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 Hearing the word 'ruins,' Zhao Fu felt quite interested. However, he did not believe this person, so he said, "Hand over your Soul Mark first and take us to the ruins, and I'll give you a chance to follow me."

Chen Zhenghe felt incredibly excited; he had never thought that he would succeed so easily. He immediately handed over his Soul Mark and led Zhao Fu to the ruins.

A while later, Zhao Fu's group reached a large boulder. Chen Zhenghe walked up and knocked on it seven times, after which the air rippled and a black hole appeared.

Zhao Fu and his group carefully went in and found that it was a stone passageway. The passageway was incredibly smooth and there were erotic depictions on the walls, all of which were scenes of men and women doing it.

Zhao Fu glanced at these pictures but felt that they were useless so he did not look at them further, and Lefran did not seem very interested either.

Everyone continued onwards and reached a gorgeous hall. There was a stage with seven tables, at which seven beautiful men sat. There were countless corpses below them, including both men and women. They were all naked and had pleasurable looks on their faces.

The seven beautiful men were slightly more good-looking than even Zhao Fu. They were all well-proportioned and quite tall as well.

They all gave off different auras: Some were warm and cheerful, some were as cold as ice, some were as domineering as kings, some were playful like little beasts, and some were refined and cultured. These seven appearing together could bewitch countless women.

The domineering-looking beautiful man sitting at the center lightly laughed and said, "Another group! We seven can have some fun again."

The beautiful man sitting next to him looked at Lefran and the other women lasciviously, "There are some top-tier goods this time; I can't wait already."

Zhao Fu slightly frowned, and before he could do anything, the domineering-looking beautiful man disdainfully waved his hand and a pink light spread out. Countless runes appeared in the hall, and everyone's body froze on the spot, unable to move.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

At the same time, they felt a heat within their bodies, and their breathing became ragged. The princesses' minds became blank and they lost all the strength in their bodies. Their faces started to go red as they began to pant.

Krista's eyes were hazy and she blushed as she breathed heavily. Evelyn lustfully licked her lips as she gave off an intoxicating aura. Lefran also had an incredibly flirtatious and lewd look on her face.

The domineering-looking man gave a domineering smile and walked down as he said, "Now we can properly enjoy ourselves. We'll play with the women first then the men."

The other beautiful men also smiled as they walked down. The domineering-looking man hugged Lefran, while the other beautiful men made their choices as well.

One of them hugged the lustful Evelyn, one picked the cold and embarrassed Krista, one picked the tender and beautiful Lin Yan'Er, one picked the cold and aloof Princess Han Shuang, one picked the weak and gentle Princess Bai Rou, and one picked the voluptuous Princess Qiu Mei.

Looking at the seven women in their arms, the seven beautiful men felt quite excited and gave lewd smiles as they returned to the stage.

One of them was not satisfied and also picked up the fiery-figured Princess Han Nan and the beautiful Princess Wu Lin.

One of the others was not very satisfied and said, "Old Second, why do you want three? Can't the seven of us split them all later? Also, boss, don't break that woman; I also want to try her out."

The domineering-looking beautiful man looked at the enchanting Lefran in his arms and laughed as he nodded. He would hate to break a beautiful creature like this.

Another beautiful man laughed as he said, "Boss, how about we do it together? I also quite like that beauty in your arms."

Now, all of the women were completely defenseless and had reddened faces as they moaned as if they desperately needed to do it. Even if the seven beautiful men did anything to them, they would not be able to resist.

The beautiful men placed them on the stage and started to slowly take off their clothes.

Suddenly, a ball of black qi shot out of the women's bodies and entered the beautiful men's bodies. This caused the expressions of the seven beautiful men to fall.

The six black crystals within Zhao Fu's body trembled and a massive amount of Six Desires Demonic Qi flowed out. Zhao Fu's gaze became cold as he regained control over his body.

Clang, clang, clang...

Zhao Fu waved his hand and countless chains shot out, binding the seven beautiful men. After the black qi flowed into their bodies, they had frozen up for a moment, and Zhao Fu had taken this opportunity to bind them.

He then waved his hand again, causing black light to shoot out into everyone's bodies, causing them to go back to normal.

The women who had been taken up to the stage also returned to Zhao Fu's side.

"Master, can you give me one to play with?" Lefran hugged Zhao Fu as she said with a trace of coquettishness.

Lefran looked at the seven beautiful men, and even though she smiled beautifully, her eyes were filled with ruthlessness.

Zhao Fu coldly harrumphed, "I'll deal with them. Since they wanted to do it, I'll let them do as they wanted."

Zhao Fu stretched out a hand and pointed towards the seven beautiful men. Countless traces of Six Desires Demonic Qi entered their bodies, causing their bodies to feel incredibly hot, and their faces became somewhat pale.

One of them quickly said, "Sir, I'm willing to submit to you!"

Zhao Fu ignored his words; anyone who dared to touch his women deserved death, and Zhao Fu would not accept their surrender.

Following this, the seven beautiful men breathed raggedly and their eyes became red as if they were bulls in heat. Zhao Fu undid the chains and they lost their reason as they leapt at each other and started to do unimaginable things.

Zhao Fu did not have any interest in watching. He left some Six Desires Demonic Liquid in their bodies, making it so that they would do it until they died.

Zhao Fu had everyone else leave, and he looked around the hall. He found a secret door and entered a secret room, and he found a treasure box that had 30 or so pink fruits.

The fruits were about as big as longans and were quite smooth. They gave off pink light and gave off intoxicating fragrances.

Zhao Fu looked at them and found that they were called Charming Soul Fruits, which could be given to women to consume, giving them a Charming Soul Constitution. This would increase their strength and cultivation, and the Charming Soul Fruits quite precious.

Zhao Fu also found an Art that was quite high-level, and it was suited to those who had Charming Soul Constitutions. There were also eight or nine Saint Armaments.

There was nothing else, and after putting everything away, Zhao Fu left the secret room and looked at the seven beautiful men madly going at each other. Zhao Fu did not have any time to wait for them, so he increased the amount of Six Desires Demonic Qi and made them even more crazed.

In the end the seven beautiful men's eyes became blank, and their faces were covered with ecstasy as they collapsed to the ground, dead.