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 The lighting became incredibly dim, and the wind howled. The sky was covered with cracks that were gradually being restored. Large gashes appeared in the ground and rocks fell everywhere. Countless people looked at this scene in shock; this was the battle between two people with Emperor's bloodlines.

Even the Gatekeepers now looked shocked. This was the most terrifying battle they had witnessed in thousands of years; these two people had not disappointed them at all

Standing in the sky, Zhao Fu held the Sadistic Killing Sword, and there was some blood on his chest. Lying within a crater in the ground, Zang Mingyue was in a much worse state; his body was covered with blood and his aura became incredibly weak.

Zhao Fu's eyes flashed with killing intent; if he did not kill this person, it would bring him endless problems in the future. If his Empire attacked, Zhao Fu would die without even knowing what had happened.


Zhao Fu's body disappeared and reappeared before Zang Mingyue. His sword gave off a sharp sword light as it slashed towards Zang Mingyue.

Zang Mingyue quickly raised his saber and slashed out, sending out a powerful saber light which clashed with Zhao Fu's sword light, and the clash resulted in a loud collision sound.

Zhao Fu's expression became savage and a black aura flame appeared around him. He pressed down with his sword towards Zang Mingyue, forcing Zang Mingyue's saber lower and lower. Zang Mingyue also ferociously glared at Zhao Fu and suddenly roared.


A powerful aura exploded out from Zang Mingyue's body, sending Zhao Fu flying back. Zang Mingyue's blood seemed to be burning like purple flames. His Emperor's aura reached its peak, covering the surroundings like a flood.

Zhao Fu coldly harrumphed and also started to burn his Emperor's blood, and a black and blood-red aura flame appeared as an intense Emperor's aura also spread out.


Zhao Fu slashed out with his sword, bringing with it a large amount of blood-red light, while Zang Mingyue blocked with his saber but was still sent flying.

He once again crashed to the ground and his expression became quite unsightly. Now, he clearly knew that his power was actually inferior to that of a fake like Zhao Fu. Even though he was unwilling to admit to a humiliation like this, he knew that he was not a match for Zhao Fu.

Zang Mingyue's eyes coldly looked at Zhao Fu as he said loudly, "I, Zang Mingyue have remembered this grievance. In the future I'll definitely have you kneel on the ground and beg me not to kill you."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu realized something and grabbed at Zang Mingyue, sending countless chains flying at him.

Zang Mingyue's body started to become hazy as he coldly laughed at Zhao Fu. He slashed out a massive saber light, destroying the incoming chains, before disappearing.

"That Imperial Prince ran away?" Looking at the disappearing Zang Mingyue, everyone understood that this battle was over and that Zhao Fu had won. That domineering Imperial Prince had run away, allowing many people to let out sighs of relief; no one liked that Imperial Prince.

The Gatekeepers did not seem very surprised, because from the Emperor's aura that Zhao Fu gave off, he was evidently many times more powerful than Zang Mingyue.

Now, everyone looked at Zhao Fu in worship and in terror. This person was truly terrifying and had directly defeated an Imperial Prince. Everyone felt completely convinced by this battle.

Zhao Fu frowned as he looked at where Zang Mingyue had been. He had chosen to leave the Cosmos Historical Remnant, and now, Zhao Fu naturally could not kill him. Things could become difficult in the future.

After Zang Mingyue left, Zhao Fu received a system announcement, "You have fought with an Imperial Prince in front of the Gatekeepers and have fulfilled the conditions for a Duel. The Imperial Prince has left the Cosmos Historical Remnant and has lost; you have obtained all of his points."

Number 1: Unknown Name, Points: 1,000,000

Number 2: Unknown Name, Points: 780,000

Number 3: Unknown Name, Points: 550,000

Number 4: Bai Shengjun, Points: 510,000

Number 5: Yue Ye, Points: 300,000

Zhao Fu was quite shocked; adding on Zang Mingyue's points, he had directly jumped to first place. He had one million points, which was more than 220,000 ahead of the previous top-ranked person. He had never expected such a thing to happen; this was an unexpected surprise.

The ordinary-looking young man who had been in first place looked. He had never thought that that person would overtake him in an instant, and by more than 200,000 points. This caused him to become serious.

The white-haired young man who had been in second place looked furious. Just like he had guessed, that person was incredibly dangerous and had now taken the top spot. This made his plan even more difficult, and it was possible that he would not be able to obtain that thing.

The fourth-ranked Bai Shengjun looked at the top-ranked spot and did not say anything, and he only sighed. He also felt quite curious as to who that person was and how he had such shocking power.

"Master, you're so strong!" After the battle concluded, Ahri leapt into Zhao Fu's embrace and looked at Zhao Fu with eyes filled with worship.

Zhao Fu smiled and looked at her nine tails, and he could not help but think of Little Nine. Now, there were quite a few people around him who had nine tails.

For example, the Azure Hill's women all had the Nine Tail bloodline, and Tamamo-no-Mae was a nine-tailed fox herself. There was also Little Nine. Now, there was also Ahri.

Zhao Fu did not think too much and led his group towards the red wood door. The Gatekeeper respectfully pushed the door open but gave a reminder, "Emperor, you don't need to pass the trial, but your subordinates need to pass the test to continue."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu thought about it and decided to have his people remain here. Having too many people made things quite inconvenient, and after going to the fourth level, they would enter the third stage. The danger was many times greater, so it was better for them to stay here for their safety.

Hearing that they were going to be separated from Zhao Fu and remain at the fifth level, most of the women were quite unwilling. However, Zhao Fu was quite firm, and they did not dare to disobey him.

Zhao Fu turned into a ray of light and flew through the red wood door, and the fifth level returned to its original state. When Zhao Fu was still present, everyone had been incredibly wary and did not even dare to talk loudly; it was evident how much Zhao Fu had shaken everyone.

Now, they had nothing to worry about; those who wanted to challenge the test did so, and those who passed continued on to the fourth level.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

After going through the red wood door, Zhao Fu arrived at a hill. It was quite dark here, making it difficult to see into the distance. It was also incredibly quiet, as if there was danger lurking about everywhere. Just by standing here, one would feel a sense of fear.

The fourth, third and second levels were called the Three Darkness Regions. They were three of the most dangerous levels in the Cosmos Historical Remnant, and the Cosmos Beasts were all at least Saint Realm. If a group attacked, even a World Realm expert would have to run.

Because Ling Feixue had not made it to the fourth level, Zhao Fu did not have much information, so he would have to rely on himself.