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 In actuality, Zhao Fu did not want to fight at all. Apart from the battle with Bai Shengjun, which was for the Darkness Origin Crystal, Zhao Fu had not wanted to fight in any battles.

Wu Five flew into the sky and dodged Zhao Fu's attack. He also released his full strength as a massive azure aura flame burst forth around his body. He raised his fist and turned into a ray of light, giving off a mountain-like aura as he punched at Zhao Fu.


A massive sound rang out as Zhao Fu dodged to the side and Wu Five's punch hit the ground. An azure wave of internal energy exploded out, causing the ground in the surrounding 10,000 meters to cave in.


A clear sword hum sounded out as Zhao Fu stood in the sky and slashed with the Emperor Killing Sword. Hazy sword souls holding blood-red swords appeared in the sky and gave off an enormous aura as they descended.

Zhao Fu pointed at Wu Five and the countless sword souls locked onto Wu Five with their blood-red eyes and gave off dense killing intent as they turned into black blurs and shot towards Wu Five.

Facing the countless incoming sword souls, Wu Five's fists erupted with azure flames and a terrifying aura spread out. Wu Five continuously punched out quickly, sending out massive azure fist images that contained terrifying destructive power.

Bang! Bang! Bang...

The azure fist images and sword souls all contained great power and continuously clashed in the sky. Neither side could gain an advantage over the other, and they exploded in the sky, turning into gusts of powerful wind.

Seeing that he was unable to injure Wu Five, Zhao Fu held the Emperor Killing Sword, which burned with a ferocious black and blood-red aura flame. He stepped out in the air and gave off shocking power as he flew towards Wu Five.

In just an instant, Zhao Fu had arrived in front of Wu Five. He raised the Emperor Killing Sword and slashed down with boundless killing intent, seeming to tear apart space.

At that moment, Wu Five's right fist gave off an intense azure light and a ferocious power exploded out, twisting space itself. The instant Zhao Fu's sword arrived, Wu Five vigorously punched out, seeming to shatter space.


A shocking explosion sound out as the two incredible waves of power clashed together. The intense shockwave spread out like lightning, causing the ground in the surrounding tens of thousands of meters to collapse, and fragments of boulders shot everywhere.

In that moment, Zhao Fu continuously slashed out with his sword, sending out black and blood-red sword lights, while Wu Five continuously punched out azure fist images so fast that all that could be seen were blurs.

Bang! Bang! Bang...

The sword lights and fist images continuously clashed, and sword light and internal energy shot everywhere. Wild gales continuously blew out like a massive storm, and dust and sand were blown into the sky as boulders rolled and trees violently swayed.


Zhao Fu raised his sword and slashed towards Wu Five, while Wu Five punched out. The two incredibly strong powers once again clashed together, causing another shockwave to blast out, causing both people to fly backwards.

Both of them flew back hundreds of meters before they were able to stop their bodies, and a trace of blood leaked out of their lips. Zhao Fu coldly looked at Wu Five while Wu Five looked back at Zhao Fu, the smile from before gone. He now clearly knew that Zhao Fu using that power was enough to fight with him on equal terms.

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Zhao Fu pointed the Emperor Killing Sword at the sky and a blood-red sword light shot towards the sky, dying the sky blood-red. A black and blood-red magic formation giving off massive power appeared in the sky, causing Heaven and Earth Power to continuously gather, and countless traces of black and blood-red light scattered from the magic formation.

A heaven-toppling sword intent instantly poured down, covering everything like a flood. Under that sword intent, it seemed like everything was going to be destroyed.

Facing Wu Five, Zhao Fu used his strongest attack from the start. As he unleashed this attack, the second level fell into silence and all creatures felt immense terror.

"Eight Desolation Imperial Armor!" Seeing Zhao Fu use such a terrifying attack, Wu Five did not hold back anymore and used his most powerful attack. He roared as an azure rune appeared on his chest, giving off fathomless azure light that brightened the world.

In that moment, boundless Heaven and Earth Power madly gathered from all directions and gathered onto Wu Five's body, forming an azure battle armor. An azure armor madly swept out like a berserk gale.

Wu Five was now dressed in an azure battle armor, and his hands were covered with a set of azure gloves. His body gave off an azure light, causing clouds to swirl. The shocking Heaven and Earth Power that he gave off caused the world to seem to tremble in fear, and he looked like a god of war as he stood there.

Zhao Fu controlled the Heavenly Punishment Sword Formation, and the black and blood-red magic formation in the sky gradually started to spin as an aura of extermination spread out.

Boom! Boom! Boom...

Shocking explosions blasted through the sky as the black and blood-red magic formation shot down boundless blood-red sword light with shocking power. They seemed to divide the world into pieces, and space itself shattered like a mirror.

Boundless blood-red sword light shot towards Wu Five, who gave off a ferocious azure light as he shot at Zhao Fu. He was extremely agile and dodged the rays of sword light shooting at him.

Zhao Fu coldly harrumphed, raised his sword, and spun it in a circle. The Heavenly Punishment Sword Formation in the sky exploded out with even more intense light, and countless destructive rays of sword light locked onto Wu Five.


Countless rays of blood-red sword light brought with them enough power to tear apart the heavens and earth as they instantly landed. The terrifying power caused space to collapse, and the heavens and earth continuously shook.

Wu Five roared as countless arcs of azure lightning appeared around him and expanded out. His fists gave off an intense azure light, making them look like small suns. Wu Five punched out with his full strength, causing the heavens and earth to dim and the air to explode. An enormous azure ray of light giving off unstoppable momentum ferociously smashed towards the rays of sword light.


A shocking explosion sounded out as the boundless blood-red sword light and the azure light clashed together, giving off a destructive explosion. The shockwaves spread to 1,000 kilometers away before stopping.

Everything on the ground: Rocks, grasses, trees, and all sorts of living creatures were instantly devoured by the destructive light and turned into nothing. The heavens and earth continuously trembled as if they were on the verge of collapse.


At that moment, a ray of azure light containing immense destructive power flew out from the destructive light, hitting Zhao Fu incredibly quickly. In just an instant, everything was covered with an azure energy.

After everything settled, a 10,000 meter wide, hundreds of meters deep crater appeared, within which Zhao Fu lay covered with blood, his aura extremely weak.

Wu Five, dressed in his azure battle armor, stood in the air and looked at the heavily-wounded Zhao Fu and let out a breath as he said, "This battle is over; you've lost. However, I admit that you're truly powerful."

Zhao Fu was covered in blood as he feebly looked at Wu Five. He acknowledged that Wu Five was powerful and terrifying, but he would not admit his loss so easily.

"Arghh!" Zhao Fu roared as a heaven-toppling ghostly flame erupted around his body. A world-shaking shockwave spread out, seeming to slice apart the space around Zhao Fu. A destructive shockwave blasted out, and the heavens and earth continuously trembled.