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 "Sin Dragon!" Facing the 72 spears containing immense power, Zang Mingyue did not stop charging and roared as the purple dragons around him entered his saber. Zang Mingyue slashed out, causing the air to explode as a savage purple dragon shot towards Zhao Fu.

Bang! Bang! Bang...

The spears stabbed into the purple dragon, stabbing open many holes. However, the purple dragon continued to ferociously charge at Zhao Fu. It opened its mouth, seeming to want to devour Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu's gaze was cold as he raised the Sadistic Killing Sword. Countless rays of blood-red light shot out, and Zhao Fu vigorously slashed, sending out a massive blood-red sword light.

"Roarr!" A pained dragon's cry sounded out as the massive blood-red sword light flashed past and the purple dragon was split into countless segments. This was the effect from the Sadistic Killing Sword.

Zhao Fu looked at Zang Mingyue and the six gray dots in his right eye quickly spun. Countless traces of eerie ghostly qi flowed out, and three ghosts that were 100 meters tall suddenly appeared around Zang Mingyue. They raised their fists and smashed towards him with immense power.

Zang Mingyue disdainfully laughed, "Mere ghosts dare to attack This Imperial Prince? Emperor's Blood!"

Zang Mingyue shouted out and his eyes became purple-colored, as did his hair. A purple wave of light giving off immense power blasted out.

Before the three ghosts were able to attack Zang Mingyue, they were blasted away by the purple wave of light and howled as they were reduced to ghostly qi.


A metallic collision sound rang out. Zhao Fu had disappeared and reappeared above Zang Mingyue, hacking down ferociously towards Zang Mingyue. In that moment, Zang Mingyue swung his saber to block Zhao Fu.

Zang Mingyue looked at Zhao Fu with a trace of condescension and said, "You can't beat This Imperial Prince with that kind of power. You don't know the true power of an Imperial Prince."

Zhao Fu looked at Zang Mingyue and coldly laughed as he asked, "Really?"


Zhao Fu's blood started to roil as his Sovereign Bloodline's power was released. A black aura flame appeared around him and a powerful gale spread out.


A muffled explosion sounded out as Zhao Fu slashed out with increased strength, sending Zang Mingyue flying.

As Zang Mingyue flew backwards, he was furious and roared, "Ten Thousand Spirit Slash!"

Shing! Shing! Shing...

Saber lights appeared in the sky, and there were over 10,000 of them. they gave off an immense saber aura that shook the surroundings. The sharp saber aura caused even those far away to feel a sense of danger.

In the next moment, the 10,000 saber lights crashed down towards Zhao Fu like a tsunami.

Zhao Fu put his all into defending, and he continuously slashed out with his blood-red sword, sending out blood-red arcs of light that destroyed the incoming saber lights.

However, the power of the 10,000 saber lights descending was too powerful, and Zhao Fu was still sent flying back. His defensive barrier was shattered, and a trace of blood leaked out of his lips.


Zang Mingyue took this opportunity to once again charge at Zhao Fu. His saber gave off large amounts of purple light, and explosions sounded out in the sky.

Zhao Fu also felt quite furious. He raised the Sadistic Killing Sword and a blood-red light shot into the sky, forming a massive blood-red sun, and a berserk and twisted killing intent covered the surroundings.


Zhao Fu slashed down, and a massive blood-red sword light that seemed to be able to split apart countless mountains slashed towards Zang Mingyue.

At that moment, Zang Mingyue roared and his saber gave off an even more intense light. He vigorously slashed out, sending out a massive purple sword light.


Another massive explosion sounded out as the sword light and saber light collided. In the end, the sword light destroyed the saber light and Zang Mingyue's body was blasted back hundreds of meters and a wound appeared on his chest. Blood dyed his clothes red, but the wound was not too deep.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

The immense pain caused Zang Mingyue's expression became savage and he roared, "You deserve to die ten thousand times!"


As Zang Mingyue roared, a massive purple aura rushed into the sky, causing Heaven and Earth Spirit Qi to quickly gather. The sky became dim and dark clouds covered the sky, and a massive might descended from the dark clouds.


A saber hum sounded out, giving off boundless saber qi that instantly destroyed the dark clouds. That ferocious saber qi poured down like a heavenly flood, and everyone in the surroundings looked terrified, feeling as if their bodies were going to be ripped apart by saber qi.

A 10,000 meter tall saber image giving off boundless saber qi had appeared in the sky.

Zhao Fu could sense how terrifying this attack was, so he equipped the Death Race Sword. He pointed the sword to the sky and a gray pillar of light shot into the sky. Heaven and Earth Spirit Qi madly gathered, and a beautiful figure wearing a palace dress appeared surrounded by gray light, looking like a god of death.

The surroundings became incredibly cold, and countless traces of gray deathly aura spread out, making countless people feel a deathly power.


Zang Mingyue controlled this 10,000 meter long saber, which gave off boundless sabre qi, and slashed towards Zhao Fu as if he wanted to slash apart the entire world.


Zhao Fu also slashed down with the Death Race Sword, and the death god-like figure gave off boundless deathly aura as it rushed towards Zang Mingyue.


A shocking explosion blasted out as the two exterminating powers clashed together, seeming to be able to end the world. Blinding light caused the heavens and earth to become white, and the destructive shockwave that resulted spread to the surrounding tens of thousands of meters.

The heavens and earth trembled as small cracks appeared in the air. The ground crumbled, and rocks were reduced to dust.

After everything settled, a 10,000 meter wide crater had appeared in the ground, above which there were traces of destructive aura that could cause people to tremble as if they had fallen into icy water.

Zhao Fu and Zang Mingyue had each retreated hundreds of meters and both of them had blood leaking out of their lips; both of them had been injured.

Seeing the destruction that these two had caused, everyone uncontrollably trembled. Was this even a battle between people? It was on an apocalyptic level: a completely different level to them.

Shi Shuge, You Quan, Ming Jian, and the others knew Zhao Fu, but those who had not seen Zhao Fu's power before now witnessed just how terrifying he was.

The Gatekeepers beside the red wood door also looked quite shocked. If they hadn't set up a barrier, it was possible that the door would have been damaged. One of the Gatekeepers said anxiously, "Are we going to let them fight without getting involved?"

The Gatekeeper in charge of the test nodded and said, "Those are the rules! Let them fight! A fight of such a level is quite rare."


A massive sound rang out as Zang Mingyue was hacked to the ground by Zhao Fu, smashing out a large crater. Zang Mingyue coughed up a few mouthfuls of blood and climbed up looking quite wretched.

The women from the royal family who had been serving him also had grim looks on their faces. It was the first time they had seen Zang Mingyue in such a wretched position, and his enemy was so strong. Zang Mingyue was actually slightly inferior to him.