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 This blood-red sword was a double-handed sword. It was about a meter long and three fingers wide. It only had a single edge, and the blade was jagged like sharp teeth. It looked like anyone who was struck by the sword would have their bodies ripped apart, and it would definitely be incredibly painful.

There was a picture on the sword, which depicted all sorts of broken corpses. The hilt of the sword seemed to be wrapped with human skin, and this was most likely a devil sword.

There were eight crystal coffins are the stone stage, within which lay women. They were the women Zhao Fu had encountered before: Diana, Sejuani, Sivir...

Apart from the six he had encountered, there were two who he had not met.

One of them wore tight green clothes and wore a green mouth mask. She had jet-black long hair and had a slim figure. Even though her face could not be fully seen, one could feel that she was quite a pretty person.

She was the Fist of the Shadows, Akali.

There was another woman with a fiery figure, but she did not seem to be wearing any clothes. She only used some plants to cover her body and had red hair. She was quite pretty and gave off a powerful aura. Both her hands looked like claws.

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After Zhao Fu walked in, a figure excitedly leapt at him. It was a young girl with exquisite features. She had very long, blood-red hair and blood-red eyes that seemed to be filled with cruelness. She did not seem to be wearing anything.

"Master! You're my master now! Hurry up and take me and let me follow you in slaughtering the world," the young girl leapt onto Zhao Fu and happily and crazily cried out.

Zhao Fu looked at the young girl and figured that she was most likely the sword spirit of that blood-red sword. He looked down at her and asked curiously, "Why did you choose me?"

The young girl yelled in a high voice, "Because master's bloodline is terrifying and Master has many terrifying things inside his body. If I choose you as my master, I'll be able to slaughter countless people and let the world suffer pain.

"I've waited here for a long time and master is the first person I've been so interested in. I can finally leave with master. I'm even happier than when I break fingers or cut open bodies."

After hearing her words, Zhao Fu felt a chill within his heart. This young girl was definitely a pervert and a madwoman; no wonder the fox had said those things before.

Now, the question was whether Zhao Fu wanted such a terrifying and evil sword.

In the end, Zhao Fu felt that he had to take it. This sword was no ordinary sword and had immense power. How could he leave such a treasure here?

"Get off me, I'm going to get the sword." Hearing Zhao Fu's words, the young girl immediately let go of Zhao Fu and stood by the side, looking at Zhao Fu with her blood-red eyes filled with expectation.

Zhao Fu walked up to the stone stage and grabbed the sword's hilt.


A massive evil, twisted, and berserk power entered through Zhao Fu's hand and rushed into Zhao Fu's brain, seeming to cause his mind to go blank.

Outside, a pillar of blood-red light containing immense power shot into the sky, shaking the surroundings. The blood-red light seemed to cover the entire sky, and that evil and berserk power flooded out.

Not just Chen Zhenghe and the others looked at this scene in shock; everyone on the seventh level felt their hairs stand on end and felt incredibly shocked. They could not help but look over at the pillar of blood-red light standing between the heavens and the earth.

"What's going on? There's definitely some kind of incredible treasure over there." Thinking about that, countless people excitedly rushed over in that direction.

Zhao Fu felt his body being eroded by a massive power. That berserk, evil, and twisted power started to corrode his body and soul, wanting to make him a person like that young girl.

"Hmph!" Zhao Fu coldly harrumphed; he did not want to become a person like that. He exploded with all of his strength, wanting to suppress the power corroding his body and soul.

However, Zhao Fu was not a match for the power, as this place seemed to be the sword's territory. It had boundless power, and despite Zhao Fu exploding out with all of his power, he was quickly inundated.

Those close to the ruins had already arrived and looked at this scene in shock. They knew the ripples were coming from here, but they did not know the reason.

Evenlyn and the others were guarding in front of the door, preventing others from charging in and disrupting Zhao Fu.

The newly-arrived people looked at Evelyn and the others warily and did not dare to act rashly. They knew these people - they were the people who had been with the second-ranked genius.

To be able to leave a twelve inch deep sword mark on the stone stele, they would not be able to fight that person at all. The only person who would be able to contend with him would be that top-ranked genius.

Following this, more and more people gathered here until there were over 10,000 of them. They all looked at the ruins greedily, in fear and in shock.

Evelyn and the others could not help but feel anxious. With so many people arriving, they could not stop them all.

As time gradually passed, more and more people gathered. Now, some of them could not help but think of forcing their way through. There was definitely some kind of shocking treasure within the ruins, so how could they just watch it be taken by someone else?

"What is your boss doing in there?" someone could not help but ask. Because there were so many people present, they did not fear that person as much.

Evelyn and the others ignored that person's words.

The crowd started to become more and more restless, and someone yelled out, "Get out of the way, everyone should have a chance at this treasure. If you don't make way, we won't show any courtesy."

Those words caused the atmosphere to become quite heavy. Both sides seemed to have swords drawn and bows bent, and it was as if a massive battle would explode out the next instant. However, Zhao Fu's side was clearly at a massive disadvantage.

Within the ruins, Zhao Fu had a look of pain on his face as the power continuously ripped through his body, tearing apart his soul. Zhao Fu could not help but release the Emperor Killing Sword World's power.

Within the Emperor Killing Sword World, the weather started to change as clouds swirled and countless traces of Killing Sword Intent instantly gathered.


A hocking sword hum sounded out, piercing through countless worlds, as the massive amount of Killing Sword Intent rushed out like a heaven-toppling flood.

At that moment, the ordinary-looking young man leisurely walking in the fifth level sensed this power and froze. His expression changed as he looked backwards.

Everyone in the Cosmos Historical Remnant felt as if they were inundated by that aura, making them feel suffocated. Some people were terrified to the point that they collapsed to the ground.

The Killing Sword Intent was a supreme Sword Intent, and with the Emperor Killing Sword World's power, Zhao Fu was finally able to successfully suppress the power from the blood-red sword.

However, Zhao Fu did not like how twisted and berserk this sword was, so Zhao Fu instilled some of the Killing Sword Intent into it, hoping to weaken its legacy's power.

As the Killing Sword Intent flowed into it, the sword started to go through changes, and the sword spirit fell to the ground in pain.