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 If Zhao Fu could break through to a Divine Bloodline, his power, constitution, and soul would go through massive changes. He would become vastly more powerful and would reign above even Emperors.

Following this, Zhao Fu continued to search for ruins. However, after looking for a long time, he could not find a single ruin. With how dangerous the fourth level was, the gains from ruins would definitely be quite good.

"Roarr!" A dragon's roar sounded out as a massive wave of darkness aura flooded towards Zhao Fu. Zhao Fu felt quite delighted, because he could sense a King's aura from within. The black dragon was most likely a Darkness Dragon King, a King among Cosmos Beasts.

Killing this Darkness Dragon King would definitely allow him to obtain what he wanted, so Zhao Fu flew towards the roar in delight.

A 1,000 meter long black dragon appeared in front of Zhao Fu. Its scales were black and shiny, and it had a pair of iron-like horns. It also had a pair of black wings and gave off a powerful dragon's might.

Seeing this black dragon, Zhao Fu did not directly rush up because he discovered there were hundreds of Cosmos Beasts around it. If he just charged in, it would be incredibly dangerous for him.

Zhao Fu hid himself nearby and looked to see what he could use. He found that he still had ten or so Destruction Crystals, which Binoche and Kerache had prepared for him. They were weaker than normal Destruction Crystals, but they would be quite useful.

Bang! Bang! Bang...

Massive explosions sounded out as Zhao Fu threw out the ten or so Destruction Crystals. They exploded within the group of Cosmos Beasts, and explosive power blasted out, devouring countless Cosmos Beasts, which turned into motes of light.

From a distance, it looked like ten orbs of light instantly expanded out, shaking mountains, and wild gales blew rocks everywhere.

The ten or so Destruction Crystals killed hundreds of Cosmos Beasts, and there were now only 50 or so remaining, and the Darkness Dragon King had also been slightly injured.

Zhao Fu was not in a rush to act. He hid himself and dealt sneak attacks to ten or so Cosmos Beasts before he was discovered. Only then did he reveal himself to fight with the Darkness Dragon King.

"Roarr!" The Darkness Dragon King furiously roared at Zhao Fu and countless black arcs of lightning blasted out around it. The power of the dark lightning could cause anyone's body to uncontrollably tremble.

Zhao Fu's expression was somewhat serious. This Darkness Dragon King's power was about the level of someone at the Heaven Realm, which was quite difficult to deal with.

Boom! Boom! Boom...

The Darkness Dragon King controlled countless traces of black lightning and charged at Zhao Fu. The massive thundering sounds seemed to cause the air to explode, which could cause ordinary people's ears to bleed.

Zhao Fu unleashed the Six Paths Demon Images' power; the Emperor's Domain and Six Paths Defensive Barrier defended against the black lightning while he controlled 72 blood-red spears to shoot towards the Darkness Dragon King's body, piercing into it.

"Roarr!" The Darkness Dragon King roared in pain and exploded out with even more lightning, seeming to blast apart the sky. Countless lightning snakes swam in the sky and madly rushed at Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu showed no signs of fear and used the Sadistic Killing Sword's special skill. Countless broken corpses appeared around him: headless Angels, limbless Demons, heartless Humans... and an aura of sadistic killing madly swept out.


Zhao Fu's sword descended and the countless broken corpses swarmed out, slamming towards the Darkness Dragon King. Zhao Fu once again came out victorious; the Darkness Dragon King was blasted flying back with wounds all over its body.

Following this, Zhao Fu rushed up and ended its life, obtaining a King-level Darkness Crystal and King-level Darkness Bloodline.

Zhao Fu smiled and found a hidden cave and sat down. He looked at the two items in his hands; they would be priceless treasures to anyone else, as they could greatly boost one's power and give them a King-level Darkness Bloodline. They would be incredibly attractive to all ordinary people.

However, they were not good enough for Zhao Fu, as Zhao Fu had a Sovereign Bloodline, so he would not bother with a King-level Bloodline.

The first thing to do was to fuse these two things. Because the heart and crystal both contained pure Darkness power, they were able to fuse easily and perfectly. They fused into a black crystal heart that gave off a powerful might.

Zhao Fu then fused this heart into his own heart. Immediately, Zhao Fu felt his body tremble as a wave of dark blood flowed out from his heart and countless traces of darkness aura also spread out.

Soon, Zhao Fu became a person with black hair and black eyes. His blood also become black, and he gave off the aura of a king of darkness.

Suddenly, Zhao Fu's Sovereign Bloodline started to devour the Darkness King power, and Zhao Fu's body gradually returned to normal. At the same time, Zhao Fu's body once again went through changes.

A few hours later, Zhao Fu's Sovereign Bloodline completely devoured the Darkness King power and his body returned to normal. His blood was red again, but it contained a trace of blackness, and his pupils returned to their multi-colored state.

After obtaining the Darkness King power, Zhao Fu's constitution went through some changes and his cultivation had also been increased. However, what disappointed Zhao Fu was that his bloodline was still a Sovereign Bloodline, and it was just a tiny bit away from breaking through to a Divine Bloodline.

Zhao Fu felt quite frustrated; why was that tiny bit so difficult? Despite trying so many times, he still had not succeeded.

Zhao Fu left the cave in frustration and continued to kill some Cosmos Beasts while he looked for ruins.

Within a grand and luxurious western-looking palace, there was a peerlessly beautiful woman who gave off the noble and cold aura of a queen. She was tall and slim and wore tight armor, and she had long silver hair. She had a crown with horns and had a pair of purple eyes.

She was currently giving out commands to countless Darkness Soldiers. The Darkness Soldiers wore black armor and had pale faces. Their eyes were completely black and gave off traces of black aura. Each of them had powerful auras, and there were not only Infantrymen but also Shieldbearers, Cavalrymen, and Archers.

After receiving orders from the queen, they started to head out as if they were facing a powerful enemy.

In the direction that they were headed in, there was a 1,000 meter wide five-colored energy barrier that gave off an invincible aura and terrifying power. It ferociously charged forwards like a mad bull.

The Darkness Soldiers were sent flying like small pebbles, unable to resist at all.

The Darkness Soldiers continuously charged up and attacked this five-colored energy barrier and swung their weapons at it. Countless darkness arrows also shot at the barrier, and facing this massive wave of attacks, the five-colored barrier was not damaged at all. It was incredibly tough and solid.

Within the five-colored barrier was a five-colored turntable that absorbed all of the attacks, causing the five-colored energy to be incredibly firm.

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At the center of the five-colored energy barrier was a figure giving off a terrifying aura. This was a white-clothed young man - Bai Shengjun.