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 Traces of ghostly aura rose up from the ground and spread out like a fog. The entire world's temperature seemed to plummet as the cold aura spread through the air, seeming to pierce through one's soul.

The massive amount of Yin Qi dispelled the darkness and spread throughout the entire second level, inundating everything. Countless wandering spirits appeared in the air and seemed to sense something and gave off terrifying howls, causing the world to seem like a miserable hell.

Wu Five sensed this power and his expression changed; he had never thought that Zhao Fu still had such terrifying power.


An explosion that sounded like the world exploding rang out as everything around Zhao Fu was reduced to nothingness. The Six Paths Demon Images gave off terrified roars as a massive power pulled at them.


Boundless gray lightning poured down, ravaging the surrounding 10,000 meters and destroying everything, making it so that no one dared to get close.

Zhao Fu's clothes were reduced to dust, revealing his naked, beautiful body. Zhao Fu's body had become quite pale, without a trace of blood, and his long hair gradually became gray-white and filled with a deathly aura.

Suddenly, muscles bulged on Zhao Fu's body as violet scales appeared on the surface of his body. His fingernails grew longer and gave off a cold light, and a pair of black demon horns grew on his head. His forehead split and a pale white eye appeared, and his mouth became filled with fangs. A pair of gray and black wings sprouted from his back.

Seeing this scene and sensing the six ancient Yin Qi, Wu Five was given a big fright and cried out, "Are you crazy?! Not only did you seal the Six Paths Demon Images in your body, but you're also trying to fuse with them?"

He was right - Zhao Fu was currently fusing with the Six Paths Demon Images. The muscles were from the Animal Path Demon Image; the violet scales were from the Asura Path Deon Image; the black horns were from the Hell Path Demon Image; the pale eye on his forehead was from the Human Path Demon Image; the fangs were from the Hungry Ghost Demon Image; and the wings on his back were from the Heaven Path Demon Image.

Zhao Fu was madly fusing the Six Paths Demon Images with himself; the Six Paths power fused into a single one, which was the Reincarnation Path.

Zhao Fu once again opened his gray eyes, which gave off a gray, ghostly light. He stood in the air and everything around him seemed to freeze. He did not seem to contain even a trace of power, but he felt that he could casually rip the heavens and earth apart and cause countless gods and demons to die.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Sensing this power, Wu Five could not help but feel quite anxious. At the same time, he was quite shocked and could not help but gulp.

In the distance, Syndra looked both terrified and excited; she had followed such a terrifying and powerful person. It seemed that this had been the right decision.

The countless geniuses who had entered the second level looked extremely shocked and waves crashed within their hearts. Before, they had thought that this Emperor had used his full strength against those two geniuses from before.

However, they had never thought that he still had such powerful methods. Just how powerful was that Emperor? And was he still hiding anything else?

Before, Shi Shuge, Yin Ruoshi, You Quan, and the others felt deep helplessness because Zhao Fu was someone who already stood on the altar of gods, and they could only look up at him.

Zhao Fu's gaze was cold as he looked at Wu Five in front of him, and he pointed out.


A ray of Six Paths aura bringing with it incredibly destructive force shot out, causing the heavens and earth to tremble, and a sense of death quickly arrived.

"Bear Roar!" The ray of aura brought with it terrifying power as it shot over. Wu Five roared out and stretched out a hand and slammed it out. A massive bear's roar sounded out as an enormous azure bear claw giving off immense force slammed towards the ray of aura.


The ray of aura and the bear claw collided, resulting in an enormous explosion. A powerful shockwave spread out, and the terrifying aura spread out in all directions, causing others to feel as if they had fallen into icy water, and their bodies continuously trembled.

"Ghost Summon." Zhao Fu lightly spoke as he once again pointed out, and a dense wave of ghostly qi flowed out from his finger.

"Roarr!" A massive roar sounded out as a 1,000 meter tall ghost giving off a powerful aura appeared next to Wu Five. It raised its hand and gave off terrifying power as it ferociously slammed down towards Wu Five.

Wu Five's gaze became serious and he straightened his hand as it gave off boundless azure light, forming an azure knifehand and giving off a powerful and sharp aura.

The massive ghost hand slammed over, while Wu Five flew to the side and dodged before rushing up and stabbing with his knifehand towards the ghost and slashing upwards.

"Roarr!" A pained roar sounded out as the 1,000 meter tall ghost was split from its stomach to its head. Azure light shot out and the ghost died, causing it to turn into ghostly qi and scatter. The ghostly qi covered Wu Five's body.

Bang! Bang! Bang...

Suddenly, explosions sounded out as Wu Five suddenly appeared behind Zhao Fu and his fists gave off a large amount of azure light. He continuously punched out incredibly quickly, leaving behind many afterimages.

The massive azure fist images gave off terrifying power as they shot towards Zhao Fu. There were thousands of them, and they were enough to destroy a large mountain.

Zhao Fu was expressionless as he spun and stretched out his hand with his fingers splayed. A massive Reincarnation Power spread out as a 1,000 meter wide gray magic formation appeared in front of Zhao Fu's hand.

The 1,000 meter wide gray magic formation was formed by six disks, and there were countless lines. It looked incredibly complex and profound and gave off a gray light. It contained a massive amount of Yin Qi that seemed to be able to block anything.

Bang! Bang! Bang...

The massive azure fist images slammed against the magic formation with terrifying power, but they were unable to deal any damage to the magic formation.

"Arghh!" Wu Five roared and exploded out with even greater power. His body seemed to shoot out like a laser and gave off an immense azure light as he shot towards Zhao Fu. He gripped his right fist, causing azure flames to gather as if they could blast apart the sky.

Zhao Fu's demeanor was cold as he withdrew his hand and the magic formation disappeared. He also clenched his fist and countless traces of Yin Qi flowed out. A massive amount of Reincarnation Power gathered into his fist, giving off extremely terrifying ripples.

Wu Five arrived before Zhao Fu and punched out, seeming to be able to destroy the sky. Zhao Fu stepped forwards and punched out with his fist covered with Yin Qi, also containing incredible power.


A massive shockwave rippled out and Zhao Fu stumbled back ten or so steps while Wu Five's body crashed into the ground like a meteor. Hundreds of meters of the ground collapsed, and a massive shockwave rippled out.

Just as Zhao Fu prepared to continue attacking, Wu Five hurriedly stretched out his hand and said, "I admit my defeat."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu stopped because he did not have any grievances with Wu Five, and he also feared his status.

At the same time, Zhao Fu undid his fused status and coughed up a large amount of blood. The burden of fusing with the Six Paths Demon Images was quite intense.


Suddenly, boundless black aura swirled as black light descended from the sky. Countless black feathers floated down like snow and a figure with 24 wings gradually appeared.