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 The second stage of the King profession turned all of his blood into King's Blood. In the future, Zhao Fu's blood would contain a massive amount of King's Power.

The Heaven Awaken World possessed many different bloodlines and rankings of bloodlines. For example, bloodlines of Angels and Demons were more powerful than bloodlines of Humans, which was why Humans became much more powerful upon obtaining a bloodline.

Zhao Fu's King's Blood was definitely not any weaker than those bloodlines, and as Zhao Fu became more powerful, his bloodline would become more powerful as well.

Bloodlines in the Heaven Awaken World were split into 24 levels: Levels 1-3 were Low-grade Bloodlines; Levels 3-6 were Mid-grade Bloodlines; Levels 6-9 were High-grade Bloodlines, Levels 9-12 were Royal Bloodlines; Levels 12-15 were Imperial Bloodlines; Levels 15-18 were Sovereign Bloodlines; Levels 18-21 were Divine Bloodlines; and Levels 21-24 were Origin Bloodlines.

Right now, Zhao Fu's bloodline was only a Level 3 Low-grade Bloodline, as the Great Qin bloodline that he possessed was not very pure. Indeed, he was part of the 'collateral family,' and even though he had gotten lucky and obtained Great Qin's Legacy, he did not yet have a High-grade Bloodline.

However, even though Zhao Fu had a Low-grade Bloodline, he went to the Heaven Prayer Platform and started to convert his bloodline into a Royal Bloodline. He sat cross-legged at the center of the Heaven Prayer Platform and closed his eyes before starting to circulate his King's Power.

Traces of black aura streamed out from within Zhao Fu's body and covered him, forming a gigantic black ball. Within the black ball, Zhao Fu felt quite warm and comfortable, and he could feel his bloodline being refined.

The sun rose and set, and soon, three days passed. The black ball slowly dispersed into traces of black aura again, revealing Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu's appearance had greatly changed. His somewhat delicate face now looked more dignified and imposing, and it contained coldness, majesty, and elegance. His black eyes became terrifyingly deep, and his short black hair now reached his waist.

Now, Zhao Fu's bloodline was a Level 9 Royal Bloodline, and it became much more powerful. In the future, Zhao Fu's blood would naturally contain King's Power.

After coming down from the Heaven Prayer Platform, he saw that Li Si had been waiting for a long time. When Li Si saw Zhao Fu's changes, Li Si didn't dare to look at him directly. He could only lower his head as he said respectfully, "Your Majesty, everything has been taken care of, and the exploration teams have returned today."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu nodded and went to a room, which had three people, and said, "What do you think about the Great Qin Town?"

Wang Jian paid his respects to Zhao Fu before saying, "Your Majesty, we think that everything has been taken of quite well. I have faith that Great Qin will one day return to its former glory."

Zhao Fu smiled and started to talk with them. His main goal was to understand them more, and after talking with them, he decided on what to do with them.

Zhao Fu then took some of the people who had not yet become Generals and Wang Jian to the Barracks. He made Wang Jian a Commander - Wang Jian was a historical figure on the same level as Bai Qi, and he would fit this role well.

Right now, Great Qin had two Commanders, Bai Qi and Wang Jian, and 10 Generals: Zhang Dahu, Li Wen, Xiao Jian, Old Logue, Doke, Saar, Lakje, Daisy, Chen Shang, and Nico.

Wang Ergou and Liu Mei were both Assassins now, so Zhao Fu did not plan to make them Generals. Out of the 10 Generals, three were from the General Platform, Li Wen became a General through the Undead Profession Change Stone, and five were through the Great Qin's General Stone Stele.

The final General, Chen Shang, was spawned by the system. Because of the various buffs from the Great Qin Town and the Heaven Prayer Platform, they typically spawned two S grade villagers per month. The first this month was Meng Haoran, and Chen Shang spawned while Zhao Fu was refining his bloodline. Not only did he already have a [General] profession, but he was also S grade.

After deciding what Wang Jian would do, Zhao Fu turned his attention to the cold and handsome Ge Nia, who gave off a cold sword aura.

Ge Nia was SSS grade and extremely talented at swordsmanship. By the end of the Warring States Period, he was already a famed swordsman, so Zhao Fu decided to make him his bodyguard. With his supreme swordsmanship, he was worthy of this position.

Before, when he lacked people, Zhao Fu used Bai Qi as both a General and a bodyguard. However, he could no longer do this, as Bai Qi had become a great Commander in charge of thousands of people.

Finally, Zhao Fu turned to Ba Qing. Of course, Zhao Fu gave her all of the businesses to manage. Before, they were managed by Xia Ming, but with Ba Qing in charge, Zhao Fu felt even more assured.

After giving the three of them roles, Zhao Fu remembered that there was still something he had not taken care of because of how busy he had been.

It was about something interesting that one of the exploration teams had brought back. The item was quite special, and it looked like a little temple that was about 1 meter wide and 1 meter tall. There was also a statue of a little old man within it, who had a long beard and was holding a wooden staff, and he had an amicable and kindly appearance.

[Earth Temple]: Contains a trace of divine power and can protect a piece of land. It requires sacrifices of incense, and the more incense there is, the more powerful the Earth Temple will become. Current stats: Crop production time -10%, crop output +10%, resistance to natural disasters +5%

Compared to western godly spirits, Zhao Fu preferred eastern godly spirits. This was because while western godly spirits were above the rule of Kings and Emperors, eastern godly spirits were below the rule of Kings and Emperors. Zhao Fu believed that a King's authority should surpass all - even a god should submit to a King or an Emperor.

The Earth Temple's stats were quite good - after all, even a Normal grade Village would not have such stats. The 5% resistance to natural disasters was of key importance, and it was not something that just any item would have.

What's more, the Earth Temple seemed to be upgradable through incense sacrifices. Incense seemed to be like faith or worship, but the difference was that incense was a type of sacrifice that was below a King's rule, so Zhao Fu permitted this.

Zhao Fu allowed faith and worship, but no matter what it was, it had to submit to him. Zhao Fu would absolutely not allow situations like in the western world where religion trumped the rule of the King.

After finding a place for the Earth Temple and making arrangements for its incense sacrifices, Zhao Fu prepared to open up a path to the outside world. However, what Zhao Fu didn't know was that the real world had exploded into chaos because of him, and countless people almost went mad.