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 Only then did the stone creature become more well-behaved. It did not have any strength to struggle anymore and lay on the ground. However, it continued to furiously glare at everyone, feeling quite unconvinced; after all, it had been attacked by so many people.

Zhao Fu looked at the stone creature and gave a trace of a smile as he said, "Are you willing to submit, or do you want to die?"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

The stone creature looked at Zhao Fu and yelled, "Just kill me! I won't surrender. If you don't kill me, I'll definitely smash you into meat paste next time."

Zhao Fu frowned and looked at the stone creature, wondering if he should kill it or keep it.

After thinking about it, he felt that killing it was not worth it. Killing the sandworm from before was unavoidable, but Zhao Fu wanted to try to subdue this stone creature if it was possible.

Zhao Fu took out the Sand Pearl. This item had great control over earth-type things, so it might be able to turn this stone creature into sand.

Of course, Zhao Fu took out this Sand Pearl to torment the stone creature. Even though the stone creature did not feel any physical pain, it most likely still felt mental and spiritual pain.

The Sand Pearl gave off a faint yellow light, which gradually entered the stone creature's body. The stone creature's expression became terrified and soon started to howl in pain. It felt its soul being gradually ripped apart into small grains.

Hearing it howl pitifully, everyone's expressions were quite calm. None of them were especially kind people, and in fact, Lefran had a delighted look on her face. It seemed that she quite liked to hear others scream.

Seven or eight hours later, the stone creature could not endure anymore and weakly submitted to Zhao Fu, expressing that it was willing to serve him.

Zhao Fu gave a pleased smile and accepted the stone creature's surrender, and he received a system announcement.

"System announcement! Congratulations, you have subdued the Stone Creature Rock Mountain and have obtained 100,000 points."

It was 100,000 points again, and Zhao Fu felt quite confused. This Rock Mountain's strength was much stronger than the sandworm, so it was definitely worth more than 100,000 points. Zhao Fu thought about it and decided that it was most likely because he had worked together with everyone else. If he had conquered it by himself, the rewards would most likely be greater.

These 100,000 points caused the Points Rankings to once again change; Zhao Fu had moved up one spot.

Number 1: Unknown Name, Points: 510,000

Number 2: Unknown Name, Points: 410,000

Number 3: Unknown Name, Points: 400,000

Number 4: Bai Shengjun, Points: 390,000

Number 5: Zang Mingyue, Points: 380,000

Everyone looked at the rankings in shock; that person was now ranked second. However, because he had left a twelve inch deep mark on the stone stele, everyone was not as flabbergasted as before. Now, they believed that Zhao Fu was someone who could contend with the top-ranked person.

Seeing that he had been overtaken, the white-haired young man's face became pale. Yet another variable had appeared, and his plan could become somewhat more difficult.

Back then, he had thought that Zhao Fu was quite dangerous, but now that he had been surpassed by Zhao Fu, causing him to fall to third place, he could not help but feel quite angry.

Bai Shengjun sighed. He had thought that he would be able to return to third place and leave Zhao Fu behind, but it seemed that that person was too fast, and he could not catch up to him.

Zang Mingyue also looked quite furious and exploded out with power and rampaged for a bit. Zhao Fu reaching second place meant that no matter what he did, he would be trampled on by at least three others.

Bai Haoran, Bing Qixue, Leng Shang, Shi Shuge, and everyone else who knew Zhao Fu could only marvel in awe and helplessness; they did not know what to say.

The top-ranked ordinary-looking young man leisurely walked about in the fifth level; the countless Cosmos Beasts were terrified and did not dare to get close. He did not bother looking at the rankings because he knew that everyone was inferior to him.

Even though he was not an arrogant person, how could someone from a remote, boundary Domain surpass him?

Back within the valley, Zhao Fu threw over some earth-type treasures to Rock Mountain to help him recover from his wounds.

Following this, Rock Mountain handed over an item to Zhao Fu. It was a black stone that was as big as a marble and gave off a faint black light. It was incredibly heavy, and Zhao Fu could only hold it using his full strength. Zhao Fu could not help but ask, "Just what is this?"

Rock Mountain had greatly recovered, and hearing Zhao Fu's words, he immediately replied in fear, "This is an Infinite Gravity Origin Stone, an extremely powerful gravity treasure. This is the reward for this danger zone."

Zhao Fu nodded in understanding, but he had not yet decided how to use it.

The golden dragon within Zhao Fu's body suddenly said, "This Infinite Gravity Origin Stone can move large amounts of earth into the sky and create a sky city. If you want to build a sky city, you can consider using this treasure for such a purpose."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu felt quite interested. A sky city would be incredibly grand and majestic, and if they used it for military purposes, it would be a sky castle.

It would be of great help to Great Qin in future aerial battles, so Zhao Fu decided to build a sky city. At the same time, he asked the golden dragon about what sorts of materials were needed.

After conquering the danger zone of the seventh level, Zhao Fu planned to look for a ruins. The seventh level was different than the tenth level, and there were most likely still many unexplored ruins.

At the same time, Zhao Fu planned on obtaining the seventh level's checkpoint medallion.

The seventh level's checkpoint medallion was quite easy to find; one just needed to kill a type of rock spirit. However, to ordinary people, these rock spirits were terrifyingly powerful.

A few hours later, as Zhao Fu was flying with the rest of his group, a person stopped them. he was a young man and looked quite ordinary, and he gave off an ordinary aura, not seeming special in any way.

Zhao Fu stopped, looked at this young man, and asked, "Do you have business with me?"

The young man cupped his hands and said resolutely, "My name is Chen Zhanghe; I want to follow sir and become a peerless expert."

Zhao Fu lightly laughed, he had never expected someone to suddenly ask to follow him. Zhao Fu did not know that the instant he had left a mark on the stone stele, he had become admired and worshipped by countless people.

Lefran, who was leaning against Zhao Fu, gave a bewitching laugh and said, "Do you think just anyone can follow our master? Don't you know that your actions are seeking death? If you don't give us a satisfactory explanation, I'll kill you in master's place!"

Chen Zhenghe felt quite anxious; he knew that this woman was not lying. He could sense how dangerous she was, but fortunately, he had made preparations.

First of all, Cheng Zhenghe was not weak, and he had decent talent. However, if he wanted to become a peerless expert, he would not be able to do so by himself. He wanted to fulfill his father and mother's aspirations, so he had to follow a terrifying figure like this.

"Sir, I've found an unexplored ruins and would like to offer it to you as a gift. I can also give my soul to sir and swear my eternal loyalty."