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 Boom! Boom! Boom...

The 10,000 sword souls did not look like much, but each one had extremely terrifying power. They rushed forwards towards the two people and swung their blood-red swords, sending out sharp blood-red sword lights.

Bai Shengjun unleashed the Five Elements Extermination's power, destroying the incoming sword souls. The white-haired young man formed the blood-red giant, which spewed out blood-red flames and incinerated the sword souls.


A sword hum sounded out, tearing through the sky, as Zhao Fu suddenly appeared in front of Bai Shengjun. The Emperor Killing Sword in his hand slashed down, giving off heaven-toppling power and blasting Bai Shengjun back 1,000 meters, destroying a small mountain in the process.

The blood-red giant that the white-haired young man had formed roared as it stabbed the blood-red spear in its hands towards Zhao Fu, seeming to be able to pierce through the world.


Zhao Fu swung backhanded and an enormous blood-red crescent tore through space and clashed with the spear. Zhao Fu remained in place, while the blood-red giant stumbled back five or six steps.

In just that exchange, the terrifying power that Zhao Fu gave off caused Bai Shengjun and the white-haired young man to feel a trace of fear within their hearts.


Bai Shengjun did not hesitate as the five-colored pendant hanging in front of his chest gave off an intense five-colored light. An ocean of Five Elements power entered his body, and Bai Shengjun swung his sword, causing the five-colored energy barrier to cover the surrounding 10,000 meters, giving off a world-like might.

"Roar!!" The blood-red giant raised its head and roared as a blood-red aura flame erupted around it and its body became bigger and bigger. In the end, it became a 10,000 meter tall blood-red giant that gave off a world-destroying aura.

Zhao Fu wielded the Emperor Killing Sword with all of his might, causing it to give off an intense sword light, and the surrounding space seemed to be torn apart by sword qi.


Zhao Fu turned into a ray of light and gave off a powerful aura as he shot towards the blood-red giant. The blood-red giant gripped its spear and stabbed out, seeming to cause space itself to explode.


Zhao Fu slashed out, and an incredibly destructive strike landed against the spearhead. An enormous explosion sounded out as a terrifying shockwave blasted out. In front of those shockwaves, even Stage 9 Cosmos Beasts would not be able to survive.


Bai Shengjun stretched out a hand towards Zhao Fu, and the five-colored energy barrier gave off an intense light and formed a ray of light that shot towards Zhao Fu with great power.

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Zhao Fu slashed out, sending out a massive blood-red crescent. It cut the incoming five-colored ray of light in half, causing it to scatter into motes of light.

The battle between the three people was incredibly terrifying, and the resulting shockwaves seemed like they could destroy the world, causing all living creatures to sink into fear.

Some people finally reached the outer bounds of the fight, and after looking at how destructive this battle was, they fell into shock. The area ahead had been completely flattened. All mountains and rivers were gone, and there were enormous craters and cracks everywhere. All plants had disappeared, and traces of destructive aura hung above the ground.

This was the scene of the battle? How terrifying! As expected from a battle between peerless geniuses: Only those top five monsters could do such a thing.

The top five had not disappointed the crowds from the beginning. Not only were they far ahead in terms of points, but their battles were also on the level of that of godly spirits.

However, what they saw next caused them to feel even more shocked because they saw two people attacking a single person. There were two geniuses working together to defeat another. Just how powerful was that single genius to be able to withstand the combined attacks from two other geniuses?

Following this, based on his aura, they found that the person fighting against two geniuses was that Emperor from before.

Bai Haoran looked incredibly shocked; he had never thought that his big brother would have to work together with someone else to defeat a person.


A shocking explosion sounded out as the three people gave off terrifying power and clashed together, causing an extremely destructive explosion to blast out. Space itself was torn apart as three bodies flew backwards. After such a long battle, all of them had some injuries.

"Five Elements Extermination!" Now, all three people were furious and were filled with killing intent, thinking of all the ways to kill the other side. Bai Shengjun mustered all of his strength to unleash his most terrifying attack.

The 10,000 meter wide five-colored energy barrier rose into the sky and gave off brilliant light, making it look like a five-colored sun. A world-destroying Five Elements power descended, causing the space, ground, and everything within to start to disintegrate.

"One Heavenly Snake!" The 10,000 meter tall blood-red giant roared, causing large amounts of blood-red aura to flow into its blood-red spear.

The blood-red spear seemed to gain a life of its own as it condensed into a massive blood-red snake with dozens of eyes. It also gave off a world-destroying power, and everything around it started to collapse.


Zhao Fu pointed the Emperor Killing Sword at the sky, and a blood-red sword light shot into the sky. A black and blood-red magic formation appeared in the sky, causing Heaven and Earth power to continuously gather as countless rays of black and blood-red light flowed out from the magic formation.

A supreme sword intent poured down, covering everything. Under this sword intent, everything turned into nothingness without any resistance.

Bai Shengjun gathered the Five Elements Extermination power into a single point, and the Five Elements World's power started to weaken as Bai Shengjun pointed out.


A five-colored ray of light shot out extremely quickly, tearing through the heavens and earth in just an instant.


The 10,000 meter tall blood-red giant threw out its snake-like spear, which gave off power that seemed to be able to destroy everything as it shot out like a red ray of light. Explosions sounded out as the spear continuously caused the space it passed through to explode.

Facing these two attacks, Zhao Fu's expression did not change. The black and blood-red magic formation in the sky started to slowly spin as an aura of extermination was brought forth, and Zhao Fu lowered his sword.

Boom! Boom! Boom...

Shocking explosions tore through the sky as the black and blood-red magic formation suddenly shot out fathomless blood-red sword light, seeming to tear the sky into chunks. Space shattered like a mirror, and as the sword light struck the ground, the ground too was obliterated.


A massive explosion sounded out and the world seemed to collapse as the three attacks collided. Everything in the surrounding 100 kilometers was reduced to nothingness in an instant, and the terrifying shockwave spread out with thunderous momentum.

The ground continuously collapsed and massive boulders and trees were reduced to powder. Sand and dust filled the sky, and the ground violently trembled as if it was the end of the world.