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 In the end, Zhao Fu and his group reached the innermost region and found traces of a large battle. There were some broken corpses; it seemed that the boss monster here had been killed, and the danger zone had been conquered.

Zhao Fu sighed, not knowing who had done this. However, it was most likely someone near the top of the rankings, or else they would not have been able to do this by themselves.

Now, he could only search for ruins and see if he could gain anything there.

The tenth, ninth, and eighth levels were the first stage; the seventh, sixth, and fifth were the second stage. The danger from one stage to the next increased greatly, which was why the stone stele had stopped many people from descending to the seventh level from the eighth level.

As the end of the second stage, it would be quite difficult to pass from the fifth level to the fourth level.

In order to pass to the fourth level, one had to pass the Gatekeepers' test.

There was a massive red wood door that was thousands of meters tall, on which golden flowers and birds were engraved. There were 1,000 Gatekeepers that were over 1,000 meters tall and wore battle armor. They had austere expressions and gave off powerful auras as they stood guard, not letting anyone get close. Anyone who came near would be attacked.

The Gatekeepers' power was naturally extremely terrifying, which was the reason why Ling Feixue had stopped at the fifth level. Moreover, one could not bring their followers with them; only those who passed the test could advance.

There were already countless people gathered here. Sensing those Gatekeepers' powerful auras, no one dared to go up.

A while later, a big man ranked 180th walked up and shouted, "I want to go to the fourth level!"

One of the Gatekeepers next to the massive door coldly looked at the big man and said in a thunderous voice, "If you can receive three attacks from This General, you may pass to the fourth level."

The big man deeply breathed in and prepared himself as he nodded.

That Gatekeeper held a spear, and seeing that the big man was ready, he lightly waved his spear.


As the spear moved, an extremely powerful wind containing power to destroyed everything rushed towards the big man. Countless grains of sand and pebbles were blown into the sky.

The big man's expression fell, and he hurriedly exploded out with all of his power, causing his body to shine with a blue light as a might covered the surroundings.

Facing the incoming gale, the big man chose to face it head on, and he roared as he slammed into the gale.


A massive explosion rang out as initially, the wind scattered and blew in other directions.

The big man grinned, but only then did the gale's true power explode out. It rushed towards the big man, whose body gave off even more intense light. However, he was still blasted back like a pebble.

The big man was blown back thousands of meters and smashed through a house, and he was unable to climb up. No one knew if he was dead or alive.

Everyone else looked quite shocked; this Gatekeeper was too terrifying. Just a light attack like that was able to blast away someone ranked in the top 200. How could they have a chance to enter the fourth level?

Everyone's expressions became quite dim. Now that they had seen the Gatekeepers' terrifying power, they lost the courage to challenge them and planned to remain in the fifth level.

"I want to challenge!" a chubby young man leapt onto a stage and shouted towards the Gatekeeper.

The Gatekeeper's expression was cold and said the same thing, "If you can receive three attacks from This General, you may pass to the fourth level."


The Gatekeeper once again attacked. He lightly waved his spear, causing a wild gale to blow towards the chubby young man.

The chubby young man took out a three meter tall shield and blocked with it. The wild gale smashed towards it with ferocious power, and the shield released a semi-circular barrier that blocked the wild gale.

Everyone was quite surprised but soon found the reason - this shield was a treasure, and the chubby young man had relied on it to block the strike.

At that moment, a trace of hope appeared in everyone's hearts - indeed, the Gatekeeper had only required them to receive three strikes from him, but he had not said that they could only rely on their own strength. Relying on treasures would also count towards receiving the three strikes.


The Gatekeeper once again attacked. He vigorously swept out, and this strike was evidently much stronger than the previous one. The gale was even stronger, and under the pressure from that gale, the ground started to crack.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

The chubby young man gripped the shield with all of his strength and sent his power into it. The shield once again gave off a semi-circular barrier, and it had bronze patterns on it this time; the defensive power had increased.


The gale furiously swept towards the chubby young man, lifting up the ground it traveled over. Parts of houses were sent into the sky, and the barrier trembled under this attack. However, it was able to block it in the end.

That was the second strike - could it be that this chubby young man would be able to block the third attack in the same way and enter the fourth level?


The Gatekeeper once again attacked. This time, he ferociously stabbed towards the chubby young man, and an even greater force smashed towards the chubby young man like a mountain. The shield's barrier shattered, and the chubby young man was sent flying and could not get up.

Everyone felt quite disappointed; the chubby young man had failed in the end, but he gave everyone a lot of hope.

People stepped up one by one to challenge. Even though the vast majority of them failed, a few were able to pass.

When Bai Haoran arrived, he also made a challenge. He unleashed his Five Elements Domain, and the five-colored energy barrier covered the ten meters around him. The surrounding spirit qi quickly gathered, and the Five Elements Domain was like a vortex that absorbed countless traces of spirit qi.


Just like before, the Gatekeeper waved his spear and a gale slammed towards Bai Haoran.

The Five Elements Barrier did not budge at all and blocked the first attack. The second attack, an even more ferocious gale, then blasted towards Bai Haoran. The Five Elements Domain slightly trembled, but it still defended against the attack.


The Gatekeeper stabbed out with his spear, releasing the third attack. A massive piercing power rushed towards Bai Haoran, and Bai Haoran's gaze became serious as the Five Elements Domain absorbed a large amount of spirit qi and gave off even more intense light.

In the end, the Five Elements Domain shattered, but Bai Haoran was still able to successfully block the attack.

Countless people could not help but cry out, and the Dao Cultivation Sect's people all cheered. Facing the Gatekeeper's three strikes, many geniuses could not block them. Only true experts would be able to do this.

With Bai Haoran's strength, it was evident that he was a true expert, and he was now admired by countless people.

At the same time, he had boosted the Dao Cultivation Sect's fame and reputation, causing all of the Dao Cultivation Sect's disciples to feel proud. Now that Bai Haoran had passed the test, everyone started to discuss him, and his fame also grew.

Following this, Shi Shuge also stepped up to the stage and blocked the three attacks, causing another commotion.