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 However, after acting, the middle-aged man stopped and felt incredibly shocked. He had never thought that such a terrifying thing like the Emperor Killer Curse would be drawn out. Just who was that person? There was actually someone who had paid a great price to use Emperor Killer to kill him.

From the strength of this Emperor Killer, it was most likely done by a higher-being. And yet, that person had not died despite being afflicted with Emperor Killer.

"That person definitely isn't simple, and he might just be incredibly terrifying." It was not just the scholarly-looking middle-aged man who thought this way - after everyone else saw the results, they all understood how terrifying that person was, or else such a terrifying thing would not have happened.

"Imperial Father!" Zang Mingyue could not help but feel anxious. He had hoped to find Zhao Fu using this method and torment him in all sorts of ways to alleviate his anger. However, he now understood that he had caused trouble.

The scholarly-looking middle-aged man coldly harrumphed and did not even look at Zang Mingyue as he ordered, "This matter is to be listed as a top secret of the Zang Empire; no information about it is to be leaked. Invite people from the Heaven's Secrets Pavilion; we must find that person and obtain that person's information."

"Yes, Your Majesty!" everyone else replied seriously.

Following this, everyone went to carry out their orders. Some went to search for information about that person, and others went to contact the Heaven's Secrets Pavilion. The Heaven's Secrets Pavilion was the most proficient at Heaven's Secrets matters within the entire Heaven Domain.

However, the ones who went to the Heaven's Secrets Pavilion quickly came back and said that after sensing that person's aura, the Heaven's Secrets Pavilion's people's expressions had become ones of terror and refused the request.

This made the Zang Empire's people feel quite confused. The Zang Empire was a true Empire, and even within the Heaven Domain, it was a top-tier faction. And yet, the Heaven's Secrets Pavilion was not willing to give face and risked offending the Zang Empire to refuse to divine that person's location.

After this news came, everyone's expressions became quite unsightly. It was quite evident that that person was truly terrifying, and the Heaven's Secrets Pavilion had long since known of him.

The scholarly-looking middle-aged man felt quite troubled; his instincts had not lied to him. If it wasn't for this, he would have taken it to be a small matter. However, it had now become a big problem.

Those responsible for searching for that person's information also returned, and just as everyone expected, they were not able to find anything.

"Imperial Father, what should we do now?" Zang Wuyue asked as he looked at the scholarly-looking middle-aged man.

The scholarly-looking middle-aged man slightly sighed and said, "We have to do our best to find that person's location and information. If he's useful to us, we can pay a price to resolve the enmity between us. However, if that's not possible, we must kill him at all costs. That person is too dangerous."

Hearing this, everyone else nodded. The Emperor Killer Curse, the Early Stage Emperor Bloodline, and the reaction from the Heaven's Secrets Pavilion indeed required them to take the matter seriously.

Finally, Zang Mingyue was temporarily placed under house arrest. Hearing this, Zang Mingyue let out a sigh of relief because it was not a real punishment. However, he had never thought that that fake would have such an important identity.

Zhao Fu naturally did not know about any of these things. After recovering from his wounds, he expectantly opened up the white-haired young man's spatial ring.

If that white-haired young man had been in his peak condition, perhaps he would not have died. After being injured by Zhao Fu, he may have been able to escape. However, he was unlucky and the technique he had used had caused him to suffer a backlash and die.

As the previously second-ranked person, his gains were quite shocking. His ring was like a treasure trove and had all sorts of treasures inside. Zhao Fu also found some information and was shocked to find out that the white-haired young man was not only a World Realm expert but also the King of a Royal Kingdom.

He had never thought that he would be able to deal with a World Realm expert, and one who was a true King of a Royal Kingdom at that.

Fortunately, they could not use Nation Armaments and the white-haired young man's cultivation had been restricted, or else Zhao Fu would have been the one taking a beating.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

After looking at the treasures in the spatial ring, Zhao Fu could not help but grin. Following this, Zhao Fu discovered a piece of Taichi Stone.

This Taichi Stone was round and had a black and white taichi diagram on it. It was as big as a small plate and seemed to be made of ordinary rock. However, it was quite heavy and gave off an intense Yin Yang aura.

The Taichi Stone had been in a corner in the spatial ring, but the Sun and Moon Devil Marks on Zhao Fu's chest gave off intense lights and reacted greatly to the Taichi Stone.

The Sun and Moon Devil Marks allowed Zhao Fu's cultivation speed to increase during both day and night, but he had not discovered any other uses for them.

However, Zhao Fu felt that he could give the Taichi Stone to the Sun and Moon Devil Marks and cause them to obtain a certain kind of power. That way, Zhao Fu would benefit greatly; as such, he took the Taichi Stone and pressed it against his chest.

The Sun and Moon Devil Marks on his chest gave off an intense sunlight and gentle moonlight, and they covered the Taichi Stone. Following this, the Taichi Stone automatically fused into Zhao Fu's body.

Zhao Fu did not know where such a big piece of stone had gone; he checked his body but could not find it, and he guessed it was most likely within the Sun and Moon Devil Marks.

Finally, Zhao Fu felt quite hopeful as he checked over his body. His body had not reacted after fusing with the Taichi Stone, and after seeing that there were no changes, Zhao Fu felt quite disappointed and felt that he had not fully fused in the Taichi Stone.

"Sovereign!" Seeing that Zhao Fu had finished with what he was doing, Syndra leaned against Zhao Fu and gently stroked Zhao Fu's chest with her fingers as she flirtatiously called out.

Only then did Zhao Fu remember Syndra, and his previous disappointment disappeared. That battle from before was primarily because of her, and Zhao Fu immediately asked the golden dragon how to create a large number of Darkness Crystals.

After hearing the method from the golden dragon, Zhao Fu smiled; after returning to Great Qin, he would be able to mass-produce Darkness Crystals, and the gap between Great Qin and the outside world would be greatly decreased. Great Qin's overall strength would once again increase.

Zhao Fu led Syndra around the fourth level but could not find anything, so they headed to the third level.

The third level was quite similar to the fourth level, and it was also quite dim. However, the Cosmos Beasts here were much stronger than in the fourth level.

Zhao Fu's first thought was to find a Danger Zone. However, after looking around he found that someone had already conquered it. By the time Zhao Fu had arrived, it was in ruins.

Zhao Fu felt quite disappointed and looked around the third level. He found a ruins and made some decent gains, and he decided to head to the second level.

Zhao Fu had obtained a checkpoint medallion to go to the second level from killing a King class Darkness Cosmos Beast, and he also obtained a King level Darkness Crystal and Darkness Bloodline.

Zhao Fu tossed out the checkpoint medallion, which turned into a black vortex, and Zhao Fu led Syndra and walked in.

As if it was fate, right after Zhao Fu reached the second level, he saw an ordinary-looking young man sitting cross-legged on the ground, looking at him with a calm smile. It seemed that he had been waiting here for a while.