A small cut also appeared on the Fallen Angel's outstretched hand, causing a trace of blood to flow out.

Not only did the Fallen Angel not look angry, but also she revealed an expression of delight. If she could obtain Zhao Fu's power, she would no longer be bound by the Cosmos Historical Remnant.

Because of Wu Five stalling the Fallen Angel, Zhao Fu had been able to recover some of his power and could use the Emperor Killing Sword's power.

The Fallen Angel laughed as she grabbed out with her hand. Countless traces of darkness aura gathered, forming a darkness sword in her hand. It was completely black and gave off an attractive force, and it seemed like it could devour everything. The lighting around it grew much dimmer.


The Fallen Angel slashed out, sending out a massive black ray of light that slashed towards Zhao Fu like a massive tide, giving off a shocking aura.

Zhao Fu sent massive amounts of power into the Emperor Killing Sword, causing it to give off intense sword light. Zhao Fu also vigorously slashed out, sending out an enormous black and blood-red sword light.


A massive explosion sounded out as the two sword lights clashed together, causing light to shoot everywhere. A massive sword wind tempest was formed, and everything in the surroundings was torn apart by the sword qi. The ground was covered with sword gashes, creating a disorderly scene.

After the sword wind tempest scattered, Zhao Fu was forced a few steps back, while the Fallen Angel remained in place; it could be seen just how strong she was.


Another explosion sounded out as an azure ray of light containing terrifying power shot towards the Fallen Angel. The Fallen Angel did not even look over and slashed out backhanded, shattering the azure ray of light, which turned into countless motes of light and disappeared.

Wu Five gave off an azure aura flame and appeared in the sky as he seriously looked at the Fallen Angel.

Bang! Bang! Bang...

Massive explosions rang out in the surroundings as Zhao Fu and Wu Five joined forces to attack the Fallen Angel. Sword light and fist images shot out, and facing the combined attacks from the two people, the Fallen Angel leisurely responded to them, not seeming nervous at all.

Not only did this situation exceed Zhao Fu and Wu Five's expectations, but those in the distance were also quite surprised. They had thought that Wu Five admitting defeat and the Emperor winning would mean that everything had ended, but none of them had expected this Fallen Angel to suddenly appear.

Moreover, that Fallen Angel was incredibly powerful and even the Emperor and Wu Five joining together seemed to have difficulty defeating her. That showed just how terrifying her power was.

At the same time, they felt quite curious towards the identity of this Fallen Angel. Also, how was she able to appear here? Moreover, she was unrestrainedly attacking them, which was quite different than the Gatekeeper from before.

Even though they did not understand, they were quite sensible and retreated. That Fallen Angel was evidently extremely evil, and if they were discovered by her, they might be attacked as well. Even two peerless geniuses could not stand up to her, so all that awaited them would be death.

Syndra looked at the Fallen Angel in shock. Even though she had never seen the Fallen Angel before, from the aura that it gave off, she understood that this Fallen Angel was the Darkness God of the first level.

Her power was extremely terrifying, and she had tried to break free from the restrictions of the Cosmos Historical Remnant a few times before, wanting to return to the Godly Spirit World. However, she had failed every time and had been suppressed at the lowest level in the end.

However, she had run out, breaking through the restrictions of the first level, and appeared at the second level, wanting to steal her owner. If her owner fell into her hands, he would definitely die.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Shing! Shing! Shing...

Zhao Fu powerfully slashed out again and again, sending black and blood-red sword lights containing destructive power to fly out ferociously towards the Fallen Angel. The cold killing intent caused the entire sky to seem to freeze.

Bang! Bang! Bang...

Wu Five's body gave off an enormous aura as he continuously punched out with both fists, leaving behind afterimages. Massive fist images giving off destructive power blasted towards the Fallen Angel like a storm.

Facing the pincer attack of the two people, the Fallen Angel coldly smiled and spread her 24 wings, and she formed two energy barriers.

Zhao Fu and Wu Five's attacks continuously fell on the energy barrier, giving off loud explosions. Light shot out everywhere and wild wind spread out, but the attacks could only open a few cracks on the energy barriers.

Seeing the two people's power gradually weaken, the Fallen Angel's smile became brighter, and she started to counterattack.

The Fallen Angel spread her 24 black wings and gave off intense light. An incredibly dangerous power came out from her black wings, causing people's hairs to stand on end.

Swish, swish, swish...

24 black wings exploded out with intense black light, causing the sky to tremble. Rays of black light giving off terrifying darkness power shot out from the black wings. There were over 100,000 of them, and they seemed enough to destroy the sky.

Zhao Fu and Wu Five were both greatly startled. Zhao Fu unleashed his Emperor's Domain, while Wu Five created an azure energy barrier as they both focused on defending.

Boom! Boom! Boom...

Black rays of light ferociously slammed against the barriers, causing them to continuously tremble. Zhao Fu and Wu Five maintained their barriers, but there were simply too many rays of black light and both of them were blasted to the ground.

Zhao Fu coughed up a mouthful of blood and looked at the Fallen Angel with a grim expression. She was simply too powerful, and with his current power, he was not a match for her at all unless he fused with the Six Paths Demon Images.

However, because he had just fused with them and caused a lot of damage to himself, if he continued to fuse with them, his body definitely would not be able to endure it. Moreover, it was possible that he would die before he could successfully fuse with them.


Zhao Fu climbed up from the ground and pointed the Emperor Killing Sword towards the sky. A massive sword light shot into the sky, causing the Emperor Killing Sword World to tremble. Countless traces of Killing Sword Intent quickly gathered; now, he only had the strength to use the Emperor Killing Sword World's power.

The sky was instantly dyed blood-red, and a black and blood-red magic formation giving off immense power appeared in the sky. Heaven and Earth Power continuously gathered, and the magic formation gave off an even more intense black and blood-red light that shot out in all directions.

A heaven-toppling sword intent flowed down like a flood, inundating everything. Under this sword intent, the entire world seemed to fall silent.

"Arghhh!" Wu Five roared as he half-knelt, his right hand became a claw and his left hand gripped his right wrist. Countless arcs of azure lightning flashed in his surroundings and the ground cracked as Heaven and Earth Power quickly gathered and a terrifying aura spread out.

A marble-sized azure orb of light floated out of Wu Five's right hand and absorbed all of the energy in the surroundings as it gradually grew bigger. The aura it gave off became bigger and bigger until it became as big as a fist. It now seemed to contain enough power to destroy the world.

Sensing the attacks from the two people, the Fallen Angel's expression became serious because she understood how terrifying these attacks were. As such, she also unleashed her full strength.