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 Zang Mingyue happily said, "Thank you big brother. In actuality, I know when to hold back and not offend anyone whose status is too high. I went to the outer Domains and was taught a lesson by a fake; I'm so angry I could die. That fake actually had such immense power."

"Fake?" Zang Wuyue asked curiously.

Following this, Zang Mingyue told everything that had happened to Zang Wuyue, from how he had encountered Zhao Fu to the battle that had taken place.

Zang Wuyue's expression was quite serious as he asked, "You said that that person's Emperor's aura was not only stronger than yours but many times purer as well? But he didn't have the Fate of an Empire?"

Zang Mingyue nodded as he said, "I also felt that it was quite strange; how could a fake have such a pure Emperor's bloodline?"

Zang Wuyue explained, "As Imperial Princes, our bloodline is incredibly pure; the only thing that could be purer is an Early Stage Emperor Bloodline."

Zang Mingyue cried out in shock, "No way! How could that person have an Early Stage Emperor Bloodline? It's impossible that he has an Empire, or else I would have died long ago."

"That's what I'm curious about as well. Even if an ordinary person obtains an Emperor's bloodline by luck, that Emperor's bloodline will not be very pure and will be a mixed bloodline. However, that person has an Early Stage Emperor Bloodline," Zang Wuyue mused.

Zang Mingyue houted noisily, "What do we do then? That person dared to injure me and treated me so condescendingly. If big brother doesn't kill him, I won't be able to get over my anger."s

Zang Wuyue looked at him and said earnestly, "Alright, I'll take care of this. That person isn't simple, so we have to take this seriously."

After hearing this, Zang Mingyue gave a relaxed smile. He could already imagine Zhao Fu dying a horrible death.

Following this, Zang Wuyue returned to the imperial palace and everyone else did not take too much mind of this matter. However, after telling everyone else about it, they asked in shock, "Early Stage Emperor Bloodline?"

Zang Wuyue earnestly nodded and said, "According to what Sixth Brother said, that person most likely has an Early Stage Emperor Bloodline that is much more powerful than the Zang Empire's Emperor's bloodline. It makes sense that Sixth Brother lost like that."

"This is no small matter; we should have people capture that person and interrogate him to find out why he has an Early Stage Emperor Bloodline," one person said coldly.

Zang Wuyue shook his head, "This matter is perhaps quite difficult. Sixth Brother met that person in the Cosmos Historical Remnant in the outer Domains; it will be very difficult to find that person."

The scholarly-looking middle-aged man looked quite serious and he felt a trace of a bad premonition as he said, "Use our Empire's secret technique to divine that person's location. If he knows how to obtain an Early Stage Emperor Bloodline, he might be of great use to the Zang Empire. Moreover, he's no small threat and should be disposed of as soon as possible."

Hearing his words, none of them thought that the middle-aged man would take this matter so seriously and even use the Empire's secret technique. This completely exceeded their expectations.

One person said, "Imperial Father, are you sure? Do we really need to take this so seriously?"

The scholarly-looking young man replied earnestly, "Indeed, my instincts tell me that this matter must be dealt with seriously."

Following this, an elder wearing priest robes went to a tall altar and stood at the center of a magic formation. Zang Mingyue was also called over; he had never thought that the Empire would take such great heed of something like this and felt quite pleased. Zhao Fu was dead beyond a doubt.

A piece of clothing with blood on it was handed to the priest. The blood on the clothes belonged to Zhao Fu.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

The priest started to chant as he held this piece of clothing. The temperature started quickly fell as an eerie ghostly power flowed out of the altar. Countless wandering spirits appeared, surrounding the priest like a vortex.

More and more Yin Qi appeared, and it spread to cover the surrounding 10,000 meters. There were dozens of spirits around the priest, giving off a shocking aura.


The priest threw the bloodied clothes into the sky, and the tens of thousands of spirits around the priest instantly swarmed towards the clothes. A powerful aura exploded out and boundless gray light shot out everywhere.

A massive image appeared in the sky. It was a ghostly Emperor with a pale face and a savage expression. It wore a gray dragon robe and a gray dragon crown. It had a gray dragon sword at its side and gave off a cold and eerie aura.

This secret technique was called the Ghost Emperor Divination. It summoned an image of a Ghost Emperor and had it enter the boundless Heaven's Secrets to find a person.

After the Ghost Emperor image appeared, the priest bowed towards it and said, "This old man would like to find this person's location. Please point in the direction, Ghost Emperor."

Hearing this, the Ghost Emperor closed its eyes and its consciousness entered the boundless Heaven's Secrets. It followed the aura of that blood and quickly found the person.

However, what it saw was a sea of fog. After sensing the Ghost Emperor's approach, it rushed at the Ghost Emperor with a massive tide of deathly aura. The Ghost Emperor's expression fell and it quickly retreated, but the tide of deathly aura was incredibly ferocious and the Ghost Emperor's consciousness was instantly inundated.

The Ghost Emperor suddenly opened its eyes and a wave of deathly aura exploded out from its body, causing it to shatter into pieces.

The deathly aura that flowed out of the Ghost Emperor's body was like a savage monster and flew about the surroundings. The Stage 5 or 6 guards in the surroundings were unable to resist at all and their life force was devoured by that deathly aura.


Three rays of light suddenly descended from the sky; they were blood-red, gold, and gray. The sky was instantly dyed into three colors, and the three rays of light gave off an unimaginable power as they smashed into the priest's body.

The priest was blasted out like an ant and heavily crashed to the ground. He coughed up a large mouthful of blood, and many of his bones had been broken.

These sudden changes caused everyone in the surroundings to look quite shocked. The Ghost Emperor Divination was one of the Zang Empire's strongest secret techniques. Because it relied on the Ghost Emperor, it was not something that ordinary secret techniques could compare to.

However, it was evident that the secret technique had failed and the priest had suffered immense backlash. From the severity of the backlash, it seemed that that person was being protected by Heaven's Secrets.

The deathly aura continued to ferociously spread, and the scholarly-looking middle-aged man coldly harrumphed as he grabbed out with his hand. A massive Emperor's power that seemed to be able to seal the heavens and earth spread out, suppressing the deathly aura.

However, in the next moment, the scholarly-looking middle-aged man's expression changed as he found that the deathly aura seemed to especially counter Emperor's power. The Emperor's power suppressing the deathly aura was quickly devoured by the deathly aura, causing it to become even more ferocious, and it madly swirled towards the surrounding people, especially those with the Emperor's bloodline.

Seeing this scene, and sensing how terrifying that terrifying deathly aura was, the scholarly-looking middle-aged man could not help but cry out, "Emperor Killer Curse!"


The scholarly-looking middle-aged man exploded out with a massive amount of Emperor's power and blasted it towards the deathly aura. The terrifying Emperor's power gradually reduced the deathly aura into nothingness. Even though the deathly aura was terrifying, there was not enough of it, and the scholarly-looking middle-aged man was still able to deal with it.