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 She was tall, slim, and had white skin. She wore a dark dress and was quite beautiful. She had very long hair and black pupils, and she gave off an evil aura. She gave off an ocean-like godly spirit aura.

A 24-winged Fallen Angel was a high-ranked godly spirit even within the Godly Spirit World, yet one had appeared here. She had come from the first level and was not from the second level.

Zhao Fu's expression was somewhat unsightly because he had used up a lot of his power during the battle from before. Moreover, due to fusing with the Six Paths Demon Images, not only did he not have much power left, but he was quite heavily injured.

Ordinary people would not even be able to fuse with the Six Paths Demon Images at all as their bodies would be instantly destroyed by the Reincarnation Power. Zhao Fu only dared to do such a thing because his body had the Six Paths of Reincarnation Bloodline, or else he would have definitely died.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

The aura that this Fallen Angel gave off was many times more powerful than Wu Five, so Zhao Fu felt that it would be best to quickly leave.

However, the Fallen Angel looked at Zhao Fu with an evil gaze because she had come for Zhao Fu. The Emperor Killing Sword's power, the Early Stage Emperor Bloodline, and the terrifying Six Paths of Reincarnation power were all things that she wanted.

Sensing this evil gaze, Zhao Fu understood that the situation was quite bad. He gathered his last bit of strength and flew away; he did not even have time to put on new clothes.

The Fallen Angel coldly laughed, stretched out a hand, and grabbed at the air. The darkness aura in the surroundings gathered into a massive hand of darkness, and it gave off an immense power as it grabbed towards Zhao Fu.

With Zhao Fu's current strength, he was unable to resist this terrifying power at all. He could only watch as the hand of darkness was about to grab onto him.


An azure ray of light smashed into the hand of darkness, resulting in a massive explosion. The hand of darkness was shattered by the azure light, scattering into countless traces of darkness aura.

Wu Five, giving off an azure aura flame, appeared and looked at the Fallen Angel as he said to Zhao Fu, "Hurry up and leave! I'll help you stop her, but you don't need to thank me. This only happened because I wanted to fight with you; I don't want someone with so much potential to die here."

Zhao Fu felt quite surprised and had never thought that Wu Five would help him. However, he did not hesitate to turn into a ray of light as he shot away.

The Fallen Angel condescendingly smiled as she said, "Two little fellows who don't know their limits. Do you think you can stop This God? You want to escape from This God? Keep dreaming!"


The 24 black wings on the Fallen Angel's back spread out, and a black energy barrier spread out with incredible speed, covering the surrounding 1,000 kilometers. This was her God Domain.

Zhao Fu's expression was quite unsightly as he stopped. If he could not break out from this Domain, he would not be able to escape. As such, he immediately swallowed a large number of medicinal pills to recover from his injuries.

"Boy, it's not too late for you to scram. This God has no interest in you," the Fallen Angel looked at Wu Five with her black eyes as she said slightly condescendingly.

Wu Five looked at the Fallen Angel seriously and did not reply. He went into a defensive stance, because the Fallen Angel made him feel immense pressure. Moreover, after that previous battle, he had used much of his strength already.

The Fallen Angel coldly harrumphed and stretched out a hand towards Wu Five. A massive wave of black aura flowed out and gathered into a 15 centimeter wide halo of black light in front of her hand, giving off an extremely powerful energy, and she lightly pushed out.


The halo of black light gave off boundless power as it flew out, and it continuously grew in size. By the time it reached Wu Five, it was ten or so meters wide and gave off the pressure of a meteor.

Wu Five gripped his right fist and gathered a massive amount of power. His right fist gave off blinding light, making it look like an orb of light, and the space around it distorted.


The black orb of light contained massive power as it smashed over, and Wu Five vigorously punched out. The two great forces clashed together, resulting in an almighty explosion. The black orb of light was shattered by the punch, but Wu Five was sent crashing to the ground.

The Fallen Angel glanced down at Wu Five within the crater before looking at Zhao Fu and stretching out a hand.


Suddenly, an explosion sounded out as a powerful wind swept out. A terrifying power spread out as a large amount of azure flames burst forth, forming a power-looking giant. It only had its upper-body, and Wu Five stood below it.

Wu Five looked at the Fallen Angel and gripped his fist, and the azure giant also gripped its fist, causing a large amount of energy to gather.


Wu Five punched out, as did the azure giant. The air seemed to explode as a destructive power flew out with enormous wind towards the Fallen Angel.

The Fallen Angel's expression became slightly serious as she raised a hand, and the surrounding darkness aura madly gathered, forming a massive orb of darkness. It was hundreds of meters wide and gave off a powerful aura.


The azure giant punched with destructive force, while the Fallen Angel shot out the orb of darkness. The fist and orb of darkness collided, causing an intense shockwave to ripple out. The surrounding ground collapse and massive rocks shattered as trees were uprooted.

Wu Five roared and his body rose into the air as the azure giant grew legs, forming a complete giant. It was dozens of meters tall and gave off a powerful aura.

Bang! Bang! Bang...

Right after the azure giant was fully formed, it rapidly punched out, leaving behind countless afterimages. Space itself seemed to explode as terrifying internal force rushed at the Fallen Angel like a wild storm.

The Fallen Angel was expressionless as she continuously slashed out with her finger, sending out sharp arcs of light that destroyed the incoming internal force. The scattered internal force turned into savage wind that blew out.

Seeing the azure giant continuously attacking, the Fallen Angel frowned and sent a large amount of Darkness God Power into her finger, causing a black aura flame to appear around her finger.


The Fallen Angel drew out a cross in the air, and the light in the surroundings was devoured by darkness. The black cross gave off boundless Darkness God Power and gave off an unstoppable power as it blasted towards the azure giant.

Sensing how monstrous this attack was, Wu Five's expression fell and he controlled the azure giant to cross its arms in front of its body. Azure flames also rushed forwards to defend.


A massive explosion sounded out but the power of the black cross was too great, sending the azure giant flying back. It smashed out a large crater 100 meters away, and Wu Five coughed up a mouthful of blood as the azure giant disappeared.

The Fallen Angel coldly harrumphed. Just as she was about to attack again, a sword hum exploded out and an enormous black and blood-red crescent tore through the air, giving off world-splitting power as it slashed towards the Fallen Angel.