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 In the end, the sword gained a trace of the Killing Sword Intent's aura, and its own twisted aura became slightly weaker. The young girl was also affected and became more decent.

Zhao Fu retracted the Killing Sword Intent and drew the sword out of the stone stage. Countless traces of information rushed into Zhao Fu's head; most of them were about killing people, and this was most likely the legacy. Zhao Fu was not very interested in this.

This sword was called the Sadistic Killing Sword, and it was a Level 6 Divine Earth Armament.

Weapons that reached Divine Earth Armament could be called Divine Armaments. A Level 6 Divine Earth Armament could also be referred to as a Mid-level Divine Armament.

Zhao Fu was quite pleased and put the sword away, and the young girl with blood-red hair returned to the sword. Zhao Fu then looked at the eight crystal coffins.

Zhao Fu waved his hand and a wave of energy destroyed the restrictions on the crystal coffins. The eight women within slowly opened their eyes. Some people had hazy looks while others coldly looked at Zhao Fu.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Ahri opened her eyes and gave Zhao Fu a flirtatious smile as she paid her respects and said, "Thank you master for saving us."

The others also came to their senses and called out, "Master!"

Zhao Fu did not set down restrictions within their bodies; the Sadistic Killing Sword controlled their souls, so as long as he had control over the sword, he would naturally be their master.

Zhao Fu nodded and led them to leave the ruins.

The ordinary-looking young man on the fifth level looked quite serious. He looked behind him and did not seem as leisurely; he felt that things had started to become interesting.

It was not just that ordinary-looking young man; the white-haired young man, Bai Shengjun, and Zang Mingyue all felt that terrifying aura, and their expressions became grave. Facing that power, they felt quite wary.

The group of people who had wanted to charge in had been scared stiff by the Killing Sword Intent's power. They looked at the ruins fearfully, and seeing Zhao Fu come out, countless people immediately scattered; none dared to remain.

Without needing to think about it, Zhao Fu understood what had happened.

Lefran looked at the women behind Zhao Fu and hugged Zhao Fu as she said enticingly, "Master, you have such good luck with women! You've taken in another eight sisters; we can have a large 'battle' later."

Evelyn crossed her arms and lightly harrumphed as she said, "Master, you were having a good time inside while we were blocking off enemies for you outside. You need to make it up to me later."

Ahri leapt into Zhao Fu's arms and gave off a flirtatious aura as she looked at Zhao Fu with her large eyes and said, "This little fox will also serve master!"

Zhao Fu felt quite frustrated and said, "Let's see if there are any other ruins first!"

Hearing this, all of the women felt quite disappointed. Evelyn expressed her strong discontentment, and some of the newly-joined women blushed while others looked quite calm.

A few days later, Zhao Fu's group still had not found any ruins. They had killed a rock spirit, from which they had obtained a checkpoint medallion, so they headed to the sixth level.

The sixth level was a boundless snowy plains. There was snow everywhere and there did not seem to be any trace of life. The cold air was enough to freeze those with Stage 5 or Stage 6 cultivation; this was not a place that ordinary people could come to.

Just like always, Zhao Fu headed to the danger zone first to see if he could subdue the boss monster and earn points.

A few hours later, Zhao Fu's group encountered a flock of pigeon-like Cosmos Beasts, which charged at them.

The sixth level's Cosmos Beasts were mainly birds. If anyone flew in the air, it would be quite easy to encounter large groups of Cosmos Beasts.

However, now that Zhao Fu had many more helpers, they became much easier to deal with, and Zhao Fu observed them all closely.

Chen Zhenghe used a bow and arrows, shooting down Cosmos Beasts one after another. Diana was ferocious and expressionless. Her crescent blade gave off crescent-shaped arcs, killing Cosmos Beats continuously.

Sejuani rode on her boar and swung her meteor hammer, charging about in the sky; Shyvana punched out, sending out fireballs; and Sivir continuously threw her crossblade.

Fiora gripped her sword with both hands and unleashed her beautiful sword skills, sending out countless sword lights, while Ahri threw out blue fireballs.

Akali continuously swung her daggers, sending out green lights. Zyra shot out spikes, killing the incoming Cosmos Beasts.

Zhao Fu decided to try out the Sadistic Killing Sword's power. He casually sent out a blood-red sword light, which hit a few Cosmos Beast. In just an instant, those Cosmos Beasts were reduced to pieces. Zhao Fu had not wanted to do this; this was an effect of the Sadistic Killing Sword.

This sword was eviller and more twisted than all of Zhao Fu's swords. However, he could accept using it against enemies.

The group quickly finished killing this group of Cosmos Beasts, and they arrived at the sixth level's danger zone. However, Zhao Fu was disappointed - the sixth level's danger zone had corpses everywhere and had already been conquered by someone. From the wounds on the corpses, it seemed that a single person had done this.

This messed up Zhao Fu's plan; Zhao Fu had wanted to conquer each level's danger zone, subdue the monsters, and bring them back to Great Qin. However, someone had already conquered this danger zone, so he could only go and look for some ruins.

Over the next few days, Zhao Fu and his group explored a few ruins but did not gain much. Zhao Fu felt quite disappointed and decided to head to the fifth level.

The checkpoint medallion for the sixth level was on an incredibly tall snowy mountain. As long as one could endure the cold and the blade-like winds and reach the top, they would be able to obtain it.

This was not too difficult for Zhao Fu, as Zhao Fu's defensive powers were extremely powerful. He had his Emperor's Domain, the Saint Realm Domains, and the Six Paths Defensive Barrier.

A door of light appeared, and everyone stepped through and entered the fifth level.

The fifth level was quite different to the previous level. This was an incredibly large ruins, with ruined structures and weeds everywhere. This place most likely had countless people living in it before but now only empty and broken houses remained.

The Cosmos Beasts in the fifth level were humanoids and were extremely powerful. Each of them had roughly Stage 9 strength. If a large number of Stage 9 experts attacked, even with Zhao Fu's strength, he would have to run.

The fifth level was the final level that Ling Feixue had reached. Because it was extremely dangerous, she had not been able to give much information about it. However, she had told Zhao Fu where the danger zone was.

Following this, everyone headed towards the danger zone.

The fifth level's danger zone was an extremely majestic and grand palace. It was called the Nine King Spirit Palace, and it was where a King had once lived. There were countless vengeful spirit guards, which were extremely powerful. Some even had Saint Realm strength.

However, after reaching this place, they found that it was quite empty. Apart from a few vengeful spirits occasionally jumping out at them, they did not see any large groups of vengeful spirits.

Zhao Fu had a bad feeling that someone had already conquered this place too.