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 This chaos had been caused by Zhao Fu, but to be more precise, it was because of that domineering dragon's roar.

These people were all of noble descent, and they were incredibly prideful; how could they allow someone to suppress them? What made them even angrier was that their Fate Dragons were unable to resist that mighty dragon's roar, making them feel incredibly resentful. They couldn't help but gnash their teeth and roar, "Great Qin!!"

At the same time, the dragon's roar was heard not only by the people of China, but also by factions that were keeping an eye on China. After hearing this roar, which could shake the world, they were all greatly dismayed.

Everyone who heard the roar felt incredibly small and weak, and everyone reconsidered whether he or she wanted to make an enemy out of China.

China once again became the focus of the entire world, and one name resounded in everyone's ears: Great Qin!

Great Qin had now caught the attention of countless factions, and everyone wanted to know everything about Great Qin. Now, even an idiot would know that Great Qin would become one of the most powerful factions in the world, and this made the other factions feel terror and despair due to how suffocatingly powerful Great Qin was.

However, they could not find any information about Great Qin's Legatee. There seemed to be a mysterious veil placed over all of Great Qin, and it was always those who were shrouded in mystery who were the most terrifying. As such, all of the other factions desperately wanted to tear apart this veil and see what Great Qin was like.

In fact, many Presidents, Prime Ministers, and Kings in the real world expressed their desire to meet with Great Qin's Legatee, and there were many foreign media channels that reported about a dormant dragon awakening in China and that China would once again lead the advancement of the world.

There were even some foreign media channels that had unfavorable opinions of China, and they reported that China would unify the world and enslave all other races and that the rest of the world should unite against this terrifying, evil dragon.

No matter which country it was, anyone who did not know of Great Qin's name must have been living under a rock.

Of course, many people in other countries did not realize the true danger, and they started to search things about China online, especially information about Great Qin.

The leaders of the factions who knew that the real world would be devoured by the Heaven Awaken World in the future started to deeply worry about facing China. At the same time, they ordered their subordinates to find out who Great Qin's Legatee was and to befriend him so that they could rely on his power to continue surviving.

Of course, facing that domineering dragon's roar, there were people who were unwilling to submit, such as Oda Nobunaga's descendant, Oda Kamiya. Before, he had wanted to not only unify Japan but also take over China as well. However, only now did he realize how naïve and weak he was. Great Qin alone was already something that he could only look up at, but he still refused to give in. His great dream had been suppressed by Great Qin, but he would not give up.

At this moment, Oda Kamiya was holding a large katana that was shining with a blood-red light and giving off an evil aura. He swung it around madly and even killed a few female attendants.

Half an hour later, Oda Kamiya finally stopped his rampage, and he stood with his hair disheveled and with corpses of female attendants around him. The katana, dripping with blood, gave off an even brighter blood-red light, and its evil aura became denser. This katana was the famous Muramasa.

With the other countries going mad, this was even more so for those within China. The Legatees of various dynasties and nations desperately searched for any information about Great Qin's Legatee. However, if even the Ying family was unable to find anything, how could anyone else?

As such, various factions ordered their subordinates with special abilities to use all of their powers to find the Great Qin's Legatee. However, all of them failed and died.

Back when Zhao Fu had first obtained Great Qin's Legacy, his Fate had already become an Emperor's Fate. Anyone who tried to use divination or Heaven's Secrets to uncover information about someone with an Emperor's Fate who had also gathered a lot of Fate would receive a powerful backlash from Fate.

It was quite dangerous to find out information about Zhao Fu through such methods, and this was even more so now that Zhao Fu had gathered all of China's Fate. No one could survive the backlash.

Fuxi's Legatee took the risk and performed a divination, but in the next second, he immediately coughed up a mouthful of blood and fell to the ground with severe injuries. If he wasn't a Legatee and hadn't used many methods to avoid Heaven's Secrets, he would have died on the spot.

Si Ji quickly helped Fuxi's Legatee up from the ground and asked with a concerned expression, "Fu Hao, are you alright?"

Fu Hao lightly nodded and said apologetically, "The Heaven's Secrets protecting him are too powerful, and his Emperor's Fate has already formed. He'll be a powerful opponent in your conquest of China!"

Hearing this, Si Ji sighed and replied, "I know; it's just that troubled times will be coming. People will fall on hard times, and corpses will fill the land. However, in order to unify China, this is something that we must face. In this world, there will always be winners and losers, and I don't wish to become a loser."

After saying this, Si Ji's gaze became incredibly resolute.


Elsewhere, Di Wutian stood on a tall building, and he looked into the distance. There was a cold, domineering aura about him, and there were five enchanting women behind him who had blood leaking from their lips and had pale faces. It seemed that they had used some sort of secret technique.

"Hmph, Great Qin, I, Di Wutian, will take you down one day," Di Wutian said in an arrogant tone as he coldly gazed into the distance.


Ji Shenming and Liu Ye's expressions were also unsightly, and their relationship with Great Qin was quite special. Because Great Zhou had been destroyed by Great Qin, there was irreconcilable hatred between them, and the first thing that Ji Shenming wanted to do was destroy Great Qin. However, Great Qin had now become a massive stone that weighed on everyone's heart.

As for Liu Ye, he understood that Great Qin would not spare Great Han, as Great Qin had fallen because of Great Han. This sort of hatred was not one that could be put aside, and it would be repaid in full.

"Great Qin! Great Han was able to take you down back then, and we'll do it again in the future!" Liu Ye gritted his teeth as his body slightly trembled.

Only Zhao Fu was able to make China's four Great Legatees, the top four people on the Heaven's Pride Rankings, react in such a way.