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 At that moment, a powerful aura spread out like a ferocious flood. Everyone present fell silent upon sensing this aura and looked over. A young man wearing white clothes and a white dragon inscription mask appeared.

His arrival caused everyone to feel quite nervous, and Bai Haoran and Shi Shuge's expressions became quiet serious, because this masked young man's aura was simply too terrifying.

"He's Yue Ye, ranked sixth on the Point Rankings. He's the most powerful person from this generation in the White Dragon Domain," someone worked out his identity and cried out.

Hearing this, everyone felt quite shocked. The White Dragon Domain was extremely powerful and was in the top three of the ten or so Domains around it. As the most powerful person from this generation in the White Dragon Domain, his power would be incredibly terrifying.

Moreover, his status was higher than most people's here; he had already taken over the White Dragon Kingdom and was a true King.

As Yue Ye stepped onto the stage, everyone watched with widened eyes.


Just like before, the Gatekeeper swung his spear, causing an intense gale to sweep towards Yue Ye.


The instant that the gale arrived, a white dragon sword appeared in Yue Ye's hand. He swung the sword, causing a sword hum to sound out, and a massive sword wind giving off an incredibly sharp aura smashed towards the gale.


A massive explosion sounded out as the two gusts of wind clashed together and blasted outwards, making it difficult for others to remain standing.

"So powerful!" The crowd could not help but exclaim. This was the first time someone had faced the Gatekeeper directly without being at a disadvantage. Even Shi Shuge had not been able to do such a thing.

Someone said, "If it wasn't for those five monsters in the top five, Yue Ye would definitely be the number one expert. No one here would be a match for him."

Someone else agreed, "That's right! It's the first time I've seen someone this powerful."


Another massive sound rang out as Yue Ye once again slashed out, blocking the Gatekeeper's second attack.

The Gatekeeper's gaze became slightly more serious. He raised his spear and ferociously stabbed out, causing the air to explode. A massive piercing power shot out, seeming to be able to pierce through a large mountain.

Yue Ye's expression did not change. The white dragon sword in his hand gave off even more intense sword light, and he raised it and stabbed towards the Gatekeeper. A dragon-shaped sword light giving off an incredibly sharp aura shot out.


Another explosion sounded out as the two attacks collided and exploded. Blinding light shot out, and a shockwave rippled out. The ground cracked and countless houses collapsed, and a lot of dust and sand was sent billowing.

After everything settled, the Gatekeeper looked at Yue Ye with a trace of appreciation and said, "Not bad, you have passed my test. You may continue to the fourth level."

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As the Gatekeeper spoke, a massive Emperor's aura covered the surroundings, making everyone feel as if their bodies were sinking and their souls were falling into an abyss.

Countless people looked into the sky and saw a domineering-looking young man with a few women giving off noble auras.

Sensing the young man's aura, the Gatekeeper spoke in a slightly courteous tone, "Imperial Prince, according to the rules, you can directly enter the fourth level and do not need to pass my test."

Hearing the Gatekeeper's tone, everyone looked quite shocked. However, they realized that this young man was a true Imperial Prince, which was why he had such a powerful Emperor's aura.

At the same time, someone called out his identity based on his aura, "He's Zang Mingyue, the third-ranked person!"

Everyone gasped; he was Zang Mingyue? He was an Imperial Prince and was a monster in the top five. His terrifying strength could only cause everyone to sigh in awe.

"This Gatekeeper's attitude is so bad! He treats others so coldly but treats that Imperial Prince so courteously and doesn't even require him to pass the test. He's evidently looking down on the rest of us! So maddening!"

It was a pity that they did not have an Imperial Bloodline, or else the Gatekeepers would have treated them respectfully as well.

Facing everyone's looks of shock, admiration, and worship, Zang Mingyue gave a pleased and confident smile.

By conquering two danger zones, he had risen back to third place, and he had confidence in overtaking the top two. This quelled his anger, and he now felt incredibly happy.

If it was before, he would not have bothered paying attention to these peasants. However, his mood today was quite good, so he said, "That's right, I'm an Imperial Prince! I come from the Heaven Domain's Zang Empire and am the Zang Empire's Sixth Imperial Prince."

Hearing his words, everyone was sent into a frenzy, and Shi Shuge and Bai Haoran looked at Zang Mingyue in shock.

Now, everyone understood that this person was a true Imperial Prince, and he came from the Heaven Domain. This sort of status was incredibly terrifying, and some people would never meet such a person in their lifetime. All those who thought that they had a prestigious identity were nothing in front of him.

Those here were all Princes and Princesses of Royal Kingdoms, while this was an Imperial Prince of an Empire. The difference in their statuses was too great and could not be compared.

The bloodlines of Royal Kingdoms were the highest in the outer Domains and were looked up to by countless people. However, the bloodlines of Empires were the true stars and were worshipped by all. Their bloodline determined their strength right from the start.

Facing countless people's gazes, Zang Mingyue's smile became even brighter, and he felt even more pleased with himself. This was what he had wanted to feel; being looked up to by countless people was how an Imperial Prince should be treated, not being trampled by four others.

He greatly enjoyed this feeling, so he released even more of his Emperor's aura, showing everyone his power.

"Imperial Prince! We're willing to serve you and be your women. Please take us in!" ten or so beauties flew up into the sky and said with hopeful looks.

"Imperial Prince! We're willing to follow you and pledge our loyalty to you!" some others flew into the sky and expressed their desire to submit to him. After all, Zang Mingyue was a true Imperial Prince, and following him and serving him would bring them unimaginable opportunities.

Zang Mingyue looked over these people and did not see any value in any of them. However, he noticed Shi Shuge, Yin Ruoshi, and the top beauties of the other Domains.

Zang Mingyue gave a trace of a domineering smile and pointed at Shi Shuge and the other women and said, "Come over here and serve This Imperial Prince; if you perform well, This Imperial Prince can make you concubines. You'll be able to obtain unimaginable benefits, and your factions would be protected by This Imperial Prince in the future. This is your glory."


Suddenly, an even more terrifying Emperor's aura spread out like a flood, causing countless people's bodies to freeze and feel an instinctive terror.

Another group of people had arrived. Sensing this person's aura, the Gatekeeper respectfully bowed and called out, "I greet this Emperor!"

The Gatekeeper's attitude once again changed, causing everyone to feel incredibly shocked. This aura completely surpassed Zang Mingyue's aura, causing his expression to become quite unsightly.