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 Zhao Fu carefully flew at a low altitude and warily observed his surroundings. Because it was quite dangerous here, he did not dare to let his guard down.

"Roarr!" Suddenly, a massive roar sounded out as a 30 meter tall ape appeared. It was covered in black fur and had a pair of black eyes. It gave off a pure darkness aura; the Cosmos Beasts in the second, third, and fourth levels all had the Darkness attribute.

This black ape's black eyes had found Zhao Fu, and it raised its hand, bringing with it a massive wind as it swatted towards Zhao Fu.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Zhao Fu coldly harrumphed as he slashed out with the Sadistic Killing Sword. A blood-red arc of light flashed out, slashing open the incoming hand. It left a very deep wound, from which black blood flowed out.

The black ape howled as it retreated. The Saint Realm was quite powerful; if it was an ordinary Stage 9 monster, it was possible that the hand would have been cut off.

Zhao Fu darted forwards and his sword exploded out with a blood-red light. The black ape furiously raised its other hand and slammed down towards Zhao Fu. The massive force behind the hand caused the air to explode.

Facing this punch, Zhao Fu's expression did not change as his blood-red sword stabbed towards the large hand.

"Roarr!" A pained cry sounded out as the black ape's fist was cut apart by the blood-red light, and one of its fingers fell off. It retreated backwards; now that it was afraid, it decided to run.

Zhao Fu held the Sadistic Killing Sword and ferociously stabbed out, piercing through the black ape's chest. The black ape immediately died and turned into black motes of light and entered Zhao Fu's chest. At the same time, it left behind a black crystal and a black heart.

The black crystal was as big as a coin and was not a regular shape. It gave off a faint black light as well as an aura of darkness.

Zhao Fu looked at it and found that it was called a Darkness Crystal that contained pure Darkness energy. It was quite powerful, and after using it, one would obtain Darkness attributes and one's cultivation would increase by one Step or more.

The increase of cultivation was something that caught Zhao Fu's eye: if someone had Stage 0-6 or 0-7 Cultivation, after using a Blood God Pill, one's cultivation could jump to Stage 0-9. After using this Darkness Crystal, one could rise to Stage 1.

Great Qin now had tens of billions of Stage 1 corpses, and with these Darkness Crystals, Great Qin would be able to nurture many more Stage 1 soldiers.

This would greatly make up for the difference between Great Qin and the outside world's foundations. Even if many of Great Qin's Stage 1 soldiers died, they would be able to quickly make up for them.

However, it seemed that Darkness Crystals were quite rare; killing a Saint Realm monster would give Zhao Fu one Darkness Crystal, and this was not enough for Great Qin's massive army.

The second item, the heart, was still beating. It was black and gave off a dense aura of darkness.

Zhao Fu looked at it and found that it was called a Darkness Ape Heart. If one used it, one would be able to obtain a pure Darkness Bloodline.

This type of Darkness Bloodline was an Elemental Bloodline, as opposed to a demon or god bloodline. It was a type of spirit bloodline.

The Spirit Race was one of the eight Major Races, and they were quite rare within the Heaven Awaken World. They were once things that had no life, but they created souls and became a type of lifeform.

The world's various elements had great effects on them, such as darkness, light, fire, ice, and lightning. These elements gave the Spirit Race many powerful attributes.

This pure Darkness Bloodline was an example of this. It was even more powerful than some pure Fire, Wind, and Lightning Bloodlines.

Of course, this heart could only give a low-grade Darkness Bloodline, which could not catch Zhao Fu's attention at all. However, the Darkness Crystal paired with the Darkness Bloodline would have powerful effects, and it could raise one's cultivation by at least three to four Steps.

Zhao Fu continued onwards. Even though the Darkness Bloodline and Darkness Crystals were quite useful, he did not go out of his way to hunt Cosmos Beasts. He would not be able to kill many by himself, and even if he brought his entire group, it would not be very efficient; at the very least, he would need an army.

"Roarr!" Another roar sounded out as a 100 meter long lion appeared in front of Zhao Fu. This lion was covered with black fur and had red eyes. It also had two heads and seemed to be a Chief class Cosmos Beast at least.

A trace of a smile appeared on Zhao Fu's face as he turned into a ray of light and rushed up to it.

The black lion discovered Zhao Fu and spat out two massive black rays of light towards him, which shot at him ferociously.

Zhao Fu dodged to the side, avoiding one of them, and slashed with his sword, sending out a massive blood-red sword light that split the other in half. The blood-red sword light continued onwards and slashed against the black lion's body, sending it back a few steps and leaving a wound on its body.

The black lion howled in pain and savagely charged at Zhao Fu. It opened its mouth and ferociously bit towards him.

Zhao Fu did not move and stood in the air while the Sadistic Killing Sword gave off intense blood-red light, and a terrifying aura spread out.


Zhao Fu slashed out, and a massive sword light struck the black lion's mouth, sending it flying backwards. It heavily crashed to the ground, its two heads hazy messes. It looked like it was heavily wounded.

Zhao Fu quickly went up to kill the black lion. He obtained another Darkness Crystal and black heart, and they were both more powerful than what he had obtained from the black ape.

The Darkness Crystal could increase one's cultivation by more than two Steps, while the black heart could give an even higher-grade Darkness Bloodline. However, Zhao Fu was still not satisfied. He continued onwards, hoping to find some ruins.

Shing, shing, shing...

A few hours later, Zhao Fu continuously swung the Sadistic Killing Sword, sending out sharp blood-red sword lights that created a ferocious sword storm as he attacked a black deer that was about 200 meters long.

The black deer gave off a black energy barrier to defend against Zhao Fu's attacks. The blood-red sword lights hacked against the energy barrier, causing small cracks to appear before the entire barrier shattered, and the black deer was sent flying.

The black deer was covered with wounds and started to run away, while Zhao Fu turned into a ray of black light and gave chase. His sword gave off intense sword light and a sharp sword aura, causing the surroundings to fall silent.


Zhao Fu slashed downwards and a massive blood-red sword light slashed apart the black deer's head. Blood spurted out and the black deer's body turned into motes of light and entered Zhao Fu's body, and it left behind a crystal and a heart.

The 200 meter long black deer was a Lord class Cosmos Beast, and obtaining one could give many points. The items it dropped were also of higher quality as well.

The Darkness Crystal could raise one's cultivation by five Steps, and the black heart could give an even higher-grade Darkness Bloodline. However, Zhao Fu still was not satisfied.

Zhao Fu was quite interested in these two types of items. He had wanted to try fusing them into his body to see if he could raise his Sovereign Bloodline; it was only a trace away from breaking through to a Divine Bloodline.