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 After this collision, the stone creature did not move at all, but Evelyn was forced back five or six steps before she could stop herself. As the boss monster of the seventh level's danger zone, the stone creature was evidently stronger than Evelyn.

After forcing Evelyn back, its expression became one of slight condescension. Evelyn was unresigned and wanted to charge up and fight with it again.

Zhao Fu stopped her; they had many people here, and they did not come to challenge it to a solo battle.


Mosax gave off a powerful aura and stabbed his pitchfork into the ground. A black and gray barrier giving off enormous power spread out, covering the surroundings.


Molaf disappeared and reappeared behind the stone creature, slashing towards the stone creature's back. The stone creature's body seemed to be as hard as steel; as the dagger slashed against it, a metallic sound rang out, and only a shallow wound was opened up.

The stone creature did not seem to feel pain and did not mind that injury at all. It swung at Molaf backhanded, forcing Molaf to immediately hide back into the nothingness, causing the stone creature's attack to miss.

At that moment, everyone else also started to act, while Lin Yan'Er and the princesses tactfully retreated to the side.

Lefran raised her magic staff, causing an intense blue light to spread out, and the powerful illusory light caused the stone creature to be stunned for a few seconds.

Zhao Fu raised the Death Race Sword, which gave off an intense sword light. He vigorously slashed and a massive gray crescent of sword light flew out, sending the stunned stone creature flying.


Krista raised her spear and blue flames appeared around it. She vigorously threw the spear, which contained immense destructive power as it shot towards the stone creature.

The stone creature was given a big fright and crossed its arms in front of itself as a formless energy barrier spread out.


The blue spear slammed into the energy barrier with ferocious power, resulting in a massive explosion. The energy barrier shattered and the blue spear hit the stone creature's arms. However, because most of the spear's power had been blocked by the energy barrier, the blue spear was not able to harm the stone creature.


Evelyn appeared in the air, and she spun as she kicked the stone creature back to the ground. The stone creature's five meter tall body heavily crashed onto the ground, causing the ground to collapse and countless rocks to fly everywhere.

"Roar!!" The stone creature climbed up from the ground and gave a furious roar. A powerful aura spread out from its body, raising up wild gales. The stone creature furiously looked at Zhao Fu and his party, and it raised its hands and slammed them onto the ground.


A formless shockwave spread out, shattering countless rocks. The shockwave gave off an immense power as it rushed towards Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu coldly harrumphed and a black aura flame burst forth around him. A massive amount of energy entered his sword, causing it to give off an intense sword hum. Zhao Fu vigorously stabbed the Death Race Sword into the ground, causing a terrifying shockwave to also blast out.


The two massive shockwaves collided, resulting in an enormous explosion. Countless rocks were sent flying and after everything settled down, there was an area that was three meters wide that had sunk down; this was where the two shockwaves had collided.

Swish, swish, swish...

At that moment, countless pieces of fragmented rocks started to float before shooting out with immense power.

Zhao Fu's expression fell and he had everyone spread out. They dodged most of the rocks and blocked the rest. However, they were all slightly injured; the rocks hitting them hurt a bit and caused a few bruises.


The stone creature raised a large hand and slammed it against the ground, causing a formless energy to spread out. Sharp stone pillars started to stab out of the ground, forcing Zhao Fu and the others to dodge about again.

Zhao Fu started to feel quite annoyed. He raised the Death Race Sword and sent all of his power into it, causing it to give off a bright sword light. Countless traces of deathly aura spread out like a flood, and a beautiful figure appeared beside Zhao Fu.


Zhao Fu slashed out, and the beautiful figure, surrounded by countless traces of deathly aura, flew forwards towards the stone creature, seeming to be able to devour all life.

The stone creature's expression became quite grim as it clenched its fist and savagely punched down on the ground. Stone walls that were ten or so meters tall and 30 centimeters thick suddenly rose up from the ground, and 30 or so of them blocked in front of the stone creature.

Bang! Bang! Bang...

The massive deathly aura ferociously collapsed wall after wall, resulting in massive sounds. In the end, the stone creature was still able to block Zhao Fu's full-powered strike.

However, Zhao Fu was not alone.


Krista threw out her spear, and a blue ray of light containing immense power shot towards the stone creature, causing the air around it to explode.


After blocking a full-powered strike from Zhao Fu and facing this sudden follow-up attack, the stone creature could only unleash an energy barrier. The blue light smashed against the energy barrier, causing it to shatter, and the stone creature was blasted back.

The stone creature flew backwards and smashed against a hill, causing it to collapse. A three inch deep hole appeared in the stone creature's chest.

The stone creature was most likely completely made of stone and did not have any blood vessels or anything. Otherwise, blood would have flowed from a wound like that. However, from how it looked, it seemed to be quite injured.


Molaf appeared in the air and its dagger gave off a cold light as it slashed towards the stone creature. The stone creature was unable to react in time at all, and a gash appeared on its left arm.

The stone creature furiously rushed out of the collapsed hill, but at that moment, a flower appeared above its head, giving off a deep blue light and pulling it into an illusion.


Evelyn appeared behind the stone creature, and her fist was covered with a black aura as a massive amount of Darkness power swept out. Evelyn punched the stone creature's waist, causing a muffled explosion to sound out as countless small cracks appeared on the stone creature's waist.

Even though the stone creature did not seem to feel pain, this was the most damage it had received so far, and its aura greatly weakened.

However, the stone creature would not give up just like that. It mustered its strength and counterattacked, punching towards Evelyn.


Before the stone creature could hit Evelyn, Molaf reappeared and slashed down with its dagger, opening up another gash on the stone creature. In response, the stone creature furiously turned to attack Molaf.


At that moment, a muffled explosion sounded out as Mosax gripped its pitchfork and stabbed it into the stone creature's body. At the same time, it sent the Nothingness Domain's power into it, causing the stone creature to weaken further.

The stone creature roared, wanting to attack Mosax.

Clang, clang, clang...

The sounds of chains rang out as thousands of chains shot out from the air, binding the stone creature.

The stone creature exploded with strength and furiously roared as it continuously struggled, but it was unable to break free from the chains.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Zhao Fu walked out from the side and the Death Race Sword gave off intense sword light as he stabbed it into the stone creature's chest. The sword qi entered the stone creature's body, causing its aura to become extremely weak and making it seem heavily injured.