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 Zang Mingyue climbed up from the ground and glared at Zhao Fu ferociously. "Today, This Imperial Prince is definitely going to slaughter you, you piece of trash. I'll show you the true power of an Imperial Prince of the Zang Empire!"


Zang Mingyue forcefully pressed against the ground and an extremely terrifying explosion of power blasted out, and it was as if the heavens were collapsing. Countless rays of purple light shot out, and a 10,000 meter tall figure appeared in the sky.

This figure was hazy and wore a purple dragon's robe, and it looked like a male. However, his body gave off an unfathomable ancient Emperor's aura.

Under that aura, air seemed to stop flowing and time seemed to pause. All living creatures on the fifth level sensed this terrifying Emperor's aura, and the entire world seemed to sink under this massive Emperor's aura.

Countless people could not move, and their bodies and souls were buffeted by this Emperor's aura. They were like ants, unable to resist at all, and they could only despair.

This was the Zang Empire's founding Emperor, and it was the Zang Empire's secret technique to summon this Emperor. A founding Emperor was naturally incredibly powerful, but given how hazy this figure was, it seemed that Zang Mingyue did not have the strength to completely unleash the power of this technique.

After this Emperor's image appeared, it turned into a ray of light and entered Zang Mingyue's body. Immediately, Zang Mingyue's power rose to the extreme, and the space around him could not endure it and started to be twisted.

Zang Mingyue looked up at Zhao Fu and a purple light flashed in his eyes before his body disappeared. He appeared in front of Zhao Fu and slashed at him with his saber.

At that moment, Zhao Fu exploded out with the Six Paths Demon Images' power. Massive eerie ghostly aura spewed forth like out of a volcano, and the sky was covered by dark clouds. Countless ghosts excitedly howled, and the entire world seemed to be filled with a cold and eerie aura.

This sensation caused countless people's hairs to stand on end and they felt ghastly chills, as if they had come to a ghostly realm.


Yet another shocking explosion sounded out as Zang Mingyue, after having received strength from his ancestor, hacked towards Zhao Fu with his saber. Zhao Fu exploded out with the Six Paths Demon Images' power and his sword contained ferocious ghostly power as he slashed towards Zang Mingyue.

Another terrifying shockwave rippled out, causing berserk gales to blow in all directions. Those in the distance could not keep their balance and were once again forced backwards.

Bang! Bang! Bang...

The two people started to fight in the sky, causing terrifying auras to continuously spread out. Saber light and sword light continuously swept out, and this destructive power seemed to cover the entire world like a haze.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Many people did not know what was happening here, and they had wanted to come here to see if they could enter the fourth level.

However, seeing those destructive shockwaves, hearing those explosions, and sensing that terrifying aura, they all stopped far away, thinking that something had definitely happened.

Seeing people running away from that direction, they could not help but ask, "What's happening over there? What's with all that commotion?"

That person replied in terror, "It's a battle between two people with Emperor's bloodlines! You'd best not go over; it's too terrifying. Many people have died after getting caught up in the shockwaves, and we're escaping to avoid being affected."

Hearing this, everyone's minds trembled; this was something that they had never seen before. Some people could not help but feel curious and want to take a look at how terrifying such a battle would be. After feeling that monstrous aura, some people decided to be safe and not advance; their lives were more important.

"Evil Hand Devour!" Zang Mingyue roared and stretched out a hand. Countless hands made out of black aura gave off ferocious power and shot out, grabbing towards Zhao Fu. There were over 10,000, causing anyone to feel terror.

The golden pupil in Zhao Fu's left eye spun as chains giving off immense power shot out, clashing with those black hands. Zhao Fu's chains were innumerable, and they quickly suppressed Zang Mingyue's hands.

"Ghost Devour!" At the same time, Zhao Fu lightly cried out and the six gray dots in his right eye quickly spun. Now that Zhao Fu was using the Six Paths Demon Images' power, all ghost-type skills were greatly boosted.

"Arghhh..." Countless ghosts howled and shot out from the air, flooding towards Zang Mingyue as if they wanted to tear him apart and devour him.

Zang Mingyue coldly harrumphed, and his saber shot out countless saber light. The saber light swept around him like a wild gale, tearing apart the incoming ghosts.


In the next moment, Zhao Fu appeared in front of him and slashed out, sending out a crescent that blasted Zang Mingyue back.

While flying backwards, Zang Mingyue stretched out a hand towards Zhao Fu and a black hole appeared behind Zhao Fu, and the massive attractive force sucked him in.

Zhao Fu unleashed his Emperor's Domain and blocked that terrifying attractive force, and he then swung with his sword backhanded and destroyed the black hole, causing the attractive force to disappear.

At that moment the gray dots in Zhao Fu's right eye once again spun as three ghosts that were 100 meters tall once again appeared around Zang Mingyue, who was flying backwards. They savagely smashed down onto Zang Mingyue, who was caught unprepared, and he was blasted to the ground and opened up another crater.

Zang Mingyue coughed up a large mouthful of blood and furiously glared at Zhao Fu, wanting to cut Zhao Fu into a thousand pieces. His appearance now looked quite crazed.

Suddenly, Zang Mingyue threw his saber into the sky, and it turned into a ray of light and shot into the sky. In that instant, countless traces of Spirit Qi gathered.

"Saber Sea Killing Domain!" Zang Mingyue roared as the heavens and earth violently trembled. A massive, sharp saber qi poured down from the sky, seeming to tear apart the world. Countless people felt pain as their bodies were injured by that sword qi, forcing everyone to activate their defenses and escape even further away.

Countless rays of saber light appeared in the sky, looking like a sea. That boundless saber qi started to cut apart the world, and it seemed like nothing could stop them.

Feeling that power, countless people felt terror, and even Zhao Fu felt immense pressure, causing his expression to become slightly more serious.

Suddenly, the Sadistic Killing Sword within the Sword Mark started to tremble, and some information entered Zhao Fu's mind, and Zhao Fu immediately equipped the Sadistic Killing Sword.


A massive sound rang out as the Sadistic Killing Sword within Zhao Fu's hands gave off fathomless sword light that seemed to pierce through everything. It looked like a sun that shone down on the world, and the berserk and twisted power it gave off caused people to feel despair. Some people even collapsed to the ground in terror.

Figures started to appear around Zhao Fu; some were headless Angels, some were feetless Demons, some were Humans with only the top half of their bodies, some were Elves with only the sides of their bodies...

Countless broken corpses appeared around Zhao Fu, looking like a sea of corpses. That twisted and berserk power reached its peak, seeming to make even the heavens and earth feel terror.

"Arghhh!" Zang Mingyue slashed down towards Zhao Fu, and that massive saber qi sea gave off world-destroying power as it rushed towards Zhao Fu.

"Sadistically Killing The World!" Zhao Fu held the Sadistic Killing Sword and vigorously swept out. The countless broken corpses around him howled and gave off crazed auras as they swarmed towards Zang Mingyue.


A shocking explosion sounded out as the two powers collided. The heavens and earth continuously trembled as cracks appeared in the air. The sun and moon became dim and clouds scattered, making it seem like the end of the world.