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 Facing everyone's gazes, Zhao Fu was quite indifferent and said, "I want to go to the fourth level."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

The Gatekeeper nodded and replied, "Of course!"

He then turned and opened the red wood door; his attitude was completely different to before, making countless people feel angry.

Just as Zhao Fu was about to enter, Zang Mingyue coldly harrumphed and said domineeringly in a loud voice, "Who are you? Which Empire's Imperial Prince are you? From the amount of Fate you have, This Imperial Prince can tell that you're fake. You think you can compare to me? I'm the Sixth Imperial Prince of the Zang Empire. You've seen me and yet you haven't paid your respects; if you tell me how you obtained your bloodline, This Imperial Prince can spare you for your insolence."

Zang Mingyue knew that this was one of the people who had been trampling on him before, and he had now embarrassed him like this. Zang Mingyue definitely would not let Zhao Fu off easily, and he now treated Zhao Fu like an enemy.

He could not sense the Fate of an Empire on Zhao Fu's body, so he could rest easy. He spoke with a trace of a mocking tone; he completely looked down on this fake.

Zhao Fu frowned, but he did not pay much mind to Zang Mingyue and continued onwards.

Seeing that Zhao Fu was ignoring him, Zang Mingyue was infuriated - a fake dared to treat him with such an attitude; he was seeking death. Zang Mingyue stretched out his hand and a massive formless hand grabbed towards Zhao Fu with enough power to cause him to explode.


Zhao Fu swept out with a finger and a black crescent flew out, causing the formless hand to explode and dissipate into countless traces of air, while Zhao Fu turned to look at Zang Mingyue.

Zang Mingyue loudly shouted, "Didn't you hear This Imperial Prince's words?"

"Master!" Seeing how arrogant Zang Mingyue was, Mosax called out to Zhao Fu, wanting to kill this person.

Zhao Fu's expression was slightly cold as he said, "All of you fall back! You can't block his power."

Hearing this, Mosax and the others could only retreat to the side. Zhao Fu looked at Zang Mingyue and said mockingly, "Just then, I only heard a dog barking."

Those words caused everyone present to gulp. This was the first time that someone had dared to curse at an Imperial Prince, and this could cause the extermination of one's line. However, that person was evidently quite extraordinary and most likely had powerful backing to be able to say such a thing.

Shi Shuge and the other women had been quite angry after hearing Zang Mingyue tell them to serve him. However, they feared the Zang Empire, and during that moment of crisis, Zhao Fu had inadvertently helped them.

As such, they felt a slight sense of gratitude towards Zhao Fu and looked towards him. When Zhao Fu said that sentence, everyone understood that this battle was inevitable.

"You dare to talk to This Imperial Prince like that? Today, This Imperial Prince is going to destroy you in body and soul and show you the true power of an Imperial Prince," Zang Mingyue furiously yelled as he exploded out with power.


A massive explosion shook the heavens as a purple aura came out of Zang Mingyue's body. A massive might descended like a heavenly hand, causing everyone to feel as if their bodies had sunk down. The air started to tremble, and nine purple dragons appeared around Zang Mingyue.

Everyone in the surroundings quickly retreated in fear because that might was too powerful and was gradually increasing. If they stayed here, they would definitely die.

At that moment, space seemed to be frozen, and everyone found it difficult to breathe. Zang Mingyue was like a sovereign Emperor as he stood there, and even the heavens and earth seemed to worship him. In front of him, everything seemed incredibly small.

Sensing everyone's terrified gazes, Zang Mingyue smirked and took out a saber and pointed it at Zhao Fu as he said, "Today, you've been fortunate enough to see a true Imperial Prince's power. You didn't die in vain."

After saying this, Zang Mingyue rushed forwards.

Zhao Fu did not move and exploded out with his own Emperor's power. Zhao Fu's bloodline seemed to be quite excited at the prospects at fighting with a true Imperial Prince, and his blood moved rapidly within his body.

A massive explosion sounded out as a black aura exploded out and expanded out. The sky seemed to tremble as a supreme aura swept out.

Everyone could only retreat even further back in terror. Under that power, their bodies instinctively trembled and their souls seemed to be crying out.

At the same time, nine black and savage-looking dragons giving off terrifying power appeared around Zhao Fu's body. The might they gave off became more and more powerful, causing the air around them to start to twist.

In that moment, Zang Mingyue slashed towards Zhao Fu, and the saber light seemed to be able to split the world apart. Nothing seemed to be able to stop that saber, and in that instant, Zhao Fu also slashed out with the Sadistic Killing Sword, giving off world-destroying power.


The two attacks collided, resulting in a massive explosion. The sky seemed to explode as a corporeal shockwave blasted out. All of the clouds in the sky were annihilated and the ground caved in as countless people were swept away.

The countless spectators started to run for their lives, not daring to stay here anymore. The battle between these two was unimaginably terrifying.

The Gatekeeper's expression was serious, and he unleashed a barrier to protect the red wood door.

Clang, clang, clang...

After that explosion sounded out, the sky continuously trembled as metallic clangs tore through the sky. The two weapons repeatedly clashed, causing ferocious gales to blow out.

By now, everyone was standing incredibly far away. Looking at the two people fighting in the air, they all had looks of shock on their faces. As expected from a battle between two people in the top five in the rankings. The terrifying power they gave off caused even the sixth-ranked Yue Ye's expression to become dim.

However, they did not know that the real battle had only just begun.

"Six Spirit Slash!" Zang Mingyue had a furious look on his face as his saber slashed out six times in an instant, sending out six sharp purple crescents towards Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu blocked with his sword and sent out his Emperor's Domain. The nine black dragons around him entered the Emperor's Domain, causing even more dragon inscriptions to appear on the Emperor's Domain.

Bang! Bang! Bang...

The six terrifying purple crescents giving off incredibly sharp power simultaneously slashed against the Emperor's Domain, resulting in massive explosions. Zhao Fu blocked Zang Mingyue's attack, but he was forced back a few steps.

"Arghhh!" Zang Mingyue roared as he raised his saber and countless rays of saber light shot out, causing the air to become incredibly sharp, and he once again charged at Zhao Fu.

Seventy-two blood-red orbs flew out and hung in the air. In the next instant, they formed 72 spears and pointed towards the incoming Zang Mingyue. They gave off an incredibly powerful piercing aura, causing people's hairs to stand on end and feel incredibly startled.

Swish, swish, swish...

Under Zhao Fu's control, the 72 spears simultaneously shot out, giving off immense power and causing the air to explode.