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The instant that Bai Shengjun was sent flying, he stretched out a hand and grabbed towards Zhao Fu, causing a massive flaming hand giving off immense heat to fly towards him.

Zhao Fu was startled and he immediately released his Emperor's Domain. The massive flaming hand crashed against the Emperor's Domain, and Zhao Fu was also sent flying back.

Bai Shengjun stopped his body and slashed out a five-colored crescent, tearing through space as it flew towards Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu also slashed out a blood-red crescent, which gave off ferocious power as it slashed towards Bai Shengjun.


The two crescents collided, resulting in another massive explosion. The shockwave turned into wild wind that blew in all directions, causing boulders to roll and trees to tremble.

By the side, Syndra watched the battle between the two people in shock. This was the first time she had seen such a terrifying battle, and even though Bai Shengjun was undoubtedly powerful, luckily the person she had submitted to was quite good as well. Otherwise, she would have been killed by Bai Shengjun.

The terrifying aura coming from here caused everyone on the fourth level to look quite shocked and afraid. They could not help but gather here, wanting to know what was going on.

However, as they came closer, those terrifying ripples became more and more intense, and the destructive aura grew greater and greater. Everyone felt as if they had fallen into an icy cavern, and their bodies uncontrollably trembled.

Boom! Boom! Boom...

Explosions blasted out in the sky as the five massive beasts gave loud roars and exploded out with terrifying power. The five swords also gave off even more intense sword light, and the two sides vehemently clashed together, sending the world into chaos.

"Five Elements Sword!" Bai Shengjun pointed his Five Elements Sword at the sky and a massive sword light shot into the sky. The sky seemed to explode, and a shockwave blasted out, dissipating all clouds and the black aura, causing the blue sky to appear.

Shing! Shing! Shing...

Five sword hums tore through the sky as five sword lights descended from the sky. They were gold, green, blue, red, and yellow, and the descent of the five sword lights caused the world to violently tremble as the power of the five elements madly gathered.

Five massive swords of light giving off apocalyptic power hung in the sky, causing the world to fall into terror.

Zhao Fu's expression became grim as he equipped the Death Race Sword, and Zhao Fu sent his own power and the Six Paths Demon Images' power into it.


In that moment, the Death Race Sword gave off a massive sword hum, and countless traces of deathly aura exploded out like a volcanic eruption. The deathly aura instantly covered the surrounding 10,000 meters, and Zhao Fu's figure was also covered by the dense deathly aura.

Suddenly, the deathly aura started to spin, forming a vortex of deathly aura. Zhao Fu held the Death Race Sword as he stood at the center of the vortex, and a massive amount of Heaven and Earth Energy was absorbed, causing a boundless deathly intent to cause the world to seem to freeze.

That eerie and cold aura seemed to make the world feel dead, and everything turned a deathly grey color. There were no traces of life, and the surrounding darkness aura was pushed out as well.

Zhao Fu's gaze was cold as he looked at Zhao Fu, and his five-colored sword descended.

Boom! Boom! Boom...

The five massive swords of light hanging in the sky pointed down towards Zhao Fu and shot out incredibly quickly, bringing with them five massive air currents. They gave off thunderous sounds as they shot towards Zhao Fu, and five sword gashes seemed to appear in the sky.

At that moment, Zhao Fu raised his sword flat, and countless traces of deathly aura flowed out. The vortex of deathly aura gave off boundless deathly intent as it quickly spun, giving off a massive might.

Bang! Bang! Bang...

The five swords of light brought with them terrifying power as they shot into the vortex of deathly aura. The incredibly sharp sword light gradually pierced through the vortex of deathly aura, causing the vortex to start to become five-colored.

However, the vortex of deathly aura continued to spin, and the boundless deathly intent continuously reduced the power of the five swords of light.

"Arghhh!" Bai Shengjun roared as he stabbed forwards with his five-colored sword, causing the five swords of light within the vortex of deathly aura to explode out with even more intense sword light. They pierced through the vortex of deathly aura, causing the vortex to dissipate.

The five swords gave off resplendent light and unstoppable power as they blasted towards Zhao Fu.


A heaven-shaking explosion sounded out as the countless traces of deathly aura were instantly absorbed by the Death Race Sword, causing it to give off an incredibly terrifying deathly intent. Zhao Fu vigorously slashed out, sending out a massive gray sword light that cut against the five swords of light.

The five swords of light exploded, and the shockwave blasted Zhao Fu back, causing him to cough up a mouthful of blood. The webbing between his thumb and index finger was also torn.


The instant Zhao Fu was blasted back, the golden pupil in his left eye quickly spun, causing countless chains to shoot out from the air, each of them containing immense power as they shot at Bai Shengjun.

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Bai Shengjun was given a big fright and a five-colored barrier spread out. The chains heavily slammed against the barrier, causing it to violently tremble, and it was soon pierced by the countless chains.

However, much of the power of the chains had been dispelled, and Bai Shengjun sent out a few sharp sword lights, destroying the incoming chains and causing them to fall like rain.

"Roar!!" However, at that moment, a massive wave of eerie ghostly qi appeared around Bai Shengjun. It formed a 300 meter tall ghost with two horns, and it heavily smashed its fists towards Bai Shengjun. Bai Shengjun's body plummeted like a sandbag and smashed open a crater on the ground.

Zhao Fu appeared above the crater and raised the Death Race Sword. Countless traces of sword light spilled out, and Zhao Fu prepared to slash down.

Bai Shengjun lay within the crater, a trace of blood leaking out of his lips. Looking up at Zhao Fu, who was about to attack, he slammed his palm onto the ground.

Bang! Bang! Bang...

Muffled explosions sounded out as hundreds of mud pillars shot out of the ground, slamming towards Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu's gaze was cold as he continuously slashed out with his sword, sending out sword lights to destroy the mud pillars, causing mud to fly everywhere.

Bai Shengjun took this opportunity to climb up and a powerful aura spread out as he gripped his five-colored sword with both hands and forcefully stabbed it into the ground.


A pillar of lava that was six meters wide shot out of the ground with immense force. Its immense heat caused the surrounding temperature to sharply rise, and Zhao Fu was sent flying by that sudden burst of lava, causing his clothes to be burned.

Standing in the sky, Zhao Fu felt a slight sense of fury and he gathered a large amount of ghostly qi at his hand. Zhao Fu vigorously grabbed out, causing a ghostly hand that was hundreds of meters wide to give off boundless ghostly power as it slammed towards Bai Shengjun, wanting to turn him into meat paste.

Bai Shengjun's expression did not change as he gripped the five-colored sword that was stabbed into the ground. The pillar of lava formed a massive hand of lava that was hundreds of meters wide, and it gave off a searing and ferocious power as it swatted towards Zhao Fu.