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Within a ravine, Zhao Fu coughed up a large mouthful of blood and climbed up from the ground with great difficulty. A dark figure suddenly leapt over, and Zhao Fu grabbed out with his hand, clamping onto that person's throat, and he saw Syndra looking at him with pity.

Only after hearing that there was no noise for a while did Syndra dare to come out. Because she had a master and servant relationship with Zhao Fu, she knew that Zhao Fu was still alive.

She had wanted to escape, but Bai Shengjun had locked onto her, so she could only stay put and remain close by.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

If she really ran away, Zhao Fu would think that she had betrayed him. He would not stop Bai Shengjun from killing her, and he would only try to take the Darkness Origin Crystal from Bai Shengjun after.

"Sovereign! You're so strong." Zhao Fu let go and Syndra smiled as she came over and hugged Zhao Fu's arm.

Zhao Fu ignored her words and asked, "How are those two people?"

Syndra shook her head as she replied, "I don't know! I was just concerned with Sovereign's safety, so I hurried over. There has been no noise from the other two, and they're most likely heavily injured. Maybe they've been killed by Sovereign."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu flew into the air and his pupils spun as he searched for the two people. They were two incredibly powerful enemies, so Zhao Fu would not let them off and definitely had to kill them.

Zhao Fu flew into the air and saw that the ground was in a complete mess. There were craters and deep ravines everywhere. There were no signs of life left, and some places had become canyons while other places had become flatlands.

After searching about, Zhao Fu found a corpse that looked like rotten wood. It was an elderly man's corpse; that elderly man was incredibly ancient and seemed like he would have died of old age soon. The aura that the corpse gave off was that of the white-haired young man's.

Zhao Fu had never thought that he would kill the white-haired young man, and he felt quite delighted. He would now have one less opponent.

The golden dragon looked at the corpse and said, "He wasn't killed by you; his death was because of the backlash from some sort of secret technique. It was most likely after you heavily wounded him. Also, he's a World Realm expert, so you should put his corpse away. There are most likely many good things on his body."

Zhao Fu smiled; he understood the value of this corpse. There were most likely countless treasures within his spatial ring as well.

However, Zhao Fu did not go through it for now, and he instead went to look for Bai Shengjun.

After searching for a while, Zhao Fu concluded that Bai Shengjun had escaped, and he was most likely injured heavily. Zhao Fu was quite disappointed and could only give up. He found a hidden place to start to treat his injuries, which were quite severe.

Syndra served by his side. After seeing Zhao Fu's true strength, her loyalty increased greatly.

Those in the distance were also somewhat affected by the shockwaves. They had never thought that the final attack would explode with such terrifying destructive power to the point that it would seem apocalyptic.

Now that everything had fallen silent, everyone understood that the battle had concluded and looked at the rankings. Zhao Fu remained in first place, while the white-haired young man's position had disappeared; he had most likely left the Cosmos Historical Remnant.

Bai Shengjun's name was still there, but everyone understood that it was Bai Shengjun and the white-haired young man who had lost. For two peerless geniuses to lose even after joining together, that Emperor's power was simply horrifying.

Now, out of the original top five geniuses, only the previous top-ranked genius had not fought with that Emperor before. All of the other geniuses had lost.

Elsewhere, Bai Haoran supported the heavily-wounded Bai Shengjun and quickly ran, not daring to slow down at all out of fear that Zhao Fu would catch up.

Currently, Bai Shengjun's expression was quite desolate as he said weakly, "Haoran, I lost. Not only did I use the techniques Master gave me, but I also had to join forces with someone else and still lost."

Bai Haoran lightly nodded. To him, his brother was an invincible legend, yet this legend had been destroyed by someone today. However, Bai Haoran smiled confidently and said, "Big brother, I believe that you'll defeat him one day!"

Seeing how confident his little brother was in him, Bai Shengjun forced out a smile. Only he knew how difficult that would be.

Within a grand and majestic palace, Zang Mingyue stormed in and directly ran to the Zang Empire's imperial palace and shouted at the guards, "Hurry up and report to my Imperial Father that someone has humiliated the Zang Empire, and tell him to send over a few Emperor Heaven Realm experts."

After returning to the Zang Empire, Zang Mingyue thought about the humiliation he had received from Zhao Fu, and he planned to bring a few Emperor Heaven Realm experts to sweep across the outer Domains.

The most powerful people in outer Domains were World Realm experts. With a few Emperor Heaven Realm experts, he could completely ravage the outer Domains and kill whoever he wanted. He would be able to do as he pleased; this was the strength of an Empire.

The guards naturally felt quite hesitant about Zang Mingyue's orders but still cautiously reported this.

Within the imperial palace, a scholarly-looking middle-aged man was talking with a few young men with extraordinary bearings. Those young men all gave off dense Emperor's auras that were much stronger than Zang Mingyue's; they were all Imperial Princes of the Zang Empire.

A guard came up to report what Zang Mingyue had said.

One of the young men coldly harrumphed and said, "That boy's gone to make trouble again; this time he's run into a tough person and was taught a lesson, and now he wants to get back at him. Truly an embarrassment for the Zang Empire."

Another young man said condescendingly, "Apart from playing around, all he knows is how to play around. His strength is so much weaker than ours, and even though he's also an Imperial Prince, he's trash who doesn't know how to improve. We should just drive someone like him out of the Empire."

A handsome-looking young man frowned as he said, "Don't talk like that; after all, he's our Sixth Brother!"

Hearing the young man's words, no one else said anything. Evidently, this young man's authority within the Zang Empire was quite great.

The scholarly-looking middle-aged man sitting at the main position smiled as he looked at that young man appreciatively and said, "Wuyue, go and see what's going on. Little Sixth was most likely taught a lesson, but no matter what, anyone who humiliates an Imperial Prince of the Zang Empire must die. An Empire's dignity is not to be trampled on."

The handsome-looking young man, Zang Wuyue, cupped his hands and left the palace and went to Zang Mingyue's room.

Seeing Zang Wuyue arrive, Zang Mingyue felt quite happy. Out of all of his brothers, he was the closest with Zang Wuyue. He asked, "Big brother, why did you come? Did Imperial Father agree to giving me Emperor Heaven Realm experts?"

Zang Wuyue smiled as he said, "How could he give you Emperor Heaven Realm experts so easily? Even though there are many of them within the Heaven Domain, each of them are extremely precious. Even within the inner Domains, they are incredibly powerful.

"Also, tell me the specifics of what happened; what kind of person is the person who humiliated the Zang Empire's people? If it can be dealt with easily, I'll deal with it myself and bring you that person's head. However, it would be for the best if you didn't offend someone you shouldn't haven't offended!"