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 The Darkness Queen Syndra looked at Bai Shengjun seriously. This person was too powerful, and despite having so many soldiers, she was unable to injure him at all.

Looking at the Darkness Soldiers being swept away, Syndra was finally forced to act. She held a black whip and vigorously swung it, sending out an energy whip that was hundreds of meters long, which savagely slapped against the five-colored energy barrier.

After taking this hit, the five-colored barrier slightly trembled but it did not take much damage. This barrier was extremely firm.

A trace of a confident smile appeared on Bai Shengjun's face as even greater power entered the five-colored energy barrier. The barrier continued to give off terrifying power as it rushed forwards and blasted countless Darkness Soldiers flying.

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Looking at Bai Shengjun coming closer and closer, Syndra's expression became quite unsightly. She found that Bai Shengjun's power was far greater than hers, and if they directly fought, she would definitely lose.


A powerful aura suddenly descended; it was a cloaked figure who gave off a Dark Emperor's aura.

This caused the Darkness Queen Syndra to feel delighted. She knelt down and called out, "Great Darkness Sovereign, Syndra is willing to submit to you and serve you."

Right now, she had no other choice. Bai Shengjun had come to kill her, and if she did not want to die, she would have to submit to someone else. This person had an aura of a Darkness Emperor, so he was undoubtedly the best choice, and she would benefit from this.

Just as Zhao Fu arrived, he heard Syndra's words and felt quite startled. He did not understand what was going on, and he had only come over because he sensed powerful auras from this direction.

Bai Shengjun sensed Zhao Fu's aura and stopped with a serious look. He cupped his hands and said courteously, "Friend, she is someone who I must kill. I'd like to request you not interfere."

Zhao Fu hesitated, because he could sense the powerful aura from Bai Shengjun and knew who he was. He looked at Syndra and wondered if he should offend such a powerful enemy for her.

Syndra could sense his hesitation and her purple eyes gave off a trace of flirtatiousness as she said, "Great Darkness Sovereign, don't you want me to serve you? I have a Darkness Queen Bloodline and am someone suited to be your woman.

"Also, my body has fused with a Darkness Origin Crystal, which is very useful to you. That person wants to kill me and take the Darkness Origin Crystal."

Zhao Fu was quite confused at Syndra calling him a Darkness Sovereign, but after thinking about it, he realized it was most likely because he had fused with a Darkness King Bloodline. He was also quite curious about what a Darkness Origin Crystal was.

The golden dragon within him explained, "Darkness Origin Crystals are the origin of all Darkness; perhaps she has the ability to create those Darkness Crystals. I'd recommend accepting her surrender."

Hearing those words, Zhao Fu did not hesitate any longer and chose to accept Syndra's surrender because he wanted to obtain a large number of Darkness Crystals.

Seeing that Zhao Fu had chosen to accept her surrender, Syndra smiled and flew over to him.

Bai Shengjun's expression became cold; it seemed that a battle was unavoidable. His goal was the Darkness Origin Crystal, and his tone was no longer as courteous as he said, "Are you sure you want to get involved?"

Syndra went to Zhao Fu's side and lightly leaned against him, greedily absorbing his Darkness Emperor's aura. She could sense her body becoming excited.

Zhao Fu did not pay much mind to Syndra and put all of his attention on Bai Shengjun. He understood that he had to fight because Zhao Fu wanted the Darkness Origin Crystal too. Syndra could provide Great Qin with countless Darkness Crystals, allowing Great Qin to produce more Stage 1 soldiers.

Facing Bai Shengjun's words, Zhao Fu coldly replied, "She's mine now; no one can take her away."

Bai Shengjun coldly harrumphed and said, "Then I'll have to see just how strong you are and see if you have the power to protect her."

Gold Snake! Wood Ox! Water Fish! Fire Sparrow! Earth Turtle!

Bai Shengjun spread out his hands and five different-colored auras formed five massive creatures.

One was a snake made of gold that was hundreds of meters long, one was an ox made of wood that was hundreds of meters long, one was a massive fish made of water, one was a sparrow giving off flames, and one was a turtle that seemed to be made of mud.

The five massive beasts gave off powerful auras that swept out like ferocious floods. The Darkness Soldiers remaining in the surroundings did not dare to get close.

Sensing these auras, Zhao Fu's expression became serious. He understood that Bai Shengjun was not weak at all, and he was even a bit stronger than Zang Mingyue. Otherwise, he would not have been able to be taken as a disciple by a higher-being.

Zhao Fu lowered his head and looked at Syndra, who was greedily feeding off his aura, and he said, "Stay away for now. When the battle starts, I won't be able to take care of you."

Syndra understood and smiled as she kissed Zhao Fu and said, "I'll wait for your victory, Great Darkness Sovereign!"

Syndra retreated and Zhao Fu did not have to worry about her anymore. He released his massive Emperor's aura, causing an enormous might to cover the surroundings.

Bai Shengjun waved his hand and the five massive beasts gave off intense lights, dyeing the world five colors. Powerful winds blew as the five massive beasts gave off terrifying power and charged at Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu stretched out his right hand and the Sword Mark on the back of his hand danced with intense sword light as rays of light shot out. They were the Sky Demon Sword, Slaughtering Ghost Sword, Royal Wood Sword, Sin Dragon Sword, and Seraph Sword.

The five swords hovered around Zhao Fu, giving off intense sword lights, causing a sharp aura to fill the world. Gusts of sword wind blew out, which could tear apart people's flesh. No living creature dared to come near.

At the same time, the five swords gave off countless sword light that formed massive swords of light and shot towards Bai Shengjun's five ferocious beasts.

Boom! Boom! Boom...

The five massive swords of light and the five enormous beasts clashed together, resulting in large explosions. Light shot everywhere, and the shockwaves caused the ground to continuously collapse.

Another battle between peerless experts had unfolded.

The instant that the battle began, everyone in the fourth level sensed this and looked in that direction with expressions of shock. None of them knew what was going on.

Bang! Bang! Bang...

The sky was covered with light, and the five swords of light and the five massive beasts continuously clashed, causing intense winds to blow rocks into the sky and uproot trees.


A massive sword hum sounded out as Zhao Fu held the Sadistic Killing Sword and Bai Shengjun held a five-colored sword. The two of them clashed together, causing the air to seem to explode. A terrifying aura continuously expanded out, causing all Cosmos Beasts nearby to run.

Zhao Fu's Sovereign Bloodline roiled, and his black aura flame became even brighter. His power increased and he sent Bai Shengjun flying back.