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 Bai Haoran's expression was slightly grim as he looked ahead, because he knew who it was fighting against Zhao Fu. He was extremely familiar with that aura; it was his big brother, Bai Shengjun.

Before, he had thought that with his big brother's unrivalled talent, he should be able to suppress Zhao Fu. However, after witnessing Zhao Fu's power, Bai Haoran no longer thought that way. However, he never thought that the two of them would have started fighting so quickly.

Looking at the region covered with dark clouds, and seeing those shockwaves continuously blast it, it was evident that the battle was abnormally intense.

Boom! Boom! Boom...

The Six Paths Demon Images raised their massive hands and gave off terrifying as they slammed down onto the five-coloured energy barrier, resulting in explosions that created intense winds.

The five-coloured energy barrier was incredibly tough, and despite suffering so many attacks from the Six Paths Demon Images, it still had not shattered. It only trembled and did not even crack yet.

However, Bai Shengjun understood that being attacked like this by the Six Paths Demon Images, the Five Elements World would be destroyed sooner or later. He had to escape from this suppression.


Within the five-coloured energy barrier, Bai Shengjun started to perform hand seals and five different-coloured orbs of light appeared around him. After these five orbs appeared, the five-coloured energy barrier gave off even more intense five-coloured light, and exploded out with a wave of terrifying power.

This power was extremely great and forced back the Six Paths Demon Images surrounding the five-coloured energy barrier a few steps.

The 10,00 metre wide five-coloured energy barrier gave off terrifying might as it quickly rose into the sky. From the distance, it was possible to see a five-coloured orb of light giving off a monstrous aura as it hung in the sky.

"Five Elements Extermination!" Bai Shengjun coldly looked at Zhao Fu. He had finished performing his hand seals, and the five orbs of light around him suddenly exploded.


A shocking explosion blasted out as the five orbs of light gave off brilliant light, looking like five different-coloured suns.; at the same time, a world-destroying five elements destructive power spread out. The surrounding space, ground, trees and rocks were all reduced to dust.

Those who were heading over to see what was happening all froze on the spot. The terrifying aura coming from ahead filled the air, and seemed to be everywhere.

In that moment, their bodies could not help but tremble out of an instinctive fear. They knew that if they continued ahead, they might die.

At that moment, everyone could only stop and look towards the distance in shock. The five-coloured sun in the sky dispelled all of the darkness in the fourth level.

There was a 100,000 metre wide, 1,000 metre deep crater in the ground, and it was still collapsing. Zhao Fu and the Six Paths Demon Images stood in the air, withstanding the power of the five-coloured sun, but it was extremely painful, as if his body was being gradually torn apart.

Zhao Fu led the Six Paths Demon Images and descended to the ground. The ground was more favourable for the Six Paths Demon Images, because underground was the Underworld.


Under Zhao Fu's control, the Six Paths Demon Images half-knelt on the ground and pressed their hands against the ground. The ground instantly collapsed and a grey magic formation appeared. A wave of Yin Qi exploded out like a volcanic eruption.

Zhao Fu stood at the centre of the Yin Qi, between the Six Paths Demon Images. His body absorbed the boundless Yin Qi, and his body seemed to become ghostly. His jet-black long hair became grey-white, and his eyes became filled with eeriness and coldness. At the same time, Zhao Fu's aura became extremely powerful.

Zhao Fu raised his head and looked at the five-coloured sun in the sky. The six grey dots in his right eye quickly spun and the Six Paths Demon Images roared as they once again vigorously pressed down against the ground.

Clang! Clang! Clang...

Massive sounds of chains sounded out, shaking the sky, as massive grey chains giving off cold and eerie auras shot out from the ground towards the five-coloured sun in the sky.


The five-coloured sun giving off blinding light as bound by the hundreds of thousands of chains that shot out from the ground. This was an incredibly shocking scene, and from the distance, it looked like chains from the Underworld had bound up that five-coloured sun.

After being bound by the countless chains, the light from the five-coloured sun became dimmer and dimmer, and its destructive power was gradually sealed, causing Bai Shengjun's expression to fall.

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Bai Shengjun raised a hand and roared, and a five-coloured aura flame erupted around his body as a powerful aura spread out. The give-coloured energy barrier which had been dimming flared to life again and started to slowly spin as it fought against the binding of the chains.

Zhao Fu looked at Bai Shengjun and coldly harrumphed as the six grey dots in his right eye spun even faster, and grey blood started to flow out.

Clang, clang, clang...

More chains shot out from the ground. There were over 100,000 of them and each was 1 metre thick. They gave off massive cold and eerie power as they shot towards the five-coloured sun in the sky, once again binding the five-coloured sun in an instant.

Bai Shengjun loudly roared as he exploded out with even greater power. he controlled the five-coloured energy barrier, trying to break free of the countless chains, which gave off clanging sounds. Waves of destructive aura spread out from the sky, shaking the sky.

A savage look appeared in Zhao Fu's eyes as he raised a hand and vigorously grabbed out.


The chains went taut and started to pull downwards as a terrifying ghostly power vigorously dragged the five-coloured sun in the sky down to the ground. It crashed onto the ground, creating a terrifying shockwave, destroying the ground and obliterating countless trees.

Within the five-coloured energy barrier, Bai Shengjun coughed up a mouthful of blood. After crashing down from the sky, he had been greatly injured.

The five-coloured energy barrier was now bound by countless chains on the ground, and the blinding five-coloured light had disappeared.

The Six Paths Demon Images stood up and grabbed at the air, causing boundless Yin Qi to flow out and form different weapons, and they once again surrounded the five-coloured energy barrier.


The Animal Demon Image, covered with muscles, gripped its fist and punched out with incredibly destructive power, causing the air to explode. The power slammed against the five-coloured energy barrier, causing it to tremble.


The Hungry Ghost Demon Image raised its bone knife and savagely hacked down towards the five-coloured energy barrier, bringing with it a powerful knife wind. The knife slashed against the five-coloured energy barrier, causing it to once again violently tremble.


Another massive sound blasted out as the Hell Demon Image raised its pitchfork and gave off ferocious power as it stabbed towards the five-coloured energy barrier, causing a slight crack to appear.

The Six Paths Demon Images continuously attacked ferociously, causing powerful winds to sweep out. The five-coloured energy barrier gradually became covered with cracks, and looked like it would be shattered soon. Bai Shengjun's expression became more and more unsightly.