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A massive sound exploded out as the two massive hands clashed together and released an enormous shockwave. A searing heatwave rippled out, causing the surrounding water vapor to disappear, and countless plants withered.

"Ghost Devour!" Seeing that he was unable to hit Bai Shengjun, Zhao Fu roared and the six gray dots in his right eye quickly spun as countless traces of ghostly qi flowed out and savage ghosts sprang towards Bai Shengjun like a flood.

Bai Shengjun's gaze became slightly serious and he let go of the five-colored sword and started to perform hand seals with his hands, causing them to give off green light.


Bai Shengjun pressed a hand against the ground, causing a powerful green light wave to spread out. Green vines burst out of the ground, bringing with them immense power as they shot towards the ghosts. In just an instant, countless ghosts were bound by the vines.

Zhao Fu coldly laughed as he cried out, "Ghostgod Soldiers!"

The bound ghosts turned into tufts of ghostly qi and formed various weapons. There were sabers, swords, staffs, axes, and the like, and they broke free from the vines in an instant and gave off sharp auras as they shot towards Bai Shengjun.

Bai Shengjun was startled and immediately released his five-colored energy barrier.


A massive sound rang out as the over 10,000 ghostly weapons slammed against the five-colored energy barrier. The five-colored energy barrier instantly shattered and the countless ghostly weapons shot forwards, looking like they were about to pierce through Bai Shengjun's body.

However, Bai Shengjun turned into a ray of light and shot into the ground and disappeared. The ghostly weapons stabbed into the ground, giving off muffled explosions and opening up a ten meter wide crater in the ground.


In the next instant, Bai Shengjun appeared behind Zhao Fu and his five-colored sword gave off immense sword light as he vigorously slashed at Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu's heart tightened and his hairs stood on end as he swung backhanded and blocked Bai Shengjun's attack.

"Hah!!" Bai Shengjun roared as a five-colored aura flame burst forth around him. A powerful wind blew out as Bai Shengjun slashed Zhao Fu backwards.

Zhao Fu quickly stopped his body and he coldly looked at Bai Shengjun as he raised the Death Race Sword. His Sovereign Bloodline burned as a massive Emperor's might caused countless creatures to fall into silence.

Countless traces of deathly aura rushed forth and a figure wearing a palace dress appeared. Following this, that figure brought a wave deathly aura as it charged towards Bai Shengjun, seeming unstoppable.

The five-colored sword in Bai Shengjun's shot out countless rays of light and the five-colored aura flame around him shot up to three meters high. Bai Shengjun vigorously slashed and a five-colored sword light giving off an aura that seemed to be able to slash through anything flashed out.


The massive five-colored sword light clashed with the tide of deathly aura and boundless sword light and deathly aura shot everywhere. In the end, the deathly aura won out, shattering the five-colored sword light and slamming Bai Shengjun down from the sky.

After falling to the ground, Bai Shengjun said with a trace of anger, "I admit that you're very strong; if it was before, I would not be able to defeat you. However, I'm not the same Bai Shengjun from the boundary regions."


After speaking, a five-colored pendant giving off intense light floated out from within his clothes. An unimaginably powerful energy rushed forth like a fountain, and the ground and air could not withstand this energy and started to collapse.

Massive rays of five-colored light blasted down from the sky, causing the world to fall into silence in terror.

The golden dragon said, "That person used the power prepared for him by a higher-being; Zhao Fu, you need to be careful."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu nodded seriously.

"Five Elements World!" Bai Shengjun roared out as a five-colored energy barrier giving off incredibly destructive power spread out quickly. A shocking explosion sounded out as the ground collapsed and everything in the surrounding 100,000 meters were reduced to nothing.

A 100,000 meter wide and hundreds of meters deep crater appeared on the ground. Within the crater there was a 10,000 meter wide five-colored energy barrier that looked like an entire world. It had its own ground, sky, creeks, grass, and mountains.

This 10,000 meter wide five-colored energy barrier continuously devoured the source energy around it, causing the space around it to continuously collapse. The heavens and earth became dim and clouds swirled as bolts of lightning descended, and it was as if it was the end of the world.

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A trace of killing intent flashed in Bai Shengjun's eyes as he looked at Zhao Fu and said, "Today is the day of your death. Do you have any last words?"

Zhao Fu coldly harrumphed and asked in response, "Is that so? Say those words after you show me you have the strength to kill me!"


An explosion sounded out as a ghostly aura flame that was dozens of meters tall burst forth around Zhao Fu's body, and an eerie wind blew out in all directions.

Bai Shengjun did not say anything else and coldly stretched out a hand towards Zhao Fu. He forcefully pushed out, and the 10,000 meter wide five-colored energy barrier slammed towards Zhao Fu like an entire world.

It was incredibly fast and space continuously collapsed, and the pressure it gave off reduced smaller rocks to dust. Even godly spirits would feel terror and be unable to stop it.

The 10,000 meter wide five-colored energy slammed towards Zhao Fu, and it looked like Zhao Fu was about to be smashed into meat paste.


At that moment, Zhao Fu tore off the clothes in front of his chest, and a gray pearl floated out onto his chest as six chains shot out.

Boom! Boom! Boom...

Six explosions sounded out, causing the world to tremble before falling silent. A heaven-toppling wave of ghostly qi descended, causing the world to seem to become a ghost world. Six 1,000 meter tall figures giving off world-destroying power appeared in the sky.

Those were the Six Paths Demon Images in their peak condition!

The 10,000 meter wide five-colored energy barrier gave off a world-destroying aura as it slammed towards Zhao Fu. However, the six 1,000 meter tall Demon Images raised their massive arms and swatted down towards that five-colored energy barrier.


A shocking explosion sounded out as the 10,000 meter wide five-colored energy barrier was slammed into the ground, causing a shockwave to ripple out. The ground was blasted apart, causing boulders to be reduced to dust and countless trees were uprooted as a crater that was tens of thousands of meters wide appeared.

Bai Shengjun had a trace of shock on his face; he had never thought that Zhao Fu would have such an attack hidden. He had thought that using the Five Element Spirit Stone would be enough to kill Zhao Fu, but it seemed that he had underestimated Zhao Fu.

The Six Paths Demon Images surrounded the 10,000 meter wide five-colored energy barrier. They raised their arms and gave off incredibly destructive power as they slammed them down towards the five-colored energy barrier.

From a distance, it looked like this place was covered with dark clouds, and it flashed with terrifying lights. Incredibly destructive shockwaves continuously rippled out from there as well.

Shi Shuge, Ming Jian, You Quan, and others had already arrived at the fourth level and headed in that direction. As they came closer, they were forced to stop because they found out that one of those auras belonged to Zhao Fu.

What was going on? That Emperor was fighting with another peerless genius, and the aura from this battle was many times more terrifying than that previous battle.